The Power of Repentance

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What is repentance? What’s the difference between condemnation, and repenting for your sins? Have ever been trapped in a sin and experienced the power of repentance to bring radical freedom?

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: When God wants to bless us, visit us, to pour out His Spirit and move in our midst, He speaks that great word to us: “Repent! Turn Back!” Then His Spirit can be poured out and fellowship with us. Don’t resist, embrace it.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: However far from God you find yourself today, however deep the shame, the blood of Jesus can wash you clean. Turn to Him in repentance and faith! Time for a brand-new start!

Featured Resources:

Think It Thru DVDS (”An Incomplete Religion?” and “A Rest Beyond the Sabbath“)

Other Resources:

How Saved Are We? by Dr. Brown: This unsettling book challenges us to ask ourselves what kind of born-again experience we have had if it calls for almost no personal sacrifice, produces virtually no separation from the world, and breeds practically no hatred of sin.


Go and Sin no More [mp3 CD]: Titled after Dr. Brown’s book release, this eight part series highlights key biblical truths regarding sin and holiness. This series is a must for believers desiring to walk in holiness before the Lord.

“Repentance IS Necessary” By Brad Schoeneck and Eric William Gilmour

“When Man Repents, God Relents.” Last week, I was sitting in a bright yellow waiting room, waiting for my Ford Taurus to get an oil change. While I was there, a minister that had fallen into sin a few years ago was on television. I couldn’t help but watch, interested to hear his heart. This […]

“I Saw the Brownsville Revival”

VOR Article by Bryan Purtle

There is a well known book among those who read of historic Christian revivals entitled “I Saw the Welsh Revival”, by David Matthews. It’s an eyewitness account of the remarkable outpouring of God’s Spirit in Wales, 1904. It was a time like no other, and there is ample literature and documentation available for those who […]

A Life of Prayer VOR article by Eric Gilmour:

“You can’t patch up your prayer life when you get to the judgment seat” ~Leonard Ravenhill “You can delegate many things, but prayer is not one of them.” ~A.W. Tozer “Yesterdays praying will not suffice for today.” ~E. M. Bounds “This period we are in now is a dressing room for eternity, that is all […]

Clear the Way for Prayer! VOR Article by Bryan Purtle

“Pray without ceasing….” -1 Thess. 5.17 The apostles of Scripture, basing their lives on the pattern left by Jesus, gave themselves unreservedly to a life of prayer, and they called the saints to enter into the same reality by the grace of God. They knew that it was only by entering into the place of […]

  1. I believe repentance is a gift from the Lord.

    How many people out there feel like they are carrying a 50lb weight on their back? If so, think about repenting. If you do, you will receive so much freedom, so much joy, you will feel so clean and washed.
    Spiritually speaking here.

    Seeing that we are made up of body, soul and spirit. What effects 1 of those effects it all.

    Jesus loves you and He wants to free you. REPENTANCE works.


  2. Dr. Brown,
    If someone doesn’t “work out” their salvation with fear and trembling, knowing it is God at work in them to will and do for His good pleasure — that is, “strive, according to the grace of God which works mightily in me”… will someone BE (future-tense) saved? As you know, salvation is not once-for-all… the Israelites were ‘saved’ out of Egypt — in that case, I guess we shouldn’t be worried about being “saved” (almost like a trick-question), we should actually be worried about “entering the promised land” and “entering the rest of God” (of course, when the Israelites DID “enter His rest”, they were not resting at all; they were warring and doing works).
    Jesus didn’t invite people to a yokeless existence (as I have attempted to live that way, I can tell you that it doesn’t work), but to a LIGHT yoke: yokes are a sign of WORK.
    If I don’t do the work, according to the Truth (the Lawgiver in the heart gives Laws) — but just hear and do not do — I will not “be saved”/”enter rest” — and that is a problem.

  3. Dr. Brown,
    Of course, I am not correcting you; I am simply presenting my lack of understanding of this issue, in hopes that you could clear it up.

  4. We do need to strive to enter in through the narrow gate and repentance seems to me certainly
    to be an important part of that. Once we enter in we find the free gift of our salvation and rejoice in it. We rejoice in Christ.

    It’s then that we should also remember that those who once laid out palm brances for him, were among those that cried “Crucify him.”.

    I believe it’s important to remember our weakness as well as the Lord’s strength that works in us by the grace of God.

    Jesus knows what it is to suffer and I believe he leads us into it when we need to go to the cross for our salvation.

  5. Brother Mike this is excellent, The Lord has given Philip and I this very word for this whole month. I so good to see you last month, thank you for supporting NAMI. See you soon.

  6. I was raised by christian parents, and understood Gods power in repentance. But as years passed on, many trials came into my life. Very heavy burdens and too hard to endure. I made many wrong choices thinking I was right. But as I tried in my own strength to fix things… making things worse, as I began to sin. And that became my way of life. Sin on top of sin and more sin… I didn’t care anymore about me anymore. Life was very bleak. My sin, almost destroyed me, and my entire family. When I was at my lowest point, I began reading my bible again, turing to God for help. Something was different this time, Words were shouting off the pages at me, as I could clearly see God allowing me to see my sins. He was making it clear If I continued to sin, and died, I would be in outer darkness forever. This frightened me so much I threw myself on the floor and cried to him in such sadness asking for forgiveness from HIM. I truly was sorry. After that as I understood for the first time, “My heart was sick not ever having HIM again. HE became the most important issue to me. Finally, I understanding the fine line of this reality, As HE put me there to allow me to know this amazing truth: To be without God forever and ever is the worst thing that could ever happen to me, or anyone else. DARKNESS forever is eternal. How awful my friends.

    And… HIS LIGHT is forever too!! The Lord Jesus spoke to me that day, and what a beautiful voice HE has!! He gave me HIS sweet assurance of my salvation, and my family, and added an abundant amount of healing and blessings upon blessings to me and my family. HE will never forsake us… He is so GOOD, when we humble ourselves to HIM… So Good!

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