Rabbi Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel

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What kind of rabbi was Jesus? And in what ways was he far more than a Jewish rabbi?


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Yes, Jesus was for sure a first century Jewish rabbi, but all the more He was greater than a rabbi whoever lived, set apart forever.


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  1. John2,
    NP; but, come to think of it, you would’ve seen it sooner or later !

    Here are Ron Cantor’s thoughts on it (from Face Book):


    “Pastor John and Pamela,
    Yes, Yeshua can forgive this man. But it is highly unlikely that a homosexual pastor who has not repented publicly for his sins would be symbolically crowned a king. It is highly unlikely that a man who said that all the young men who have accused him of pressuring them into having sex with him were liars would be the one that God makes king over Atlanta. The issue ins’t ‘can God forgive him,’ of course, if he repents, but the issue is that most men who fall need a season of anonymity for recovery, not be declared a king in front of millions of people. And we know from scripture that only men of deep character are placed in Eldership. Clearly this man has failed the eldership test. That doesn’t mean that he cannot receive mercy or forgiveness, it means that for the present time he not only NOT A KING, but disqualified from leadership.

    Furthermore, while you so freely speak of God’s forgiveness for this man, what about the deeply wounded young men who he pressured into homosexual sex with him? I am far more concerned about them, than their tormentor. How do you think they felt when they saw the man who raped them being declared by God to be King over Atlanta.

    And lastly, much of what the ‘rabbi’ said was simply not true. For instance, he said that 90 something percent of Jews never come close to a torah scroll. Every young man or women who is Bar or Bat Mitzvah-ed touches the Torah when he or she reads from it. Plus, the torah is marched around the synagogue EVERY WEEK for people to touch it. It was sensationalism that sounded great, but was simply not true.

    This was one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen done in the name of Yeshua. And as one who lives and ministers in Israel, this rabbi had no apostolic authority to say that he was representing Israel. I am quite sure that the pastors here in the Land would reject his actions. Just because he has citizenship doesn’t give him any right to do acts on behalf of the entire nation. Again, this was disgusting and out of order.”


  2. Christianity is the only religion that has discarded the creed of its own founder when it says that God is 3 and not 1 according to the Shema!

  3. Kyzersoze,

    Please stay on subject. This is NOT the place to introduce a discussion of Yeshua’s deity. We have had thousands of posts on that already, and there are threads devoted to that subject as well. Your statement is also inaccurate, but we will NOT discuss it further here. Thanks for complying with our guidelines!

  4. Ralph Messer has repented today for offending anyone, and he then refutiated the accusations of the Rabbi that posted the on the Huffington Post. Most of the accusations were refutiated with scriptures. What is your opinion Dr. Brown?

  5. Kyzersoze,

    We go through this endlessly with folks who want to argue their particular point, especially those who deny Yeshua’s divine nature, so I’m not going to get into another long discussion about this here. I did not introduce that topic on the show, and it won’t be introduced by you here. That should really be clear enough, but your post does indicate why you continually misinterpreted by words in the Mary thread. Quite clear! So, thanks for abiding by the guidelines. I trust you won’t need to be reminded again.

  6. The world system is in a quagmire of self absorption. Never since the Western Advent of Christianity has its positioning on the Ten Commandments been so duplicitous and idolatrous. The position in heaven of the risen Messiah as holding together moral and honorable references to standards of justice, mercy, kindness, and faithfulness will need return to the planet for a season outlined in Isaiah of righteousness in the earth. It is not just that Yeshua is Messiah, it is that Yeshua is the fulcrum of decency, order, and any depth of godly regard. This world cannot truly calm itself without He in a place of Kingly assumption with promised changes stemming from a renewed Jerusalem. Our existing governments are on the edge of banter for their lack of integrity, and the edge of focused reason for their flounderingly skewed stable centricity of intention. Never has a ruling Messiah been needed to change the order of godly reality more, as is promised of David’s lineage, which only He fulfilled in the fulness of time.

  7. I absolutely loved this show! For me, there can NEVER be enough teaching on the real nature of our Jewish Messiah and His word. For too long, many well meaning Western (or at least British) churches has relegated this truth to the side lines. There is a mental ascent to the truth of ‘the Jewish Jesus’, but without much corresponding fruit. I am so grateful that our Father has freely given us His Spirit that we may know His heart and embrace the Hebraic nature of the WHOLE Bible: Genesis to Revelation! Only this month, my wife and I have decided to follow the weekly Torah portions (Exodus 13-17 and Judge 4) because our Saviour, King and Lord did the same thing. Dr Brown, may the Sovereign One of Israel richly Bless you as He draws you closer to His heart, reve His Messiah and share with you His covenant! Shalom and thank you!

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