“Jesus Cannot Be the Messiah Because…” Are There Answers?

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On today’s Line of Fire show, Dr. Brown responds to the objection that, “Jesus cannot be the Messiah because . . .”

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Thank God, Jesus is the Messiah. Thank God He died and rose from the dead! He will finish what He started when He returns; we have the down-payment, we will have the rest.

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  1. …God cannot be Messiah!

    According to the doctrine of the trinity Jesus is both God & man. Something that breaks both the law of identity and noncontradiction.

  2. Chuck, since this was not a topic of the broadcast, and since this is your hobby horse subject, and since we have other threads where you have posted scores (or hundreds?) of times, please refrain from introducing a new subject here.


  3. As I am persuaded more and more that God raised Yeshua from the dead, I find great strength and encouragement in believing. Knowing that Jesus is alive and lives forever gives peace to the mind and hope for the heart because He is our hiding place. My prayer is for God to open my eyes so that I can see His salvation and believe in it with all of my heart.


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