Judaism and Atonement

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What is the importance of atonement in Judaism? Why is it still important to understand this for believers in Yeshua today, as well as anyone with a heart for reaching the Jewish community? Don’t miss today’s important show!

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Jew or Gentile, we all sin, and if we recognize the holiness of God, we would realize that we fall infinitely short. All the repentance in the world will not save you unless you have the blood of the Messiah, and faith in Him will change it all.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Because Messiah came and died, shedding His blood for me, then rose from the dead and bids me come to Him because I’ve put my faith and trust in Him, I can go to sleep at night with a clean conscience, knowing my sins are forgiven, I’m right with God, and have my life to live.

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The Cross

VOR Article by Eric Gilmour

“If any man would come after me let him deny himself take up his cross and follow me.” ~Matthew 16.24 Christianity is not a religion, it is a revelation that brings transformation. It is the switching of kingdoms. From one rule to another, “out of darkness into His marvelous light (1 Peter 2.9).” There are […]

  1. I’ve had the oddest thought come to me tonight after listening to the program regarding the Jews and Yom Kippur. I want to stress that I’m not saying that this is so, just an interesting idea.

    We are all familiar with the many Biblical references that state the following truths about Israel:

    1. Israel is God’s Chosen People, whom He will never abandon or turn away from completely.

    2. Israel was meant to be a light to the nations, drawing all nations to the knowledge and worship of the God of Jacob.

    3. Through Israel, all the nations of the earth would be blessed.

    We further know and believe that Yeshua was the fulfillment of Messianic Prophecy regarding Israel, and that He Himself stated that He was not sent to any but to the lost sheep of Israel.

    Other statements made about Israel – that “They will look upon the one whom they pierced”, that “All Israel will be saved”, and that Yeshua will not return to Jerusalem until all Israel says “Baruch haba b’shem Adonai” (“Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord”). Among other similar statements.

    OK – here’s my odd idea. Israel was given the Torah and told to trust it and no other teaching; Israel was set apart for a purpose; Israel as a nation has to recognize and welcome the Messiah back; Messiah and Israel will be engaged in a final conflict with the forces of Anti-Messiah and The Adversary. Combine those thoughts with the scriptures that speak of “Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness.”, etc.

    Salvation is found ONLY in Yeshua, yet God is Just, Righteous, Merciful and True. And He always keeps His Word.

    What if, because of the special relationship that God has with Israel, that on the day of Yeshua’s Glorious Return – all RIGHTEOUS Jews – those who, like Abraham, believed God, (both the living and the dead) will rise up at His coming to proclaim him as their Messiah at that moment and thus “All Israel shall be saved.” I’m not talking cultural, secular, non-religious Jews here, anymore than I would consider cultural, secular, non-religious Gentiles. I mean people who truly followed Torah with a desire to please God and to worship Him with all their being, not considering their own good deeds as anything worthy in themselves but only God’s great sense of justice and mercy. Isn’t that what Abraham did “He believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness.”

    Before anyone points out the obvious “Christian” objection – that if one dies without claiming Jesus as Lord, they go to hell… remember, we are talking about GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE and prophecy about end times and a special relationship that NO other people group on earth can claim.

    Is it possible? Could it be?

    Interesting and intriguing idea, anyway. I’m not looking for a fight here, or staking all my faith in this idea. Not even sure I could try to defend it against an aggressive attack, so don’t feel compelled to flame me or try to get me to see the error of my ways… It’s just an interesting, if out-there, idea.

    Even so, Yeshua Adonai, come quickly !!

  2. I just wanted to give an update on my presentation of repentance to the Jewish Congregation in my city, Aiken, SC. I was determined to perform my vow to the Lord and my hope was that I might address the entire congregation. “Great Expectations” you might say… My prayer is that reconciliation would begin in my city with me this year and that the unveiling of Messiah to the Jewish people will begin the world over this year. What follows is an outline of how my evening went.

    In my research of the Yom Kippur services and with this particular High Holy Day falling on a Sabbath as well, I thought for sure that the service would begin “after” sundown on the Sabbath. So it was my intention to get there early as sunset was at 7:05 pm on this day and so I arrived at about 6:15 pm and to my surprise many vehicles were already parked and empty! Well, it happened that a police officer was parked to the side of one street at the intersection. So, I pulled up behind him and parked my vehicle. His window was down so I greeted him and asked if he knew what time the service began. He said he thought it was 6:30 but that it was already in progress, so I explained to him that I was there on a mission of sorts–that of addressing the congregation if they would allow it for the purpose of repenting for the sins of my forefathers in promoting and participating in anti-Semitism in all ages. He was more than accommodating and he escorted me inside by way of a side door that did not immediately open to the area where the services were held. It was a basement of sorts where tables were set in buffet style with much food laid out as the congregants would be breaking their 24 hour fast at the close of the Yom Kippur service.

    There happened to be one woman in the little kitchen area and she came over to us a bit surprised to see a police officer standing with me. Anyway, after I introduced myself I remarked that I could see that the services had already begun and that I had hoped to be able to speak to their Rabbi in hopes of addressing the congregation. She informed me that their Rabbi was not present that day but that they had a visiting Rabbi officiating. She looked a bit wary and asked what it was I was taking about. I looked down at my printed copy of the previously prepared confession I would make and started to read the opening headline. Well, as soon as the word “Christian” registered in her mind, she said, “No, they don’t want to hear that!” Perhaps anyone else would have tucked tail and left but I felt a renewed sense of calm and determination–the Holy Spirit strenghtened me–and so I said to her, “This ‘is’ Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the Day of Repentance, and I am here to repent.” She was so taken aback that she invited me to attend the service and that then I should speak to the visiting Rabbi. Perhaps she didn’t actually say visiting “Rabbi” as it turns out that the “Rabbi”, or the one officiating I should say, was a woman, perhaps, thirty-ish! So, the officer escorted me back out and up the front steps and opened the front door of the synagogue for me and I glanced around looking for any place at all near the back to slide into one of the pews. An elderly woman kindly slid over and I took my seat. She passed me her service book and showed me the place in it that they were reading from. The woman leading the service spoke her part mostly in Hebrew standing before the Draped and closed compartment holding the Torah scroll. It looked to be beautifully hand embroidered silk. The worshipers spoke their response for much of the service in English, (thank God) as the book was written both in Hebrew and English. I only know select Hebrew words and phrases and while I recognize and know the pronunciation of the Hebrew aleph-bet and how to read the Hebrew spelling of words, with very few exceptions, however, I have no idea the meaning of them! All of the hymns were sung in Hebrew. Ooops! I just hummed along…very quietly. I wasn’t trying to fool anyone as I truly wanted to participate and I thoroughly enjoyed my very first Jewish worship service.
    I knew somewhat about what to expect during this service, thanks to the Hebrew4Christians website. At one point the door concealing the Torah scroll was opened and blessings were recited in Hebrew after which the door was closed again. At the close of the ceremony, the Sabbath candle was lit and then extinquished, drawing to a close the services. Well, as in any congregational service, as they arose from their seats people began taking to each other and were filing out to enjoy the food of which they had not eaten in 24 hours! So, I quickly made my way to the front and spoke to the man sitting to the side of the slightly raised podium and who I thought “was” the visiting Rabbi. Addressing him as Rabbi, I introduced myself and asked if I might address the congregation. He thanked me with a smile for mistaking him as such but informed me that he wasn’t a Rabbi and that I would have to speak to the woman leading the service. There were maybe, four or five women coming to speak to the “visiting person” who lead the service and as I reached her before the others did, I politely introduced myself. I so wanted to gather everyone back into the synagogue but I knew that this was unreasonable, but I asked her anyway if I could address the congregation to which she replied, “Well, you can see they are making their way to go eat–they haven’t eaten in 24 hours.” I said of course I understood that and I apologized for being late to the service as I thought it would begin at sundown. With a warm smile and a shurk of her shoulders she said, “Yes, well we fudged a bit today..” Let me remark that she was very pleasant and attentive and while she regarded me with interest, sensing my sincerity, she wasn’t about to call everyone back to hear what a complete stranger had to say! Not to mention she was no doubt leary of me herself. I don’t blame her in the least. After all, this was highly unusual and profoundly unorthodox to say the least!

    Well, this is the conclusion of it. I asked then if she would allow me to read my statement of repentance before those immediately gathered with us on the podium. The rest of the congregation was oblivious to what was actually transpiring in the front and they were soon gone to break their fast. I said to her that I had come to pay the vow I had made to the Lord. They had absolutely no idea what in the world I was speaking about but she agreed nonetheless. One of the older women standing to my right side looked full at me with her eyes saying to mine, “What are you all about…?” So with much curiosity and some trepidation those present lent me their ears. And I read to them what I had prepared. This is what I spoke:

    “My letter of Repentance to the Jewish people for the sins of those professing Christians in all ages who taught and preached and participated in anti-Semitism.

    “To the members of the Adath Jeshurun Congregation in Aiken, SC and to the Nation of Israel and to Jewish people the world over, I ask your forgiveness for the sins of my forefathers and those professing to be Christians in all ages who have blasphemed the Name of Yeshua, Ha’ Mashiach, in both words and deeds.

    “As a follower of the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, I humbly ask for your forgiveness and that you would be willing to look again at your Messiah, Yeshua of Nazareth. He came to save your people from their sins and to reconcile mankind to God–He came first to His people–the Jews. He is foremost and forever “King of the Jews”. He is not the son of Mr. and Mrs. Christ, He is your Ha’ Mashiach and there is no other.

    “I ask your forgiveness for the sins of our forefathers in concealing from the Jewish people the Glory of their Messiah.

    “I ask your forgiveness for the arrogance and the evil words pronounced against you in ages past, and as recently as one generation ago, in the evil deeds which culminated in the horrors of the Holocaust.

    “I ask your forgiveness in the hearing of God and of the Holy Spirit for the sins of my forefathers against the people of God.

    “I wish to thank you and your ancestors this day for the greatest gift that any people have ever given to mankind–the preservation of the Holy Scriptures and for the unveiling of Messiah to the world within it’s pages. Thank you for the greatest gift that any people have ever given to “me”!

    “In the hearing of heaven and earth and of God who searches the hearts of men, I ask for your forgiveness and I beg of you to please look again at your Messiah and read of Him.

    “My prayer for all of you is that you will not be afraid to read and search for yourselves whether this is true. Your life, indeed, your eternal life depends on it.

    “Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak from my heart.”

    There were parts I had written that I ended up leaving out, partly because I lost my place and also because I didn’t want to push my luck. Perhaps next time I’ll be able to include them.
    I then thanked those present for allowing me the opportunity to address them and to perform the vow I made to the Lord. They drew closer to each other, speaking in murmured tones with the elderly woman firmly planting her back to me and taking the hint I thanked them again and walked out of the Adath Jeshurun Congregation building feeling somewhat relieved and somewhat elated. As I was walking over to the police officer stationed in his vehicle parked in front of mine, I gave him a thumbs up. He smiled and bobbed his head. I related to him that while I didn’t get to speak to all of them, I was able to perform my vow of repentance without being dragged out by my ear! He was happy for me and wished me a good evening.

    Praise to Jesus, our Lord and Savior for providing me with the courage to accomplish my vow! Praise the Holy Spirit for strengthening me!

    My prayer is that the Lord’s Church will come together as one and especially during the fall feast days each year to pray for the Lord’s people, that they will all soon be reconciled to God through the unveiling of Jesus to them. Pray that the shadow of Yom Kippur will be replaced with the image of the True in their understanding of this High Holy Day. The shadow cast is fully visible in the express image of our High Priest who has entered the Holy of Holies not made with human hands and it is the blood of His sacrifice which has made atonement once for all, “taking away the sins of the world” granting forgiveness to all who come to him in true repentance and faith.


    Our committee will now begin in earnest to educate the visitors to our website about the prophetic significance of this season of the High Holy days. Our prayer is that the Church Body will freely choose to join the Nation of Israel in repentance and in fervent prayer for ourselves to grow as one as He is One and that the express image of Messiah would be unveiled to Jews the world over! If the oral Law is based on the written law, they should at least agree with each other; the law makes it clear that there is no atonement for them outside of the blood of the sacrifice made by the High Priest on Yom Kippur. This being the “only” day of the year that he was permitted to enter into the Holy of Holies, and not without the blood of the sacrifice. There is no sacrificial blood atonement now that Jesus has offered Himself for the sins of His people, indeed for the world, once and for all. There should be no more denial of the only way that the Lord has outlined for atonement by way of the Rabbi’s re-interpretation of Scripture. May their eyes be opened to the truth.

    And now we’ve got much work to do, God willing, in revamping the website until the Fall Feasts come next year!

    p.s.–Jabez was kind enough to submit an article for publication. Anyone else with articles or links of interest are more than welcome to contact us!

    Be blessed and be a blessing to others!

  3. …and I left off a few things because my eyes had pooled with tears and I couldn’t read what I had written anymore. A very deep breath got me back on track. But my prayer is that a mustard seed was planted if only in one heart.

    And today is the day of our multiplied prayers for Renewal of the Lord’s Ecclesia! Add yours to ours!

  4. Thank you Dr. Brown, and not just for your kind words!

    Finding your ministry on the web some years ago, has been the singular, most informative source of “go to” for me, and no doubt thousands of others, since I first discovered it. In fact your book, “Our Hands are Stained With Blood” was the thorn that pierced my heart and it made clear to me the reason for so much animosity and the anathema that Jews had for Christians. It seemed unatural to me as I had no idea of the history of the Church and anti-Semitism until I read it. After learning more about replacement theology and anti-Semitism I was determined to begin to bridge that great chasm with personal efforts in both the Church and in my own neighborhood. And…it was your ministry and the other books I had read, and am in the process of reading, by you that inspired me to work harder for the Glory of Messiah!

    I’ve learned so much from the resources you make available to your readers and listeners and your humility is more than admirable considering the wealth of learning and knowledge that you possess. You are truly a tireless servant of our Lord bringing to others a richer and truer understanding of what it means to serve our Lord in love without compromising. I am one of those countless souls that have been blessed and greatly inspired by your ministry and the profound depth of your heart for the Lord and the Gospel. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and let you know how much you’re appreciated! Your ministry bears excellent fruit!

    So–“Thank you, Dr. Brown, for your service to the Lord’s Church!”

    Now, on with the Revolution! We are servants of the King!

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