Reflections on Politics, Racism, and Other Items in the News

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Is conservative criticism of President Obama a sign of racism, or is that very accusation a racist perspective? Dr. Brown takes up some of these questions today on the Line of Fire!

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: As brothers and sisters in Jesus, let us be open to constructive criticism and seeing blind spots in our own lives so that we can step higher, reflect Jesus, and demonstrate humility to the world. If not now, when are we going to do it?

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Constructive dialogue, and talking about the issues are really important. So let us speak, listen, and pray for one another, and grow up into the image of Jesus.

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  1. Every President has faced some opposition. But this President can’t even get the respect of being called President, he’s more often referred to as Mr. I’ve never even heard a Former President referred to as Mr.

  2. Yes coming from a black person perspective. I’am begining to see and hear more blacks having racial tones. More blacks think that Obama is being attack because of his race.
    I totally disagree. He is being attack because of his policy(bad policy). I did not vote for Obama the first election and will not vote for him this election,I hope blacks will wake up and study the issues and Obama policy and see that they are just as racist for voting for him because of his skin color. I vote the issuses not the party.

  3. I think our country may be headed in a downward spiral because of some of our christian leader. Too many prosperity sermon,not enough infants on saving soul.
    Too many scandal among our TV evangelist congregations etc.. to much do as you please attitude has gotten this country in a mess.Not to mention greed!!!!!!!!!

  4. New production by the “the Way of the Master” team. It’s about abortion. Tying in the holocaust with abortion (aka the American holocaust killing 50 Million+ human beings so far). (Free – only 33 minutes long!)

    Highly recommended.

    Would love to get your feedback on this Dr. Brown!

    God bless you all.

  5. Dr. Brown maybe you could get Ray Comfort on your show and do an interview with him about abortion in America.

    God bless you.

  6. Concerning African Americans voting for or against Obama, I would say, it depends on whether or not they are Black Christians or Christian Blacks.

    Black Christians won’t vote for Obama, but Christian Blacks would.

    It’s about what is your primary identity, your faith or your ethnicity. What is your primary loyalty? Are you more loyal to your race or to your God?

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