Divine Appearances in the Old Testament; The New Testament and the Jewish People

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Join Dr. Brown today on the Line of Fire for a discussion of the times God appeared to people in the Old Testament. Also, how “Jewish” is the New Testament? Don’t miss today’s fascinating show!

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God has always revealed Himself to us through His Son; in the fullness of revelation, the Son comes into the world as Jesus our Messiah, and God continues to reveal Himself to us through the Son. Gaze on the Son, and learn of the Lord.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It is not God’s desire to be a distant, untouchable, or unknowable God; it is God’s desire to be touched and known, to be intimate with His people. He has opened the door wide to know and experience Him through Jesus, the Son!

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  1. Chuck,

    When Jesus said that only God is good, in your opinion, was he saying that he himself was bad or evil, or do you suppose that he was drawing attention to the fact that men might observe that he had an inheritance in the Father that was on display before men to see?

    How do you hear him in this?

    Which of the two possible ways to interpret the meaning of what he said honors God more? Which of the two ways mentioned above would speak better of
    God’s gift he sent into the world?

    Are you ready to walk the path which has been laid out before you? Many a devil has pretended to be seriously pursuing it.

  2. Chuck,
    Jesus was in the “form of a human” when He was seen in the NT; not in His “form of God”, in which He was, before the fact (and to which He returned — give Me the glory which I had with You before the world was: the glory that He had with the Father, as is described by Pp 2; not, as Sir Buzzard describes, the glory that He had ‘in waiting’ for Him). The glory Jesus had with the Father is clearly described in Pp 2 — that He was in the form of God, as John 1:1 explains. Out of the mouths of 2 or 3 witnesses, let every fact be established: please show me two verses that can nullify these two verses.

  3. Sometimes I wonder why it is that when there is an opportunity to interpret something wrongly, some men will consistently choose to do so.

    Or, is it simply because they can not hear the language of heaven?

    Do they love to avoid the salve that will heal their eyes? If so, I wonder why. Do they think it will sting?…Maybe they think it will be either too cold or too hot…Maybe it’s the heavenly scent that bothers them…

  4. Juan- When I said “stay off of the sauce”, I was joking around. Laugh, laugh.

    Ok you said…
    According to people, as I understand it:
    God is the punisher.
    God is the punished.
    Is this self-punishment? What does that accomplish?

    “God is the punisher.” those who do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior will have to pay the consequences for that.

    “God is the punished.” Jesus did take our punishment. But many will not accept that or receive this and because of that they will perish and be tormented in the afterlife.

    “Is this self-punishment? What does that accomplish?” The answer is. This is the LOVE the Lord has for us.

    That is the Gospel message. Jesus died for us. WE deserve death-Hell. But Jesus stepped in and prevented us from this terrible, terrible consequent.

    you said…
    “If people loved Jesus wouldn’t they say “no Lord, let us die in your place”. But they’re glad he died. They say thanks Lord, now we’re all set.”

    WE do not get to make that decision. God makes the rules, we need to be grateful and thankful for His love and kindness. Why should anyone complain about this.

    John 16:13
    Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

    you said…
    “I’m afraid it all seems rather wild to me. I am just interested in the truth.”

    Have child like faith, just accept and appreciate the Love Jesus has for us.

    I asked the Lord one time, “Lord how can I ever repay you back for what you did for us?” The Lord spoke back to me…”Tell everyone about me”

    Jesus loves the whole world. The question is…Does the world love Jesus.

    Juan- I hope I helped you some.

  5. Dr. Brown,

    If you get the time, I am curious to hear your answer to my above questions.

    Thank you,
    David Barron

  6. “Juan- I hope I helped you some.” – Debbie Fraser

    Well, thanks for the effort. I agree with you on some things, but there are still a few other things about which I wonder. You don’t have to engage on all or any of those different/controversial ideas – I doubt they’re essential for salvation.

  7. There are some Christians who have trouble believing that Jesus could appear at times which we may read of in the Old Testament.

    Some seem to believe that he couldn’t have been until he was conceived in the womb of his mother Mary.

    There’s something I saw from Isaiah and have heard talked about which may be a kind of hinge pin.

    Isaiah was talking about how God alone in the beginning made everything and there was no one else with him.

    I also had seen where a prophet was speaking to God’s people reminding them of how they take too much glory for themselves saying in effect that they themselves rule and reign and say that no one else is with them.

    As men we often forget about God don’t we?

    I once changed a tire and I did it by myself. Now please don’t go around saying that by this, I said that Jesus wasn’t with me, or that God wasn’t with me.

    Maybe that’s why I had so much trouble changing the tire. I was doing it myself, thinking I can do this by myself, telling others I can do it myself.

    So I sweated, pried, and pulled and was getting both tired and frustrated. I suppose I was doing it much myself. I suppose the Lord was watching me do this.

    Then it came to me that I needed to pinch the two beads which had been broken off the rim into the center where the diameter of the rim is slightly smaller. Then it was a much easier task to take small bite sized pieces, a little at a time going around the rim with the tire iron and screwdriver
    working the tire off one side at a time until the wheel would fall between the beads and the tire could be easily bent and the rim could be taken away from the inside of the tire.

    I suppose it was then that I realized that I wasn’t alone in that task.

    Now I had said that I changed a tire alone. I suppose I could say that no one helped me. But please don’t go around saying that I said that
    I had no help from God.

    That’s a little bit about how to change a dirt bike tire.

    In context God was speaking (from Isaiah) about idols, that there were none with him.

  8. And isn’t it possible that the Lord (Jesus) could appear by an angel of his, the angel being the representation of the Lord himself, saying as the Lord would say, doing as the Lord wants done, being as the Lord wants him to be in order to communicate himself to others?

  9. Dan1el

    So you hold to the kenotic view? God the Son “emotied himself of all Deity”?

    In a related question, if God the Son “took on/assumed flesh” at the Incarnation did the Godhead undergo a change? Where you now have 3 divine Persons plus the human [flesh] part?


    When Jesus said that only God is good, in your opinion, was he saying that he himself was bad or evil…

    No. He is simply answering a question.

  10. Chuck,
    Will you be open and honest about whatever you may gather from what Jesus said about none being good but God? Please be open and honest about whatever it is you decide to talk about.

    How much do you get out of what he said?

    What I get is that he was openly showing the people that they ought to listen to the things that are said about him by those around him and to consider why men might call him good.

    Saying “There is none good but God.” reminds me of something from Paul’s gospel to the Romans.

    And how does Jesus compare with other men? Wasn’t he different than all the rest? Isn’t this the kind of things he wanted men to think about? With Jesus it was always the gospel that was of importance wasn’t it?

    So what do you get out of all this, Chuck?

    Foggy and fuzzy light doesn’t often help men. The children of God should have no need to stay in the shadows. We are called to shine the light we have and to walk in it.

    Why should we wear a cloak? What’s under cloaks but often daggars?

    Daggars are often used to kill. It was the religious leaders that were out to kill Jesus wasn’t it?

    And what is it to be good? Is it keeping the law?
    But isn’t there some fruit about goodness? And where does good fruit come from? Doesn’t it only come from God? And who showed more of it than Jesus?

    I think these are the kinds of things he wanted men to think about as they all pertain unto everlasting life and the good news that is all around Jesus.

  11. I was listening to another Christian radio program years ago and the question was asked, “What does Jesus really look like?”

    People started calling in telling about the visions they received of the Lord. Some saw him as they were driving their car. Several saw him like that and each revelation of him was unique.

    It was the best particular program that radio show ever had in my opinion.

    I Samuel 3:21
    And the Lord appeared again in Shiloh: for the Lord revealed himself to Samuel in Shiloh by the word of the Lord.

    Jesus is the Word and he does whatever the Father tells him to do. He always communicates the message the Father wants.

  12. Correction: I should have said each revelation of him was different.

    When we see artwork, paintings of the Lord, we know who it is don’t we (?) even though each of them is different.

  13. Pride goes before a fall, doesn’t it? (Prov 16:18)

    The Lord said that his followers will be witnesses unto him. (Acts 1:8)

    We might be good witnesses at times or poor ones but we will be witnesses unto him.

    As David, Isaac, Joseph, and others were in some way symbolic of some aspect of the Lord, even by the meaning of their names, aspects of Christ will be seen through us, through each of our lives
    one way or another.

    This makes sense since “in him we live and move and have our being” as Paul said in Acts, for by Jesus Christ we have our being in God. (John 1)

  14. About that radio program I mentioned, I certainly did not listen to all of their programs but of the ones I did listen to, the one where people called in with their visions of the Lord, that one was my favorite, one I should always remember something of.

    So what does Jesus really look like?

    I believe he looks like the word of God, like the king made mention of in Proverbs 30:31 for example… like Gal 5:22,23 also.

  15. DIVINE EXPERIENCES – With all due respect, people bring up important subjects as to the diety of Christ, whether He is God or rather the Father, Spirit and Son are the same or different. and what or who did the Prophets of old see? Then, because of TIME CONSTRAINTS they can not be discussed in depth! We need another Apostle Paul who spends two or three years in the desert, hearing from God Himself, who has the time to eplain these things in detail for those who are hungry to know. The Famine in the land is also because of preachers who do not have time to explain the Word when asked! What could be more important than to explain Who God is!
    John R Peacher

  16. If God can clothe Himself with light as with a garment (Psalms 104:2), it makes sense that He can clothe Himself in the flesh, in the person of Yeshua.

  17. You can see the Trinity throughout the Book of Acts, I would say the nickname I would give the book is “Acts of The Trinity”. Furthermore Jesus treats the Holy Spirit as a divine person and NOT like Proverbs 8 where Wisdom is like a woman (allegorical). Also, how can any person misread or misquote John 14:28. I have heard anti-trinitarians and people like Shadid Lewis of Islam misrepresent that passage. Shadid Lewis even calls the Trinity Three Gods, which insults me whenever anyone says that. Even Anthony Buzzard in your debate that you and James White couldn’t wrap his mind around the idea of How YHWH can remain as ONE God, who exists in THREE Divine Persons. It does irritate me when people distort what Trinitarians believe. All I can understand if done in ignorance, but when you explain the Trinity to them and they still go around saying we worship three Gods, then they have NO EXCUSE.

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