Dr. Brown Catches up on the News; Thoughts on the Herman Cain Phenomenon

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What’s behind the latest surge in support for Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain, and what does this say about racism in America? And would you vote for a Mormon to be president? Dr. Brown looks at this question and more today on the Line of Fire!

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: As we get further into the political season, and the race for President, let us fix our eyes firmly on Jesus and remember that we, as believers, are the salt and the light. The President is important, but there is only so much the President can do.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: If we’re going to talk about Mormanism, and if it’s a cult, then let’s be sure we understand what Mormans believe, and what scripture says, so we can have an intelligent discussion. As for voting, that’s a separate issue.

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  1. Ron Paul is the best bet for President; Herman Cain seems to be able to get people emotional — and seems, himself, to be impassioned — but, the quality is lacking. Once again, people who don’t want him to be President will be called racist (that’s the plan: divide and conquer the people); but Ron Paul has remained steadfast in his views over the years and respects the Constitution (the rule of Law for this land), unlike the other Presidents that we’ve had (at least, as far as their actions show).

  2. Dr. Brown was that debate you had today recorded? I really enjoy listening to your debates, perhaps you can provide the name of the show and maybe they have a podcast or something.

    Thanks, God bless you.

    Now, as for the topic of the show..
    I could not, in good conscience vote for anyone who is anti-Israel, pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality. (Regardless of their religion)

  3. I would never vote for a women president. Never. I’m old fashion when it comes to things like that.

    I would not vote for a president who is living in sin either.

    As for having a perfect President, I do not think that will ever happen. I guess I’ll weigh out my vote until the choices are made clear.

    I pray whoever is the next President will be one who loves and fears the Lord.

    If Mitt Romney did win the presidency, I would not be upset. It seems like he has a solidness to him.
    As for his being a Mormon, It seems like Mitt is more into politics then his religion.

  4. So you’d vote for a mormon before a spirit-filled woman who desires to see this nation exalt God once again? ….just curious, not a criticism.

  5. I’d vote for a woman in a heartbeat. You can clearly point to a woman in Scripture taking spiritual and political leadership, during a far more patriarchal society than ours, and essentially ignore it. Statements like yours perpetuate the negative experiences women have in church. Rather than saying you would choose to support a woman as a form of support because of the abuses by the church, you continue with the same domineering mindset. You had the platform to stand up for women and did not. Perhaps you would feel different if you were the one who was better trained and qualified, yet ignored or paid less because you were a woman.

    Out of curiosity, if you had a righteous man and a righteous woman, but she was more qualified in experience and intellect, who would you vote for?

    Up until this moment I have been a strong supporter of this ministry. Right now, I regret being a torchbearer; I actually helped fund this.

  6. Yvette,

    Thanks for sharing your heart openly, and thanks for your support as a Torchbearer. Whether you agree with every point I make, you are enabling us to touch and help many. I also am committed to do my best to honor the Lord and not be overly concerned with the consequences of my words and actions. In fact, I believe that’s one of the reasons why people believe in the ministry work we do.

    That being said, as I said on the show, when it comes to women in leadership, as I understand the Scriptures, both OT and NT, governmental headship is primarily a male role, and so, if I had a choice between two presidential candidates who were equally qualified but one was a man and one was a woman, I would vote for the man, for the reason just stated. But as I also said on the show, if the choice was between a man who did not share my moral convictions and was not a good leader and a woman who shared my moral convictions and was a good leader, I would vote for her in a heartbeat. So, to answer your specific question, the woman. Thanks again for being open and feeling free to share your differences.

  7. Actually, you answered a different question. My question involved their having the same moral convictions but her skill level was higher.

    Then who would you vote for?

  8. Why do presidential candidates when they have debates with each other always bully or attack each other?

    That is the reason why Martha Coakley lost to Scott Brown for Senate. Coakley attacked Scott Brown big time. She lost the votes because of her cruel actions. Not too bright Martha.

    Then they wonder why there are bullying happenings going around in the school system. They see adults act that way.

    I guess people will stoop to any level just for votes.

  9. Hi Dave Lew,
    I’m assuming your addressing your question to me.

    To answer your question. Yes, I would vote for a Mormon man over a spirit filled women for president any day, any hour and any minute. 🙂

    This nation is never going to change and be a God fearing nation, no matter who is President. I believe the world will get heavier in sin before Jesus comes back. When the Lord comes back to rule and rein on this earth then we will have a perfect and sinless place to live. Until then we need to endure toward the end.

    A women should not run this country. (My 2 cents)

    However with that said, I do believe women can do a lot for the Lord.

    Take Care Dave.

  10. Here’s a thought on “the phenom”:

    “Unease Mounts Over Cain Accusations” by Shannon McCaffrey
    Associated Press




    ATLANTA (AP) — Herman Cain sought to ride out the sexual harassment scandal engulfing his embattled presidential campaign by projecting a business-as-usual façade.
    But there were growing signs of unease in conservative circles as a fourth accuser — Sharon Bialek — provided a name and a face to what had been anonymous harassment allegations against the GOP front-runner. Bialek’s detailed and lurid accusations — that Cain groped her in a car after she asked for his help finding a job — spun his already embattled campaign into an uncertain new territory.
    “He deserves a fair chance. But that doesn’t mean he gets a pass. These are not anonymous allegations anymore unfortunately,” said New Hampshire conservative activist Jennifer Hor, who last week had condemned media coverage of the allegations against Cain.
    “I think he does need to take another step and answer a few more questions.”
    Cain told late night host Jimmy Kimmel that’s exactly what he plans to do as he fights the claims head-on at a news conference slated for Tuesday afternoon in a Phoenix hotel.
    “There is not an ounce of truth to all these allegations,” he said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” ”I’m going to set the record straight.”
    Cain told Kimmel he got angry and disgusted as he watched Bialek and her attorney, Gloria Allred. He said Bialek’s graphic account was “totally fabricated.”
    Bialek’s nationally broadcast appearance on cable television marked a new and — for Cain — dangerous turn in a controversy that he has struggled for more than a week to shed. An upstart in the presidential race, Cain shot to the top of public opinion polls in recent weeks and emerged, however temporarily, as the main conservative challenger to Mitt Romney.
    Earlier Monday, the Cain camp flatly denied the charges.
    “Mr. Cain has never harassed anyone,” spokesman J.D. Gordon said in a statement.
    And they insisted that the newest allegation changed nothing and said they were still planning to attend a private speech in Phoenix Tuesday morning and a debate Wednesday night in Michigan.
    “We are staying on message and talking about the issues,” Gordon told The Associated Press.
    Bialek, in a separate interview Monday, said she had hoped Cain would announce a press conference after her statement to apologize to her. But instead she learned he issued the stern denial.
    “I know what happened, and he knows what happened,” Bialek said on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight. “One of my whole objectives was to give him the opportunity to come forward, to redeem himself, say, ‘Hey, I’m sorry. I did this. It happened. And let’s move forward.’ And it is unfortunate. I’m very disappointed that he didn’t take the lead in this.”
    When asked if Cain should be president, Bialek said: “I don’t think we can have anyone in the White House who is unable to tell the truth.”
    Soon after Bialek aired her accusations at a news conference in New York with Allred by her side, the Cain campaign released a new web video — targeting voters in the lead-off caucus state of Iowa — highlighting what they say are excessive federal regulations on farmers that are driving up costs for consumers.
    But the campaign also appeared to hunker down in damage control mode. Voicemails for Gordon and campaign manager Mark Block were full by Monday afternoon.
    Bialek said Cain made a sexual advance in mid-July 1997, when she had travelled to Washington to have dinner with him in hopes he could help her find work. Cain was the head of the National Restaurant Association at the time. Bialek had been fired from a job in the group’s education arm. She had met Cain previously at a convention and had asked if he would help her find work.
    She said the two had finished dinner and were in a car for what she thought was a ride to an office building.
    “Instead of going into the offices he suddenly reached over and he put his hand on my leg, under my skirt toward my genitals,” she said.
    “He also pushed my head toward his crotch,” she added.
    She said she asked Cain what he was doing and recalled he replied, “You said you want a job, right?”
    Bialek is the fourth woman to say that Cain engaged in inappropriate behavior during his time at the helm of the restaurant group.
    Two women who worked there filed sexual harassment complaints.
    A third woman told The Associated Press last week that she considered filing a workplace complaint against Cain over what she deemed sexually suggestive remarks and gestures that included a private invitation to his corporate apartment.
    Still, some remained solidly behind the former pizza executive, unmoved by Bialek’s account. They pointed to the presence of Allred — a high-profile attorney with Democratic ties — as proof the claim was a partisan smear.
    “The fact that she’s involved removes all credibility,” Georgia Christian Coalition president Jerry Luquire said. “If he says he didn’t do anything than I believe him.”
    For Cain’s core supporters — tea party activists and evangelical voters — distrust of the media is high. And the accusations against Cain only seemed to galvanize their support.
    With that in mind, Cain’s leading Republican rivals for the White House steered clear of he scandal on Monday declining to comment.
    But there was also evidence the latest allegation as well as the cumulative toll of multiple women making claims could erode Cain’s support.
    “Oh,” exclaimed South Carolina GOP Chairman Chad Connelly said when told details from Bialek’s news conference.
    Voters in his early primary state, Connelly said, will tune into character questions in a state where the last governor tearfully confessed an affair and the current governor faced unproven allegations from two men that she had affairs.
    “Our voters in South Carolina care about character and if the allegation are proven out, our voters care about moral attitude,” Conley said. “Character does matter, despite what the Clinton folks tried to tell us years ago,” he said.
    Associated Press writers Steve Peoples in New Hampshire and Jim Davenport in South Carolina contributed to this report
    Follow Shannon McCaffrey at http://www.twitter.com/smccaffrey13

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