Reflections on the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11

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Yesterday was a sober day of remembrance around the country and the world on the anniversary of the tragic attacks on 9/11. Today Dr. Brown reflects on this tragedy, and how we can respond according to the principles of the kingdom of God. Don’t miss this special broadcast!

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Just look at the lives destroyed by people who were given to evil, whether by life or by death; look at the tremendous damage that was done by people given to a demonic cause, whatever the cost or consequence. Friends, let us rise up and give ourselves to God, to good, to His cause, whether by life or by death. Can you imagine the good we can bring about?

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Ten years and a day after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, it really is time for us to say, “Enough is enough! It’s time I start living for God, to make my life count, and to make a difference!”

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  1. Brother Brown,

    Greetings in Messiah Jesus.

    “Rivers of tears run down from my eyes because men do not keep Your law.” Ps. 119:136

    So it was on the morning of 9-11-01, when God’s Spirit well before the attacks moved my heart to pray against our nation’s idols as symbolized in the Twin Towers (mammon) and Pentagon (military hubris). God led me to ask ‘perhaps its time for these to be attacked’ so we learn to fear You.
    I vowed I’d tell Pres. & media if He did, but in intense emotions & fear I foolishly forgot til God (wife can testify) reminded me later thru severe chastening- “Make vows to YHWH your God and pay them” (Ps.76:11). I did pay in 2006 tho delayed, but the story is still unknown. Please help me to share it! I’ve written in before & have a heart for the Jews as my emails & current one testify. Ask the Holy Spirit- He will confirm this is true by His gifts & by Scripture that it was Bible based praying (Lk 18; Js. 5). I’ll try to call in today to share if you’re willing to take my testimony. For Y’shua’s, for Israel’s, for the church’s, for this & the nations’ sake, PLEASE do. 205-629-5343


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