MIRACLES: An Interview With Professor Craig Keener

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Dr. Brown interviews Prof. Craig Keener, one of the world’s foremost New Testament scholars, on his new two-volume work Miracles. In this new book, Professor Keener defends the historical accuracy of the miracles recounted in the New Testament, and studies many contemporary miracles on a global level, including many of those surrounding Reinhard Bonnke’s ministry in Africa! Don’t miss this special show!

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The God who worked miracles, performed signs and wonders, who stretched out His hand to deliver Israel, and raised His Son from the dead is the same God living and working in the earth today! Let’s believe and adore Him, and not sell Him short!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let us ask God honestly to uncover areas of unbelief, skepticism, and spiritual denial within us so that we can worship, believe, and follow in full our glorious God!

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Meet Craig Keener:

Dr. Craig S. Keener is a professor of the New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary. He is especially known for his work as a New Testament scholar on Bible background (commentaries on the New Testament in its early Jewish and Greco-Roman settings). His popular-level IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament has sold over half a million copies.

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Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts (2 Volume Set), By Craig S. Keener

Most modern prejudice against biblical miracle reports depends on David Hume’s argument that uniform human experience precluded miracles. Yet current research shows that human experience is far from uniform. In fact, hundreds of millions of people today claim to have experienced miracles. New Testament scholar Craig Keener argues that it is time to rethink Hume’s argument in light of the contemporary evidence available to us. This wide-ranging and meticulously researched two-volume study presents the most thorough current defense of the credibility of the miracle reports in the Gospels and Acts. Drawing on claims from a range of global cultures and taking a multidisciplinary approach to the topic, Keener suggests that many miracle accounts throughout history and from contemporary times are best explained as genuine divine acts, lending credence to the biblical miracle reports.

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March 9, 2010

Interview with Prof. Craig Keener on the Historical Jesus

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“Why Do More Miracles Happen in Africa?” by Daniel Kolenda

Unbelief often infiltrates our hearts in the most covert ways. Sometimes we don’t even realize that it’s there. It is good from time to time to take stock of our own belief system to see what is based on God’s Word and what is simply something that we have heard repeated, even by godly leaders, and accepted as fact.

One of the most common questions that people ask me is, “Why do these incredible miracles happen in Africa but not in the western world?” I have heard very well known and well-intentioned ministers give entire teachings about why God doesn’t do it here. […]

  1. ATTENTION…. TO RAY (who use to post here.) Where are you? How have you been?

    I pray you are all right, whole and healthy. This topic reminds me of you because I know you believe in Healing.

    I miss your stories.

    Blessings to you my brother in Christ.

  2. Dear Dr. Keener,

    How would you respond to someone who has a worldview in that they just deny the fact that miracles can happen? How do you open their eyes up to their presuppositions and show them that miracles have happened in the past?

    Somebody like Bart Ehrman, for example, what is your general opinion of his stances/views on the NT, as a NT scholar? Do any of his arguments hold any weight?

    Thanks, I hope Dr. Brown sees this and possibly could ask you on air.

    Blessings to you both.

  3. This book on Miracles is so desperately needed in the western world. David Hume doctrine has crippled people’s level of faith. This reminds me of when Yeshua came,

    “…to His own country… he did not do many mighty works there because of their unbelief.” Matthew 13:54,58

    We need to strength people’s faith then we’ll start to see miracles again in the west!

  4. Thank you Dr Brown, for an early Christmas present. I am so looking forward to listening to the mp3 download, as I live in England.

  5. A few years ago I became interested in healing today. with all the anecdotal accounts, I thought surely someone would have put together an evidenced based accounting of these. What I found was mostly hearsay and copies of hand written notes from dubious medical authorities substantiating healings. I did not find any before and after CT scans of brain tumors that had gone away. I was quite surprised at the paucity of well documented accounts, especially given the number of miracle claims.

    Further to add even more fuel to the fire, when some rather well known faith healers were challenged to produce even a handful of healing among the thousands they claimed to have been involved in, none could be found. So the idea that if thousands of people claim to be healed some must be true and documentable did not seem to follow. With regards to the faith healers that were challenged, there simply was no empirical evidence to support their claims.

    All of this is even further clouded by the high number of psychosomatic diseases present today. In our spiritually bankrupt society such diseases abound in ever increasing numbers as spiritual health and physical health are not so well compartmentalized as some believe.

    Lastly, is the cause and effect problem. There is televangelist (and I use the term in the loosest way) who for a donation will send some “miracle water”. He has many testimonials about people who suddenly found jobs or had financial ruin turned around or were healed. Problem: If a large enough group of people receive “miracle water” by chance alone a certain percentage will have “life changing” events occur. But such “life changing” events occur every day without the water; a certain number of people are cured by chemotherapy with no water involved. As Norman Geisler says “the odd does not prove God”.

    I look forward to reading Dr. Keener’s book to see if he was able to account for such variables.

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