Lies About Israel: Does Anyone Believe Them?

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Dr. Brown exposes some of the historic lies told about Israel and the Jewish people, including some that are still in circulation until this day. Some of these will amaze you!

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There is a real devil who hates the Jewish people and wants to destroy them, and he spreads lies about the Jewish people that persist to this day. The good news, though, is that God has promised that He will keep His people, and in the end, Israel will be saved!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Yes, it’s absolutely true that in Jesus, Jew and gentile are one, that there is no caste system in the gospel, and that we are each sons and daughters of God through Jesus. It is equally true that God has a distinct purpose for Israel and the Jewish people, and that should matter to every follower of Jesus in the world, Jew and gentile alike!

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  1. @Dr. Brown, I too want to give you credit for what you did on this show. So much hostility and when that caller questioned your Jewish, that was below the belt, but you did an awesome job and many of us know that and appreciate you for it.

    There were only two things, I’d feedback on.

    One is, could you please look at this link:
    It’s made by a Scottish Christian who has made other videos about how Christians should NOT blame the Jews and how one of Satan’s main goals is to target the Jews. You need to know that background before watching the video. The video is relevant to one of the calls you received.

    The second thing is, do you have ספר השורשים?
    By הרב דוד קמחי‎?

    I would look up all the key Hebrews words that defend Yeshua, that way when a caller says, oh, Temunah means vision, you can say, Do you accept הרב דוד קמחי as an authority on Hebrew? Well he said, such and such.

    I think you do so many things that I’m miles away from doing, and I would love to have the knowledge that you have, but those are just some suggestions which you are 100% free to ignore if you like.

    God bless you anyway.

  2. Some clarifications firstly…

    I don’t believe that there is a global Zionist conspiracy.

    I don’t believe that Jews control the Freemasons, or any other global secret society.

    I support Israel (though not blindly, I hope).

    These things I say to avoid misunderstanding.

    I do think that people who continue in Freemasonry without repenting are playing with fire. My understanding is that its religious underpinnings are not Biblical and are therefore necessarily anti-Biblical.

    Dr. Brown, do you think that Freemasonry is fine? Moreover, would you say that it has no significant influence on the way things are done in Western society? I believe it at the very least presents a conflict of interest, and could well go much deeper. Unfortunately there’s a lot of nonsense said about it, and it is not always easy to sort wheat from chaff.

    …And I repeat that I don’t believe in the Zionist conspiracy theory which has grown up around the Freemasons. There are no doubt some rich or influential Freemasons who happen to be Jewish but it’s well known that the upper echelons of the (gentile and very anti-Zionist) Church of England is absolutely infested with wretched masons. …Following the argument of the Zionist conspiracy theorists, presumably this would amount to a global anti-Zionist conspiracy?!

    You made a remark about “Fascism, Socialism, Communism”.

    It’s very noticeable that antisemitism is always over-represented on the Left — something recognised as far back as the nineteenth century and clearly implied in the phrase of the time, “Der Antisemitismus ist der Sozialismus der dummen Kerle” (“antisemitism is the socialism of fools”).

    I remember a rabbi saying that the connection between Leftism and antisemitism was probably due to resentment of Jewish success (which believers know has its roots in Genesis, is evident and indisputable, and yet is a stumbling-block to covetous Left-wing types who are ever eager to equate inequality with injustice). From Kristallnacht (National Socialism) to the Doctors’ Plot (International Socialism) to the proto-socialistic resentments of mediaeval times to the contemporary Fabian Socialism of today’s Israel-hating intellectuals, the story is the same.

    …Yet Western Jews elect Leftists like turkeys voting for Christmas. Sometimes it’s quite comical: anyone with any sense could see that Obama had a classic Leftist/Marxist antipathy for Israel; yet Jews voted for him in droves. …And then gasped in astonishment when he followed the stock Leftist anti-Israel blueprint.

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