What the Bible Says about Sickness and Healing

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Is it always God’s will to heal the sick? Is sickness always the result of sin? If we are not healed, is it always because of a lack of faith? To what extent can we learn the will of God by observing the ministry of Jesus? Dr. Brown discusses sickness and healing from a biblical standpoint today on the Line of Fire!

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Look at Jesus if you want to find out who the Father is, and what His will is. Look at Jesus, and be reminded of the goodness and the compassion of God coming to you, even in the midst of sickness and disease. God is good, and He is the Healer.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God revealed Himself to Israel and said, “I am the LORD your healer.” We now have a new and better covenant through Jesus; let’s believe God for the very best possible while we have the opportunity in this world, but praise God no matter what!

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  1. I definietly believe in healing. I had a healing done to me.

    Here is my testimony. One time I broke my little toe. I am an avid walker, got to do this daily, no matter what. When I busted my toe, I was in such great pain when I stood on it, but I had to do my walk, so I sucked it up and started my walk. I was walking with my foot sideways and limping. Then a person driving by me stopped their car and asked me do I need a ride because I truly looked in sad shape. They proberly assumed I got injured on my walk. I refuse the ride.

    I hoppled a bit more and thought thats it, I’m heading back home this is crazy doing this. So, I starting singing “How Great is our God”, I sang that until I got home. I then elevated my foot upwards. A minute later the Lord spoke in my spirit “To get up and walk” So, I hoppled down the side walk, after a few steps, BOOM my the pain was gone. Left, dissappeared. I was so, so amazed and so, so happy. It truly was like night and day. I was very thankful and grateful to the Lord. Pretty neat, huh?

    I didn’t ask for healing I just praised and worshiped the Lord. It reminds me of what Paul and Silas did when they were in prison, chained to the wall and then they started singing praises to the Lord. The chains came loose and they were free. Acts 16:16-28

    So, YES I truly believe in healing. Whether its physical, emotional, or spiritual The Lord does heal.

    Praise Him!!!! 🙂

  2. Attention…To the lady caller who gets migraines. A lack of magnesium in one’s diet can cause migraines.

    I pray you read this post and check into increasing magnesium in your diet. Or take magnesium vitamins.

    Best to you.

  3. I love listening to your live broadcasts Dr. Brown. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the chance to listen to one of your live broadcasts. It’s so refreshing and so encouraging. Thank you. The message was true and gracious. Thank God that He does want healing for our lives today. But like you said, He is worthy of our praise in any situation that we find ourselves in. Praise God because He has given us hope. The great hope that we have is so great and I thank God for His Son who was willing to suffer on our behalf that we might be saved and have everlasting life. We keep our eyes on Jesus. Our hope is a heavenly hope. This earth is filled with so much trouble. Thank God for prayer where we can ask for healing and strength to press forward. I am a quadriplegic, but you’re right Dr. Brown! Let’s continue to pray for healing and ask God for the best. And yet we should thank God and praise Him in all circumstances. He is worthy. Worthy is the lamb that was slain who redeemed us. Praise Him always and forever because He loved us and saved us from our sins.

  4. God bless you Debbie for your testimony on healing. We never know what the Lord will do.

    It seems that when we give to him sometimes he gives us a gift right back, real quick.

    I think of every healing as a gift whether it happens right away or if it takes time.

    When I need healing I will claim my healing. Sometimes I will tell whatever it is to be healed in Jesus’ name. I will confess that by his stripes he suffered for me, I am healed. It’s always his suffering that bought my confidence in God. It’s how he purchased me.

    His suffering is the process by which I am healed.
    As Jesus suffered before and on the cross, he was bringing my healing to me.

    Long before I felt the pain, he was there for me.

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