An Outrageous Use of Scripture in a Gay Activist Editorial and the Not So Hidden Message of the X-Men Movies

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How does a gay activist use scripture as support in an editorial? And what message are the X-Men movies REALLY trying to get across? Look into these questions today with Dr. Brown!

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We must keep doing what is right BECAUSE it is right. We must keep honoring God because He is worthy of honor, and hold to His values because they will endure forever. We may have success in this world, we may not; but we will be honored by God as good and faithful servants.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The media is very powerful, and can really shape our thinking: movies, TV, video games, internet, these things can penetrate into the core of our being. Let us rather be penetrated with the Word of God so it will dominate our hearts, minds, thinking, lives, and worldviews. Which, after all, is better?

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  1. Thanks Dr. Brown!

    Great and insightful as always!

    X-Men theme is not surprising at all.
    I remember when I stumbled upon one of Twilight episodes, a werewolf guy ‘came out’ to his girlfriend or something, saying “I was born this way”. I immediately thought ‘hmmm where did I hear that?’.

    Overall impression that I formed is such that queer activists are clever enough to act as Cuckoo.
    As you know Cuckoo lays own eggs in other birds’ nests. In the very same fashion queer activists lay their agenda into ‘diversity of cultures and races’, in ‘anti-bullying’ programs, etc.
    If you go to Barnes and Nobles, you will see homosexual books into sections with blacks authors, or women authors. You see, they are wickedly deceptive and clever. Clever enough to influence lots and lots of gullible individuals.
    I am not even talking about TV series which practically all became queer tools of propagating perverted agenda. It is became impossible to watch TV, even if one had time and desire to do so…

    As Christians, we need to realize the seriousness of a war that’s going on. This is serious. It is not only about some 1-3% of homosexual population. It is about “bigotry” of defending monogamous normal (i.e. heterosexual) relationships. Queer activists have to bring this institution into dirt and basically make it look stupid and archaic. Why? Because so-called equality demands it. I cannot see queer activism ever stops. It is literally like cancer. I am not exaggerating. Cancer as you know, grows unstoppably. Same with queer agenda. Not just homosexual agenda. But queer agenda with anything-sexual-goes agenda.

  2. We can talk about the problems of society, the media and its effects on the minds of our young people till God’s kingdom comes. But what are we, as Christians, prepared to do about all this in the meantime?
    Dr. Brown you have a wealth of knowledge, which you so generously share with us, but in terms of counter-activism, very few Christians seem to be talking about applying it to make a difference.
    Maybe I’m missing out on something, but this doesn’t appear to be happening anywhere, at least not noticeably enough.
    I say onward Christian soldiers. Our kids belong to us, not gay rights extemists. Let us unite and take a stand against the powers of darkness before it actually is too late!

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