On Christ Alone, the Solid Rock, We Must Stand

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For decades now, American society has been crumbling in many ways, and our moral decline is steeper than we realize. Our one and only solution is simple: Putting our trust in “Christ, the solid rock” and living for him with heart and soul. All other ground really is sinking sand.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Jesus truly is the answer, and all other ground is sinking sand; if we stand on the solid rock, we will be changed, and we will change our world–Jesus alone!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: By all means, have a blessed Thanksgiving; but don’t just be thankful today! Live with thankfulness, gratefulness, gratitude, and praise, because God is perpetually good!

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  1. It seems to us incredible that Jesus, who recited the great creed of Israel (Mark 12:28ff.) and was a Jew, could possibly have believed in the Trinity. There is no Trinity in the Old Testament (as scores of modern scholars admit14). Jesus confirms and perpetuates the creed of Israel which described God as One Person, the Father. He then defined Himself as the Lord Messiah of Psalm 110:1 to whom the One Lord God spoke in an oracle about the future. This verse is quoted more than any other Old Testament verse by the Apostles and other writers of the New Testament. In that verse, the one God Yahweh, addresses the One Lord Messiah. This “my Lord” of David is translated from a Hebrew form of the word “Lord” (ADONI) which is used 195 times to describe a man as distinct from God. God is ADONAI and the Messiah is the human ADONI (“My Lord, the Messiah, the King”). The Massorites deliberately used a human title for the Messiah to distinguish him from ADONAI, the title of the One God of Israel.

    No Jew could possibly have expected His Messiah to be God in the Trinitarian sense. No verse in the Old Testament had said any such thing. In fact Moses had predicted the arrival of the Messiah by saying that God would not speak to the people directly, but through a person “like Moses” who would be raised up from among the people of Israel (Deut. 18:15-18; see Acts 13:33) To say that the Messiah is God Himself contradicts this prophecy, which announces that this person is not God but a human prophet! Both Peter and Stephen teach that it was fulfilled in the human Messiah (Acts 3:22; 7:37), who perfectly reflects the will and the words of His Father and who is the “visible image” of God, but not God Himself. Here is the biblical picture of the Messiah as described by the Hebrew Bible, the Bible of Jesus’ Himself:

    The Lord God will raise up for you a prophet like me [Moses] from among yourselves and to that prophet you must listen. I will put my words into his lips….

    It is time for the Church to insist, with the Bible, on the creed which describes Jesus as the “the man Messiah”20 and stop condemning as heretics those who confirm belief in Jesus as the sinless Messiah and Son of God, God’s unique and virgin-born agent, but not actually God Himself.

    A return to the creed of Israel and of Jesus, the Jew, will enable Jews today and Muslims to consider more sympathetically salvation through Jesus, the Christ, the “only name given under heaven by which we may be saved.”

  2. Sir Anthony,

    As you know, we are very clear on the guidelines here, one of which is to stay on topic, and the question of Yeshua’s divine nature was not under discussion here. There are several other threads where this has been discussed — totaling several thousand posts — and you have never been restricted by us from posting there, despite my firm belief that you have mishhandled the biblical text and denied a fundamental tenet of the faith. So, in keeping with your guidelines, please do not continue to post here on the subject that you initiated, and instead, if further discussion is merited, can continue to post on the other threads.

    You can have your created Jesus. I will gladly worship the eternal Son of the Scriptures.

  3. Dr Brown

    You can have your created Jesus. I will gladly worship the eternal Son of the Scriptures.

    If the Son is said to be the “image” [eikon, 2Cor 4.4; Col 1.15] & “exact representation/imprint/copy” [Heb 1.2-3] of God, how can he be eternal?

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