Update on Rush Limbaugh and the Penn State Scandal; Does God Work Miracles for Tim Tebow?; and Reflections on the Weekend News

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Join Dr. Brown on the Line of Fire as he reflects on the latest news, including updates on Rush Limbaugh and the Penn State scandal, and asks the question, “Does God work miracles for Tim Tebow?”

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We really don’t know for sure what is happening with Tim Tebow and the Lord in terms of public miracles. However, this much we know: wherever God puts us, we need to do our utmost to glorify Him, to let our lights shine, to not be ashamed, and to be consistent witnesses so that Jesus is glorified, in the little things and the big!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Whether or not God is working miracles for Tim Tebow is a question that we can discuss ad infinitum, but we need to see God working miracles in our lives and our society. God, be glorified in our midst today!

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  1. Does God change the outcome of a football game?

    Are you truly serious? Are you talking about the God of Israel, the God who created the Heavens and the Earth?

    Wow! So, shocked right now, I truly am.

    This question is the same as asking if God does witchcraft.

  2. Concerning Tim Tebow-One thing is certain Gods name is being lifted up and glorified because of what Tim Tebow is doing and what he stands for.

  3. Tim Tebow being a man of god..therefore the Lord is in TIm Tebow..does that mean the Lord is at the game every sunday?..I think so.may the Lord shine bright for the world to see..yes even at a football game….

  4. Praise God that some folks are not ashamed of their faith. Bless them all Lord.

    Whether you play sports, whether you are a businessman, or whether you are a garbage man, Continue to show the world that you stand for Jesus Christ.

    Jesus said if you are ashamed of me, then my Father in Heaven will be ashamed of you.

    Matthew 10:32-33
    “Everyone who acknowledges me publicly here on earth, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.

  5. Matthew 10:32-33

    32 “Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven. 33 But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven.

  6. Whether God changes the outcome of a football game or not is really something only God knows the answer to. Whether He works supernaturally in the lives of believers to accomplish things and be glorified is a resounding YES! With that in mind I think He can and does change the outcome of football games within that context. Sometimes He works things in our favor and at other times I think He works things against what WE think is in our favor but ultimately is still in our favor from a Kingdom perspective. Regardless God is in control and is continually working out Romans 8:28 in our lives for His glory!

  7. Ok. This is truly interesting this topic taking place. For folks to truly believe that the Lord will Change An Outcome of a Football to bring Glory to His name is a very, very, very, scary accusation.

    So folks who believe and is accusing God to change an outcome of a football, believe that the Heavenly Father will CHEAT & STEAL to accomplish His will. Does this sound like the Character of the Lord Jesus Christ. To Cheat, Steal and to rob people of a victory?

    The Lord does not choose favorites. He is No Respecter of Person.

    Do you know how this sounds? This image of God that people have I’m sure hurts and breaks the Lord’s heart.

    Please Know the Lord you serve and do not insult His Character. For He is A good God.

  8. Debbie,so you are saying if God changed the out come of a football game to have His name glorified He would be stealing and cheating?

    God has changed the outcome of battles and many,many other things.God does not always give us victories but he gives us what we need.

    Why would God not change the outcome of a football game if it brought glory to Him and led people to be save?There is a bigger picture here then who wins a game.

    Football is of the world and God could care less if you win or lose the game.But God does care about people being saved.

    If God did change the outcome of a game He is not cheating or robbing anyone of anything but is doing His will for His purpose.

  9. Bob T and Chris really get the picture. God can perform whatever act He wishes for his purpose.

    I’m not sure how that is equivalent to saying God does witchcraft at all, to be honest. Think of it this way as well, if God causes a believer to get a flat tire on their car so in that way their lives are saved from disaster and/or they have the opportunity to share the gospel with a tow truck driver, does that mean God should be accused of vandalism?

  10. I look at the Lord’s Character as Pure and Holy.

    Folks who take steroids are rebuked for taking them. That is cheating.

    To “fix” a football game for one team to win is basically cheating. The Lord does not stoop that low.

    Besides there are Christians athletes on just about every football team or sports team for that matter. Are you saying that the Lord will choose one of His children over another?

    Tim Tebow’s talent has given him popularity with the public. Tim wants to use his popularity to be allow to speak about Jesus and Salvation. Because He loves the Lord.

    Tim does not say… “Follow Jesus and you will win Football games. Its not about that. It is about winning souls for the Kingdom of God.

    Tom Brady has the popularity but he doesn’t talk about Jesus. (I pray for Tom Brady’s soul)

    So- I believe the Lord does not fix football games. To me that is cheating. Again, that is not the Lord’s Character to cheat.

    Blessings Bob!

  11. So does God have any hand in the outcome of a Presidential election? If so, I guess he, by your language God “Cheat[s], Steal[s] and rob[s] people of a victory”

    I don’t think anyone here is saying God is going about making His Sunday pick list. However, God can use anything for His glory. And because He is the Sovreign King of the Universe, He can change the outcome of human history. And thank God He did change the outcome and “stooped” low of my human history.

  12. Playing sports games is suppose to be honest, Politics got nothing to do with sports.

    Also, I don’t believe the Lord will cause someone to get a flat tire. The Lord doesn’t cause bad things to happen. He does however allow bad things to happen. The Devil causes evil. God will use the evil the devil has done and turn it to be Good.

  13. 1) Well, as a political science professor, I’ll take the shot at my field of study having nothing to do with honesty as honest ignorance (no pun intended).

    2) Please explain to me how the competition is different. Sports are supposed to be honest? So should politics. Are either always honest, no (in the words of HOF pitcher Gaylord Perry, “If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin'”. However, neither is based on dishonesty.

    3) Actually no, Debbie, I am not a Calvinist. And, likewise, I never once (in fact, I went out of my way to insist otherwise) that God controls the outcome of sporting events.

    4) On that note, if we must take arguments past their simple point (that God could, if He chose, to alter the course of a football game) let me ask you, do you believe in Deism or Gnosticism?

  14. When the Patriots went undefeated in 2007. With a perfect record of 16-0. A Christian Patriots player at the time name Don Davis prayed to the Lord that his team will now in the Superbowl.

    He prayed and reasoned with the Lord that these players who do not believe in Jesus will now start to believe in Him because they have been praying for this as a team. Let us win the Superbowl, then these men will follow you Jesus.

    Superbowl came and the Patriots lost to the NY Giants. BOOM their winning streak has ended. The prayer was not answered. In Don Davis’s mind set this Superbowl win would of bought his unsaved teammates to follow Jesus.

    The Lord did not answer his prayer. Why is that? Doesn’t the Lord care about those unsaved players?

    This is another reason why I do not believe that the Lord controls the outcome of a game.

  15. God is interested in humanity and their redemption. Does he influence the outcome of football games…I have no idea and really don’t care so much. Humanity often credits God with more things than he influences and vice versa. However, it would be a mistake to get off on a tangent in either direction of this argument if it distracts from the purpose of God…that being the restoration of man to himself.

    As far as God not being involved in football because of it being “violent”….I believe this is foolishness. There is no man made establishment that is “holy” yet God desires to influence all. If this were true he would refuse his influence in each and every one of our lives for our lack of holiness. The fact is football, politics, business, entertainment, etc. are culture of what we call life. He wants us to influence all these spheres for his glory. Life is not a revival service in 4 walls. Rather it is everyday things we as a human race are involved in. This is where true transformation will appear.

  16. I cannot believe what I have been hearing in regards to Tim Tebow vis Faith. Football, and celebritydom is simply not important. Football embodied or swallowed up in the Faith and in God has got to be the most bizarre form of mysticism that I have ever heard. Football is just not important in fact it is “Nothing”. Having said this, this is absolute Heresy.

  17. I know for a fact big Muslim organizations like CAIR would be standing up and trying to sue(or do some type of legal actions) every single player who mocked Tim Tebow for his religious beliefs/actions, if he were a Muslim….

  18. I’m really curious what Dr. Brown and others have to say about this. A friend sent this clip to me and when I first saw it I immediately posted it on here.

  19. Somehow Tebow won again. Maybe I should add some letters to the beginning of my name…then maybe I could win a debate around here 🙂

  20. Wanna have a little bit of fun here? I pick the Pats over Denver. They are playing against each other this Sunday. 12/18/11.

    Sorry, Tim Tebow. I love you because you are a brother in Christ but I gotta root for my home team.

    Tom Brady vs Tim Tebow. Who will win???

    Tell me this isn’t the flesh speaking. 🙂

  21. Thank you Bob for showing those clips about Tim Tebow. Because I watched this I now know Tim more. I never really knew him before, never heard him talk or saw him play football. Only heard about him.

    Watching him talk about the Lord the way he did on these clips is making me LOVE HIM!!!!! I love his spirit for the Lord. He is my kind of person to hang out with.

    Too bad Tim can not come into this chat forum. We can talk about Jesus together. He totally gets it about the Lord and is not afraid to tell anyone about his faith. He is like me!!! 🙂

    Love you Lord!!

  22. Debbie,Im glad you liked the clips.I too believe he is a true man of God.Tebow lifts God up and glorifies Him.We might even see people saved because of it!!!

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