Hillary Clinton’s Speech on Gay Rights; and What You Can Do to Make a Difference!

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Today on the Line of Fire, Dr. Brown brings another wake-up call to the Church, looking at Hillary Clinton’s major speech last week calling for America to lead the way in “gay rights,” and focusing on some shocking stories taking place here in our country. Dr. Brown will also be sharing some practical action points to help YOU make a difference!

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: In the midst of darkness, confusion, deception, and in the midst of people losing their way in the most fundamental areas of life, it is up to the church and its leaders to be a voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity. If not us, then who?

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I sense a whole lot of people out there saying, “It’s time to rock the boat,” and a whole lot of boat-rockers rising up and saying, “It’s time to take a stand, and we will make a difference!” I know this is the hour for the people of God to rise up and glorify Jesus, whether by life or by death.


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  1. Twin Boys, One Transgender, Become Brother and Sister


    Can it become more weirder that that? Only if they get married!

    another story of how children/child falls victim to queer agenda. But children are always safe targets, and if you hide your agenda behind their back, similar noone will dare target you. In a sense, similar to taking hostages and shooting behind their backs. Very clever, but also cowardly and wicked.

  2. Konstantin, you’re quite welcome! With your many posts over the months at VOR and here — which have not gone unnoticed — I assumed you had read it already, so I’m glad to hear that you’re reading it now. Be sure to post a review on Amazon once you’re done.

  3. I followed the issue for quite some time (reading and listening to audio on the site) and seen both DVD series recorded in Charlotte. That was the first time my jaw dropped and I never looked at things the same (especially the corporate part. This was completely hidden from plain view). I also read books by Turek and Sears, audio book by Lutzer on the issue of ‘gay’ marriage.
    Only similar experiences I had is with the DVDs from goodfight.org: “Hollywood’s War on God”, “They Sold Their Souls for Rock n Roll”, “Hollywood Unmasked” and “Kinsey Syndrome”. They were eye opening too.

    Honestly, with all the intuition and observation, I didn’t know X-Men were a teaching parable (in sense of indoctrination tool) of ‘gay’ activism.
    That article was great read too.

  4. by the way, audio of “go and sin no more” was great too! I only wish there were audiobooks of all of your books.

  5. Regarding the question whether Christian leaders should address political issues the answer should be easy:
    – as soon as relevant ethical or spiritual issue is DRAGGED into the politics, it becomes part of politics but it remains an ethical or spiritual issue as well. In other words, simply because homosexuality, abortions, etc are on the ballot it makes little difference. Any issue with enough money can potentially become political. So, assuming that political and religious or ethical, or spiritual do not overlap is simply an assumption to be proven wrong in due time. One one needs to create an example of an issues that is non-political as it may be shown that during human history it was or is part of politics.
    Honestly, those Christian leaders who avoid confronting this reality are …cowards. (with all due respect, Rick Warren comes to mind when he said that he is not an “anti-gay”).

  6. regarding John’s comments, (who called on the show) I can say that homosexuality is not an issue of republicans vs. democrats. Just because it happened to land in that political spectrum does not make the issue political.
    If tomorrow some group will put a proposition to vote on the ballot to remove all age of consent and all rules restricting number of ‘parties’ in marriage from 2 and to infinity – will this issues then become magically political and outside of Christianity per se? Of course not.

    As the matter of fact, it is clever pro-homosexual move to separate Church and ‘political issues’ since in culture Church is not perceived as saying anything real anyways… so yes, homosexual activists would love for you to keep outside of ‘real world’ and practice your own ‘private’ religion. The only issue is whether one should bring Bible first hand into discussion. But even that is unnecessary as this issue has close to zero arguments in defense of sexual perversion. A perversion is a deviance from normality. How in the world a man sexually attracted to other man can in the sober mind be compared to being black? You know. No Bible quotation is needed to establish that common sense fact.
    When you step back, and look at the issue in terms of a clever political game, you will see that Christians being quiet on this is absolutely in favor of queer activism.
    Furthermore, these issues will affect MANY things in Church. For one, people in general will perceive Christianity more and more as western version of juhadism UNLESS this myth of hate and trick of ‘hate button’ is exposed AS EARLY as possible. Listen, the more we let those myths settle in the culture, the HARDER it will be to debunk them later. This IS FACT. So, if general culture will more and more perceive Christianity as hateful, how in the world would one expect a person join a hate group??? How many people are joining pro-slavery movements today? you get the point. Again, let me repeat for those who still undecided, the more we let homosexual agenda reign and advance, the HARDER it will be to find common ground with person coming to church or hearing the gospel and accepting it.
    For me personally, it is ALREADY hard to find non-Christian who would have sober view on homosexuality. It is ridiculous. Unless we gain more powerful resistance to this brainwashing, queer activists will ‘teach’ our own kids against us. If you think teen exodus from Churches now is bad (75% or so), be silent and wait some more, and you will see.
    The problem then, who will answer for this cowardice? We will! If not personally, then collectively for sure. That is if not me or you, then the good portion of the Church.
    Please spread the word people! Be active to extent you can. At least let other Christians know about resources, and get equipped to answer more widely spread myths or ‘gay is new black’, ‘how does it concern you’ etc etc.

  7. Dr. Brown,

    While I disagree with you on the issue of Calvinism and Christian Zionism, I fully support what you are saying on this issue. I think I would frame the issue quite differently, though. When we look at social evils, too often we have an all too nearsighted approach to these issues. We look at issues such as pornography, homosexuality, abortion, and other social evils, and we take them as just little pockets of evil here and there.

    What I would contend is that the normalization of homosexuality, abortion, pornography, and other social issues really go back to the humanistic foundation upon which our modern society is built, namely, the idea that man is the measure of all things. The logical conclusion of humanism really is nihilism. From a finite humanistic base, man must try to come up with moral absolutes, personhood, and reasoning. The problem is that a finite mind simply cannot come up with a universal truth, because the finite is inherently *not* universal.

    What this means is that the logic of humanism is inherently, logically, and mathematically degrading to ethics. Many of the arguments used to justify homosexuality could be used to justify other moral aberrations such as polygamy, pedophilia, incest, etc. Why is incest wrong if it is between two consenting adults? Why is polygamy wrong if it is between two or more consenting adults? One might say that pedophilia is wrong because it causes pain to children, but one could easily argue that, for example, when we give their children their shots, we likewise cause pain, and we think nothing of it. One could easily argue that it gives children “valuable” sexual experiences, which will help them when they mature, and could even help them discover that they are gay or lesbian. How can you argue against this given a humanistic worldview?

    Therefore, given a humanistic base, to say that anything is absolutely wrong is a self contradiction. The only way out of this dilemma is through arbitrary law. Oliver Wendell Holmes really opened the door up with his famous statement that “The ultimate question is what do the dominant forces of the community want, and do they want it hard enough to disregard whatever inhibitions stand in the way.” In other words, what is right and wrong in a society is going to be arbitrarily determined by the dominant forces in a society. In other words, in order to prevent the logical conclusion of humanism, which is chaos, the dominant forces of a society must impose arbitrary standards upon that society. That is exactly what we have with the “gay rights activists,” Hilary Clinton, and the United States now as a whole.

    I think this also plays into the issue of whether Christians should be involved in social issues. I don’t think you can really divorce these things from the gospel because systems such as humanism are, at their root, false gospels. However, we need to challenge the root which is the false gospel of humanism. That is what makes Hilary Clinton’s statements so absurd. Her position is a religion as well: the religion of Humanism. She may use Christian language, but, ultimately, she is a humanist, because liberalism is nothing more than humanism put into Christian language. We can forget about the atrocities of NAZI Germany on the basis of Darwinian evolution. We can forget about the Soviet gulag and the oppressions of communism from this religion of humanism. The real problem is, in order to say that slavery and murder is okay, you have to abuse the Bible; what the NAZIs did, and what Soviet Russia did is the logical conclusion of humanism. Furthermore, it is the greatest hatred of another human being to treat them as nothing more than chemicals that react in nothing but a chemical procedure they call “sex.” Man has more dignity then to be treated as a mere chemical, to the point where the painful and degrading action of sodomy becomes nothing more than “natural.”

    I know you are a busy man, but if you get the time, you should listen to this sermon by Dr. Francis Schaeffer, who I consider to be one of the most brilliant men to ever live:




    It is eerie to listen to this sermon, and compare Schaeffer’s prediction with what is going on today. BTW, this sermon was delivered clear back in 1982. The problem is, the reason he was able to be so accurate is because he was simply following humanism to its logical conclusion.

    God Bless,

  8. Adam,

    I think you have some very valid points. I also think that Francis Schaeffer was a brilliant philosophical prophet of sorts. I also see that His family did not remain faithful to Messiah. Philosophical argumentation has many times fallen far short of accomplishing the goal of changing hearts. So has political activism. The only real way to fix the problem in society is to fix it in the family. Public brainwashing/education needs to be seen for what it is. I think that Abraham Lincoln said, “The philosophy of the classroom today will be the philosophy of government tomorrow.”

    If believers continue to allow their children to be brainwashed by public education, media, movies, youth groups, etc. There is no hope of change. Of course the believing parents need to begin a lifelong fast from the propaganda ridden media in order to even see the problem. The reason that there is the testimony of the Jewish people in the earth today is this.

    Genesis 18
    19 For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment; that the LORD may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him.

    If we do not have the guts to exit this world and do what it takes to ensure that our childrens hearts are in the hands of YHWH, we do not deserve a better society. Enter Lot and the Sodom and Gomorrah fiasco.

    Abraham interceded down to 10 righteous souls to save the city. Lot, his family and in-laws numbered exactly 10. Sodom is gone. The Jews survive. Lot, even though he was considered righteous, didn’t have, or rather didn’t do, what it takes to save his family and lost the whole community with it.

    Maybe the community is too far gone, but if we do not start with our families, we will never know if it could have been salvaged.


  9. Adam,

    Thanks for your post, and yes, let’s stand firmly together on these key issues regardless of our other theological differences.

    I absolutely agree with you that the root cause of the moral deterioration is deeper, and I have quoted Schaffer in this regard as well. I’ll definitely try to get time to view the links.

  10. Adam,
    thanks for writing. We are all here would agree for the most and major part with you.
    But, any sort of analysis of a cultural situation is almost always expected to fall short, as there are multiple reasons and forces for why things the way they are.
    Using the opportunity, I would recommend “10 Books that screw up the world” http://www.amazon.com/10-Books-That-Screwed-World/dp/1596980559 . Wiker is a Catholic, but overall the book is not bad. After reading it you could get a new vocabulary term (which should be used way more often) that describes most politicians as Machiavellians. They take a mask of any religion you wish, but under that very deceiving and fork-tongued.
    Take Hilary or Obama. Both are ‘religious’ right? Just read newspapers. Hillary’s daughter got married in the church of some sort, after all. And Barack is probably still a church member in ‘good standing’.
    I guess what I am trying to say is that there are many key players that lead to this path of doom, and it is not only ‘humanism’ per se.
    Rousseau, Hobbes, Marx, Nietzsche, … and then of course kings of queens of perverts – Mead, Sanger, and Kinsey. Multitudes of ideologies, like little and big diseases simply erode culture and its norms: individualism, consumerism, relativism, naturalism… then you add human vices like selfishness, arrogance, pride, … and you get a soup of death basically. It is insane. Just watch the TV. Hedonism rules the day.

    Church should shine a light and be example. It should be capable of not just convert people but to develop a character in those converts. If you read early church history, you can clearly see that character and discipline were the part of the period.
    So where am I going with this paragraph? I am simply reminding that virtuous character is a normal and expected consequence of one being a Christian for a while, and being a leader in particular. As such, cowardice and retreat are not the options when it comes to defending innocence, dignity, purity of a human soul, and a child in particular. Secular media with its queer activists simply want to devour anything that is innocent or pure.

    P.S. I bought ‘complete works of Schaeffer’ on christianbook for $50. I plan to get to them eventually. I think it is a good deal. He had some good insights.

  11. Again, Dr. Brown, thank you for this timely word. I believe this is what the Spirit is speaking to the Church today. Thankfully, I belong to a congregation that advocates the activism of Christians in the political realm for righteousness.

  12. hmm.. “activism of Christians in the political realm” has gone in two different directions over the last half-decade, depending on whether you are racially black or white , Democrat or Republican, in all sorts of polarizing influences and gray areas. If we are talking about “vice” (sexual sin) it sways to one side of the pendulum; if about social justice vs. greed, more to the other; with socialism and fascism being the verbal mortars launched from either side.

    We could, and probably should, begin by discussing how the Church has neglected her duties to the poor, and how gov’t. has become the Big Brother substitute for a loyalty vote. Homosexuality and abortion have become clarion calls to political activism; but the economy, repeatedly stated as the primary issue of next year’s election, has barely been mentioned by the leaders of the U.S. Church.

    In Him, Ron M.

  13. Two points:

    1. If being trangendered and gay is genetic, then why are not both twins with the same DNA making the same choice?

    2. When Clinton starts comparing failed mores of various religions she is suffering from the presupposition that all religions are the same. Therefore since some religions have failed morally, then all religous morals should not be trusted. Her logic is flawed, so her conclusions are flawed.

  14. Third point:

    3. Clinton is convinced that it is wrong not to fully accept LGBT people. But on what basis does she believe that it is immoral not to do so? In order to have morals, there has to be a moral “true north”. If there is no absolute moral basis, then there are no absolute morals, and Clinton has no basis to say that everyone should believe as she does. Her position becomes no more than her personal opinion as it has nothing objective to stand on. She is in fact advocating a self-defeating position by effectively saying while there are no absolute transcendent grounds for morals (i.e. a Transcendent moral law giver), she has a set of absolute morals she wants everyone to follow.

  15. On absolute transcendent grounds for morals, I second Jabez Hart’s motion for A Call For Council; and the sooner, the better. The Republican primaries begin in a couple of weeks.

    Moral issues did not alone deter a far-left candidate from becoming President three years ago; why should it next year? If the Church refuses to look at and repent of its own moral failure in condemning sexual sin but overlooking bloodshed (violence and greed), the results are likely to be the same. Legal (the Law) issues are presently being discussed on VOR, as some kind of agreement needs to be merged into an initial Unity of the Body statement.

    In Him, Ron M.

  16. Dear Dr. Brown, The Church, and Synagogues, Have no power in america anymore to deal with the infection of homosexuality, because they consider God’s Law done away with….Psalms 19:7 The Torah law is perfect converting the sinful soul.. Christians and Jews have become world christians and jews without the real power
    of the God of Abraham isaac and Jacob through Jesus Christ. For the christian? there theology is base on not being concern of earthly nations only an heavenly nation..Where Real jews know that the habitation of Yahweh God’s kingdom is going on earth starting in israel first..Im assuming without insult that you would know this part of the gospel. Jeremiah 18:7-23 where our God is telling Jeremiah what he builds in this world..that he build kingdoms and he uses people to execute it, and give them his law..Jesus Told his believers through romans 13:1-7 …not to be silent followers in the political world, but with a loud voice with God’s power to bring freedom to the homosexual community, the synagogue and churches have failed the homosexual community by denying and not supporting the eternal God nation laws, which he built as a great beacon of light to the world…now that nation has stripped the religious institutions of power, now those powers are slaves to the government…oh how jeremiah 18 is true to the letter..Stop preaching the man of jesus and preach the Torah/Law of Jesus..Rabbi Blue

  17. Orthodox Jews have no present blood covenant with GOD, in absolute disobedience with Torah. How can you preach Torah without practicing it?
    Yeshua Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth, is our blood covenant. If you think Jesus was merely a man, do you also think Moses was merely a man? You disrespect your own religion.

    In Jesus’ love and name, ron david metcalf

  18. Let’s think about what kind of things are contrary to the constituion.

    I say the whole gay agenda is unconstitutional as it is inherently harmful.

    The writers of the constitution didn’t write a document to destroy a nation. That wasn’t their purpose for writing it.

    In another time, the people in the federal government would have stepped in and prohibited the states from honoring homosexual marriages because of it’s harm to the whole. This they would have done in honor of the constitution and by the exercise of their dedication to it within the limits of their power.

    Of course they would have done it because of their love for God as well as country.

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