The Danger of Looking for a Political Savior; and Is it Racist to Criticize Your Own Race?

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What is the difference between voting responsibly and according to your conscience, and expecting the people you elect to change the world single-handedly? How would you respond if you heard an African-American accused of being racist for disagreeing with President Obama’s policies? Dr. Brown tackles these issues today on the Line of Fire!

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Scripture says that “the kisses of an enemy may be profuse; but faithful are the wounds of a friend,” and “open rebuke is better than secret love.” If we can’t speak the truth to our own people, our own family, then who can speak the truth to us?

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: If we can find our security in Jesus, and someone comes to speak truth to us, whether they’re in our family or outside our family, we should be able to receive constructive criticism and grow by it. All the more when it’s someone within our own camp, let our ears be open to the truth.

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It was November, 1976, and I was very excited by the election results. Our new president was a “born-again Christian”! Having become born-again myself at the age of 16 late in 1971, this was the first election where the religious beliefs of a candidate really caught my attention, and Jimmy Carter’s open Christian faith helped put the born-again term on the national map. Four years later, he was (quite literally) swept out of office by Ronald Reagan, the darling of the religious right.

Rev. Jerry Falwell, leader of the Moral Majority, which was founded in 1979, had famously declared, “We have a threefold primary responsibility. Number one, get people saved. Number two, get them baptized. Number three, get them registered to vote.” And although Reagan was not known as a deeply religious man, he was a strong conservative and a consistent opponent of abortion.[…]

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The United States Congress was in a rare joint session. All 435 representatives and 100 senators were in attendance, and the C-SPAN-TV cameras were rolling. The members were gathered together to hear a speech by a descendant of George Washington. But what they thought would be a polite speech of patriotic historical reflections quickly turned into a televised tongue-lashing. With a wagging finger and stern looks, Washington’s seventh-generation grandson declared, […]

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As our great country accelerates its slide into economic and moral Hell, be careful whom you blame. The present boldness of liberals and timidity of conservatives are only the secondary causes. Much of the blame can be placed at the foot of the church. […]

Separation of Church and State with Joseph Infranco [MP3 CD]: The concept of “the separation of church and state” has been totally turned upside down in our day to the point that many Americans are calling for freedom from religion rather than freedom of religion – and our religious freedoms are under fire like never before. Christian students on campuses have been told they cannot publicly share their faith; atheists are taking legal action against the National Day of Prayer; the courts have decided that homosexual rights trump religious rights. This course will give you an understanding of the real meaning of the separation of church and state, providing you with an important update of what is happening in the courts today and helping you to understand your legal rights as a believer.

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