Dr. Brown Interviews Oxford Professor John Lennox and Takes Your Questions

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In the first hour, Dr. Brown will interview Dr. John Lennox, a brilliant mathematician and scientist from Oxford University, and a committed Christian who fearlessly takes on the New Atheists. In the second hour, Dr. Brown will be answering your questions!

Hour 1:
Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: In light of the awesome care of an awesome God, who created this universe, and all of us so diligently, beautifully, and masterfully, don’t think for a minute that He doesn’t have a specific plan for your life. We’ve come to the end of 2011; we are about to enter 2012. What is the will of God for you? How can you bring Him maximum glory?
Hour 2:
Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: How was 2011 for you? Did you live up to your expectations in God? Did you live up to God’s expectations for you? If not, in 2012, we start a new year. Let’s do it and live it for the glory of God!

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: In light of the awesome care of an awesome God, who created this universe, and all of us so diligently, beautifully, and masterfully, don’t think for a minute that He doesn’t have a specific plan for your life. We’ve come to the end of 2011; we are about to enter 2012. What is the will of God for you? How can you bring Him maximum glory?

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: How was 2011 for you? Did you live up to your expectations in God? Did you live up to God’s expectations for you? If not, in 2012, we start a new year. Let’s do it and live it for the glory of God!

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Professor John Lennox Meet Professor John Lennox!

John Lennox is Professor of Mathematics in the University of Oxford, Fellow in Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science, and Pastoral Advisor at Green Templeton College, Oxford. He is also an adjunct Lecturer at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University and at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and is a Senior Fellow of the Trinity Forum. In addition, he teaches for the Oxford Strategic Leadership ————————–Programme at the Executive Education Centre, Said Business School, Oxford ————————-University.

He studied at the Royal School Armagh, Northern Ireland and was Exhibitioner and Senior Scholar at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University from which he took his MA and PhD. He worked for many years in the Mathematics Institute at the University of Wales in Cardiff which awarded him a DSc for his research. He also holds a DPhil from Oxford University and an MA in Bioethics from the University of Surrey. He was a Senior Alexander Von Humboldt Fellow at the Universities of Wuerzburg and Freiburg in Germany. In addition to over seventy published mathematical papers he is the co-author of two research level texts in algebra in the Oxford Mathematical Monographs series. Read more here.


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  1. Attention Dr. John Lennox,
    If you can give me advice to a college student who has not fully submitted herself to Jesus but yet doesn’t deny that He exist.

    What scientific truth can I give to her that shows the importance of having the Lord in her life.

    I am talking about my daughter who is now a Senior at Boston University. Her major is in bio-medical engineer.

    As a matter of fact as I write this she is in Europe right now. She is visiting the University of Edinburgh in Scotland to see about pursuing her Masters. She will be in Europe for 2 weeks also site seeing.

    Any advice to give her that will draw her closer to the Lord using science or math to increase her interest on the subject of God?

    I appreciate any advice.

  2. Professor Lennox,

    I just want to thank you for your rational presentation of the evidence for God and Jesus. I’ve taped many of your lectures and I use them to study and become a better witness.

    I think it was on the Ravi Zecharias presentations that I first heard you.

    You’re a blessing to the Body of Christ!

  3. Hi Debbie

    sorry i’m not John Lennox but i have a few videos on my website that tackle the philosophical and scientific arguments for Theism that may be of use to you for some topics and answers that may come up with your daughter ?


    It has the likes of John Lennox, William Lane Criag, Ravi Zacharias and Oz Gunius and of Course our own Dr Brown. Also i live in Scotland lol.

    I’ll be praying for you and your Daughter.
    God Bless

  4. I’d be interested to know if Professor Lennox has heard of/or can verify whether there is such a thing as “compound/complex one”?

  5. Dr. Brown I like to testify; personally though physically disable and financially not on the up side, after listening to your time with brother Lennox. I was thankful for God’s holy word. Like Apostle Paul said, rejoice. I rejoice and worship our Triune God in the midst of my sufferings because the ministry in the church has given me the understanding. She has caused me to see the fallowing:

    The Bible wants to give us understanding regarding the why of the human suffering (Job). The Old Testament tells us that the original problem is between God and Satan. God who is righteous, in order to deal with such a rebellious angel (a created being) created us specially to deal with that problem (Gen. 1:26). Satan blinds our understanding (John 12:40, 1 John 5:19, 2 Cor. 4:4 Eph. 2:2, 3:10, 6:12). Due to Satans corruption and mans fall this blindness causes us to blame God for suffering and we don’t see why we were created. Thanks to the Apostle s Teaching (Acts 2:42) we can be recover to God’s original plan.

  6. Challenge to the atheists! Aetheists are supposedly so intellects?? Ask them what the the difference is, in what they know, and secondly, what there is to know. The difference is too huge to comprehend, and beyond our small minds and imagination. Aetheists will acknowledge this, if they are truthful, having no pride and arrogance. They should in fact realise how little they know. How intelligent is that? By this, they know far less than what they previously thought, and know very little and nothing of what there will be to know in the future. Should one quantify this, the permutations would be absolutely staggering and impossible. Conclusion: Don’t even begin to compare yourself to God, but know that you are rather nothing, but in Him (Jesus), you are everything because He loves you. Humble yourselves and experience love, because God is Love. Trusting that this will give aetheists understanding and discernment!

  7. Dr Lennox mentioned a website where one could download a debate between him and Hawking. It was something like “fixed-hyphen white dot org”, but I couldn’t make it out. Does anyone know what it was – I’m keen to go watch the debate.


  8. Chuck,

    Amazingly, you find a way to bring in the issue of the Messiah’s deity here too — although I doubt most would recognize that — but Dr. Lennox is a wholehearted believer in God’s triune nature, and from my personal interaction with him, I would say that he finds this truth to be glorious rather than foolish or self-contradictory.

  9. Dr Brown

    Dr. Lennox is a wholehearted believer in God’s triune nature

    I wasn’t asking whether he was or was not a Trinitarian. For what its worth I knew he was but I was interested nonetheless to find out from such an esteemed and intellectual mathematician whether such a term even exists in his field of expertise.

    Maybe you can get him to tell us since I don’t think he reads this blog.

  10. Chuck,

    My previous comments stand as stated about the marvel of you trying to intrude your point into yet another thread. As for the concept of complex unity, whether it’s a mathematical term or not, it’s thoroughly biblical in terms of the nature of God. And with that, we are done with that topic here. Thanks!

  11. What an interview! it was the meeting of two great minds. I never tire of listening to Lennox. One comment or question:
    1. Dr Lennox was saying things like “God could have made a world without sin”.:It was necessary to have the possibility of suffering for a moral universe (quoting CS Lewis).
    But God did make a world without sin and suffering originally. That is also what gives suffering meaning i.e. it is the consequence of sin.
    Or doesn’t Dr Lennox believe in a creation that then fell as a result of sin?
    I would have liked to hear Dr Lennox on the issue of sin in relation to creation.

  12. my two cents.
    I’ve seen (and own) both Lennox’ debates/dialogues with Dawkins, and I don’t remember was it one or two, or more with Hitchens.
    I think Dr. Lennox is a good mind to have on our (Christian) side. He is pretty smart.

    I have various interests (as most of us here) and I know about Dr. Lennox from other sources (I try to follow Christian debates with “new atheists”. That’s primarily why). It is always pleasurable to see Christians from various being interviewed on line of fire.
    Dr. Brown had Sarfati, Ross, and now Lennox.

    By the way, there’s a DVD by fixed point foundation that talks about various views of origins which includes Lennox, Behe, Mortenson, Ross.

    By the way, speaking of apologetics and philosophy, any contemporary serious English speaking Christian thinker should probably be familiar with people like Lennox, Moreland, Craig, Geisler, Copan…

    I hope Lennox lives long and publishes more, and engages culture more.
    Those “new atheists” are pretty picky (meaning Dawkins as of yet avoided debate with Craig) and the fact that Lennox could get to debate any of those cocky kind – is good.

    As for the rest of us, it should be good example that giving academia away to secularist will not lead to good things. We need to regain academia if we were to get influence on the culture.
    More on that from J.P.Moreland… if you interested. “The Kingdom Triangle” is a good start.

  13. another thought regarding the question why are there so many atheists scientist, I personally would say – there are several reasons:
    — many Christians do not go into science field simply because such direction is not seen as significant for spiritual purposes. In other words, when people meet God, they rather choose seminary and theology over science.
    — another reason is related to the previous one. Since all people are created by God with (what Geisler would call ‘universal religious experience’) desire to transcend themselves via living for some grater cause – they pursue what is presented to them as the most serious and systematic pursuit of knowledge etc etc.. In other words, they literally sacrifice their life for it.
    — yet another group does it for prestige – to get social status.
    — yet others to get better salary,
    … and all this in the context of cultural situation dominated by methodological naturalism(www.amazon.com/Sciences-Blind-Spot-Scientific-Naturalism/dp/158743170X/), where epistemology (what is truth and how we know it) is dictated by scientism and basically saying that any religious “faith” is antithetical to knowledge. Moreland spoke on that during last Evangelical Philosophical Society Conference (if you were to get any DVD recording from the event get his: http://apps.biola.edu/apologetics-store/products/videos/item/loving-god-with-all-your-mind-DVD)

  14. Dear Dr.Michael, Dr.John Lennox!
    Going back to the tree of good and evil. which is hidden from your scholarship eyes as intellectual theologians.
    Our original earthly father and mother, adam and eve was design by God to consume the tree of good and bad through their bodies, But not yet capable of digesting the forbidden fruit, until God gave them the power to overcome the temptation of the ancient serpent, A TEST to determine the world to come , if successful? Adam and Eve would have been able to heal every sinful life, that was connected to the forbidden tree of the ancient world, now made into matter, A NEW RESURRECTION…..The world religions, and atheist are arguing over the existence of God… As it is written, All in the Torah Law of mysteries, But Dr. Brown can’t see it because he’s considers the Torah law for fulfill, Dr Lennox can’t see it because he most likely has the same belief as Dr Brown…..In many ways Dr Brown debates with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is in breach, because he can’t see the Torah Law Hidden manna!!!!

  15. I happened upon two broadcasts that aired on the same “One Place” as Dr. Brown’s show. John Lennox is under the heading with Ravi Zacharias. It’s archived in parts 1 and 2 of “The Word of God in Creation.” Ravi’s broadcast is “Let My People Think” and I wish we would do more of it–critical apologetic thinking that is. The Christian in today’s world should arm themselves with more than just emotional appeals. Our personal witness will only win so many and the hard core unbelievers won’t be receptive to it anyway, for the most part, as they’ve heard it all before and their opposition is well rehearsed in response to any personal appeals. Many of us spend more time preaching to the choir than we do the unbelievers. We need to familiarize ourselves with Scriptural facts and concrete reasoning. We have at our disposal a wealth of knowledge to arm ourselves with in the teaching of our elders such as John Lennox and Ravi Zacharias together with Dr. Brown, William Craig, Craig Evans, Turek, Ross and the like and I wish that their work for the Body of Christ were a part of every Christians library cache.

    We have more to offer than just our faith. We should be able to define the basis of our faith, that being the solid foundational facts clearly outlined in Scripture together with Christian apologetics and reasoning.

    Here is the link for Lennox:


    The archives are available here:


  16. The young woman reference is about a woman who has not been married. You are either Married, young woman not Married, Widowed, single old woman is an elder, or the worse case scenario a whore. That is it. So a young woman is one who has not known a man, and this is what we find with Mary.

  17. Rabbi Blue,

    I just spotted your post, but I have no idea who you are or what kind of “rabbi” you are, nor does your post make that clear. Tell me more, so I can interact more accurately — and may the Lord reveal His truth to you!

  18. Rabbi Blue, where do you get your ideas from, I get mine from the Tanach. What you are saying may or may not be in a midrash somewhere. I have never came across this sentiment before. Regardless, the Torah tells us what ACTUALLY happened and that was Adam and Eve disobeyed and were punished – WE, their descendents live NOT in Gan Eden (Garden of Eden) but in a world full of demons (Talmud teaches this) and evil (yetzer HaRah). There are many Torah Law hidden Mannas in the Tanach – the most crucial and important ONE to discover is = Mi Moshiach, Mi Yeshua ben Yosef. The biggest and most amazing Manna secret in my observance is the discovery that Yeshua from two thousand years ago is the Moshiach, Moshiah and Melech baShamayim akshav baKis shelo –
    Ma hashuv. Ha Emet. If Yeshua is who the ancient writings say Yeshua is – that is the most important thing to discover – the truth of who Yeshua really is.

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