Interview With A Missionary to Iraq, and Thoughts on Revolution!

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Dr. Brown interviews a FIRE missionary headed for northern Iraq; and more thoughts on the need for moral and cultural revolution in America (and you won’t believe what’s coming next in the schools of New York!)

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: If we as parents and grandparents do not stand up for our children, what is right, and for their spiritual and moral protection, we have absolutely no right to blame the society for corrupting them.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: What’s it going to take to return to sanity? To open our eyes and recognize that we must be the salt and light, and if we’re not, who will?

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  1. I heard just a little about what might be getting taught in New York to school children in the near future.

    Jesus said to some of those around him, “If you were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham.” (John 8:39)

    Let’s ask ourselves, Did Abraham teach those kind of things to his children?

    Well, he pleaded to the Lord about Sodom….that is, if some numbers of righteous people might be found there (Gen 18) that they not be destroyed, and he wasn’t speaking in reference to the homosexuals living there. (see Gen 19:1)

    When I consider what Jesus said in John 8:39, I wonder how many of us can rightfully make the claim that we are the children of Abraham by pointing to our works which we have done.

    I’m not talking about the bad works which we all have done in the past, but of the good ones.

    Now what was it that Abraham did? This could be revolutionary if we take hold of it.

    He went where the Lord led him. He left his own people to go on the trip. He slaughered some kings and met Melchisedec. He paid tithes.

    Most of us have tithed. So there’s something we can claim that we have done that is also a work of Abraham. That we can claim as being common with him.

    But is this all Jesus was referring them to in John 8:39?

    Abraham got a wife for his son Isaac. Abraham prophesied, telling something of how this would happen. (Gen 24:7) If we prophecy we can claim that as something in common with Abraham.

    But what were his greatest works? Has the Church tapped into the greater works yet?

    If we ever did, I think that would be revolutionary.

    One thing is for certain, if those in charge of the school system would be about the works of Abraham, they would not allow such teaching to happen in the school system that we have just heard about in this segment of the Line of Fire radio program.

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