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What are the differences between a Jew, a Hebrew, and an Israeli? Does 1 Cor 13:8 indicate that tongues will cease in this age? And what did Jesus mean when He said one will be taken and one will be left behind? Join Dr. Brown today as he answers your questions!

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Our biggest issues, the things that we wrestle with the most, are often secondary. What needs to happen is that we become vibrantly and vitally connected with Jesus, our Savior and Lord, bearing much fruit in Him, to the glory of God the Father. Get your relationship with God straight; everything else will fall into place.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There are so many questions and areas of speculation about end-time prophecy; when will this happen, when will that happen, how will this come to pass? Let’s focus on what we know, and on what God requires of us. Let’s move forward with vision and faith, and major on the majors.

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  1. MB,

    Thanks for the offer here, but I will not respond to your offer of receipt of a ‘How To’ MP3 instructional publication of assertion regarding a believer’s life interaction with the Holy Spirit, for reasons of religious freedom. Yet I have looked at the outline posted of it.

    I confess to extreme caution on receiving or internalizing such teaching coming from any source past associated with leadership in the Twentieth Century’s out of balance, self labeled, so-called Charismatic movement. Why? General woundedness and some very personal damage known in the name of the subject, through Charismatic and Pentecostal religiously abusive life experience.

    This choice in no way takes away from faith in Jesus Christ; I feel it is in my best interests. I can read Corinthians, Romans, and Ephesians on what Paul shared on the matter of the Holy Spirit, and John on what Jesus shared. I can recite these to memory and for recall. I can read the NT and church history for matters of learning on church government, meeting behavior, signs and wonders, and the authority of the written Word of the NT. I think with the mind of Christ in the mix of a believer’s inquiry this is the safest route to find what to do with what is taught by Christ on the subject.

    Simply go to You Tube and watch some of the clips from the (sometimes) rich and (oft) famous of supposed gifts of emphasis practiced in religious meetings past association–as are generally placed on video in so related meetings–and it does not take long for most to understand my caution. Discernment comes to my own closed hands regarding not accepting such teaching as an emphasis at this time and season in Christ into my discipleship process. Because of reported details of varied celebrations and meeting behaviors revealed in recent years so labeled as to the ‘gifts’ operating, which seem to have no scriptural foundation or purpose other than creating religious attachments, my mentioned caution continues into this Century.

    The crashed to earth fruit of much of that gifts and ministry empowerment emphasis movement’s remainders, broken lives, now fragmented once so-bonded individuals, insistence on certain experiences as indicative of faith by some at the expense of others, pump em up whip em up meeting based behaviors and demands, certain kinds of personalities which seem drawn to a flamboyant leadership style, related histories in related groups of leadership egotistical spiritual bullying, lorded over so-called ‘sheep’ identity confusion results, a lack of permitting believers in Christ to mature and co-share the claimed ministry rights of some featured personalities (without maintaining an openness about lifestyle examination on being examples of Christlike living responsibilities), I confess I will remain closed hands cautious.

    Religious Preoccupation Emphases is the simple reason, that being not on the founder of faith, or His Holy Spirit, but on the propagation of certain kinds of religious context relational behaviors I find no instance of Jesus Christ modeling, as was demonstrated in this Nation in this last Century in His Name. EMPHASIS for actions undertaken often by impulse, seeking permissions for worship, practicing certain on command behaviors, consuming time Jesus asked to be redeemed, uttered expressions made to be regarded in place of bearing of one another’s burdens or responsibilities (by many of those claiming gifting ministry rights), and little application of what Jesus taught the church in Mt. 18 keeps me guarded as to embracing an emphasized teaching on the subject of ‘walking in the Spirit’ as past understood as emphasized, demonstrated, or outlined for decades relgiously in the Nation.

    Placing personalities on par with Jesus Christ as to hearing and obeying Him has been idolatrous and injurious. As often as not in application, the phrase ‘come out of her my people’ may apply to my considerations aired here. What the Holy Spirit now wishes as to the renewal of His people is written in the Word about procedure and process (Rom 12-15); we cannot return to the demonstrated in bondage Twentith Century applied model. We must be in awe of Him, not them. Where they have become more than signposts pointing the Way.

    I remain leery of such an emphasis when pursued as an agenda without other teaching of balance accompanying the Charismatic movement’s and some Pentecostal organization’s historical religious pracitice assumptions, which frankly closely parallel certain topics among your offering’s outline. Wise council of foundational knowledge accompanies godly power in descriptions of how the Spirit works in the NT, as presenting a constant orientation to Jesus Himself and His finished work, and related testimony since the New Covenant was given. Renewal in Christ is renewal in His Spirit of care, kindness, justice, mercy, and faithfulness over and above applications in religious settings of so labeled spiritual gifts as show and tell orientations.

    I’ve seen too many rangers shooting from the hip in the name of responding to the Holy Spirit, and placed as group commanders–where the substitution of pulpit or the few’s on stage commands or demonstrations become meeting room responses–ignoring foundational New Covenant scriptural principles and devotion (where all know Him from the least to the greatest).

    Such reported religious history clashes with the Corinthians love chapter descriptions as to heart, action, and has led to gross general church or ministry leadership splits in the last associated Century (as it boiled down, over control issues. Hence ridiculous behaviors were substuted for a devotion to discipleship).

    The kinds of fragmented histories revealed over time, regarding the existence of such fellowships of supposed Holy Spirit emphasis and so-called Holy Spirit gifting practices often displayed actions which created an awe of ministry and a we/they dichotomy as to participants identity in Christ practices carrying over and above orientation in Christ.

    This legacy is was asserted of many of the named as gifted movement’s former so classified “shepherds” of “sheep” seen as their own discipled adherents, instead of Christ’s as made so by time spent with His teaching in His word. I confess not only caution, but for my own family forbid what has occurred in error of religious practice occurring for our own devotion. Shall we gather with Christ, or further confuse the equation of accountability in the name of adherence to religious practices? This remains a lingering question of my life and heart which leads to caution.

    Recent books of the horror stories told and teaching past emphasized tell of the paramount employment of the power of human suggestiblity, carefully crafted stagemanship, demagoguery, ego maintenance for those operating from pulpits through the submission of others, misuse of funds, sexual politics, bad modeling and hypocrisy, and most often sloppy or nonexistent agape. An emphasis on Holy Spirit gifts instead of the gift giver, missing the common ground service of the more excellent way and the cross, ongoing ministry superiority posturing, and, frankly, not understanding that God’s power is most often demonstrated in everyday faith more than supernatural incidents, persuade this heart to seek scripture alone and God in my prayer closet for my family’s permissions on the working of Holy Spirit. What the Lord stated about those who seek signs and wonders also comes into my own confession over my closed hands of response to this offer. What will we emphasize if permission is granted by council, repentance, prayer, petition and a visitation of the Spirit’s renewal of those who call on His Name in this great land?

  2. Jabez, thanks, first, for your very kind words in many other threads. You are gracious indeed. As for your post — that’s a large reason I did my teaching on the subject. It’s to help ground believers in the fundamentals of walking with God and give them principles by which they can learn to recognize God’s leading. Just FYI!

  3. Sometimes hearing from God is as easy as watching what he does.

    On the day of Pentecost in Acts 2 for example, God poured out his Spirit and they spoke in tongues.

    I wonder what God could be saying by all of this, that he is with those who believe in Jesus, that he has given us wonderful promises in Christ, through him and by himself, and that he will show himself faithful to those who commune with him in sincerety and truth? Therefore shouldn’t we have confidence in God who has saved us and will continue to do so?

    The jist of what Pentecost is all about and what happened there on that day in Acts 2 is enough to write a book about isn’t it?

    God spoke in a wonderful way on that particular day.

  4. I believe there will be a time when every tongue will remain quiet since God has made a time for everything. Yet it seems to me that tongues will continue.

  5. Here is what is proposed. By your acknowledged graciousness of support of any individual ministry effort, we must not only set the plow ahead in a direction of agreement for sowing with the Kingdom of God in Christ–as to the Bride making herself ready for the Bridegroom, and for an essential and necessary redemption for the present lost Generation–but yield to the prerogatives of grace and truth, being regenerated from above, and NT Biblical foundations as were established in the New and Living Way of our Kinsman-redeemer.

    This proposal is not predicated on getting power to be His lightbulbs, but as to each so named New Covenant foundation factor for a presently solicited visitation of the Spirit of Christ tempering the other to balance the related effort ahead for His People. In doing so, being careful to avoid a premature triumphalism, or primarily a self perpetuated personal history understanding of how Jesus may redirect our waylaid Nation, of any past regard of or delight in the uniqueness of the supernatural as viewed and demonstrated as such as alone as primary to establishing a Call to North America for repentance, petition, and prayer.

    Any named prerogative alone will not primarily carry and build the whole construct Paul declared as the Lord’s present on planet body of analogy to Risen Christ. Before He was sent into the world, God made a Plan (before the world was even made), where future effort for human redemption would not be based on any partial comprehension of the whole council of God, but of a whole Purpose purposed to which we bend our knees to the potential of our fellowship being formed indeed of the foundational work of Jesus the Christ.

    It is so described functionally, relationally, and developmentally in the N.T. in terms of discipleship. The model is not that we all become as powerful and uniquely significant as our Lord, one by one, but all gather and work as One to gather unto HIM. This is not a show and tell entertainment model, or a seductress as an available bride model for a Las Vegas quicky wedding, but a take the time to get affairs in order, anticipate, plan, step by step contend, sweat, employ compassion and be crucified on the altar model as is established along with Him—as is described in Romans 12-15.

    This passage is unique for it tells us as believers, with the principles in practice of the Sermon on the Mount as those reflected of the passage, how to bear with the faith of those weak in regard to establishing the things of God in Christ. It is our present day renewal model for the coming North American revival—this has been confirmed in prayer.

    Blueprints are found in the NT, to be of present consideration for the presenting problem of our Nation’s house gone awry, and can be pursued as such by the example for all builders of any sound house, step by step: where the detailed costs, resources, collaboration of council of those so engaged, for orchestrations of the effort, and schedule must be accounted for in advance of the commitment. Yes we need the building loan of the Holy Spirit to make it so, no, the building loan does not constitute His house establishment immediately en total. Even if the effort of renewal in North America swells suddenly by a movement of the Spirit (as I, and you, Michael Brown believe)—as with the popular swell home formation by antlike workers scurrying of the Extreme Makeover Home Edition television program—preferences of methods, and contingency notions too must be adjusted one for another regarding any expectations regarding the renewal/revival presently needed in North America.

    Knowing human insistences and loyalties as forces in play, a Council of Intention is now called for.
    I have soberly now mentioned the fruit which blindsided the Charismatic movement as it rolled along in its own self absorption, and pulled its audiences and declared sheep into this venue or that one. Fragmentation, isolation, abuse, woundedness, ridiculous behavior, immaturity, and moral failure were the final reports as often as not of these localized efforts as have been sadly recorded and summarized in my earlier post here. Other analysts and participants of the faith’s religious preoccupations have accurately assessed its misdirection, demagoguery, confusion, and poor outcomes—and, we must acknowledge, the overall results were not attractive nor adequately coordinated.

    They did not maintain the integrity or New and Living Way of our Master. There are exceptions, but the bandwagons put up and ridden on did not deliver the Master builder’s purpose and agape’ Way for the majority of participants. What occurred is described in my earlier post, and this is too a gracious depiction of the chaotic road those wagons followed. David Wilkerson has announced some of its worst moments and models as he identified these to be on You Tube. This word does not fall to the ground, and he described the future body working in intention and purpose for the King’s return.

    It began in joy, and ended in sorrow, or delusion for some, and shipwreck for others. We cannot simply declare a new goal based on a solicitation with an alike beginning point for wagon power predicated by Pentecostal supernatural preoccupation alone, or no lessons will be gained from those years for a making a better and different Way pursuit. You and I invested in those years, in some assumptions, behaviors, and manner established of that movement’s way, and in the spirit of the endeavor moved with its flow. We cannot now declare ourselves the new managers of the coming visitation of the Holy Spirit to His People with this movement’s fruit soberly in focus.

    I have acknowledged your appointment as a Prophet of God in the past, and the related sacrifices and joy involved, and do so now, with the conviction that now we must look to the King for direct consultation for this betrothal preparation of present pursuit. We must consult with the Bridegroom to unite the Bride at some future point with Him as to accompishing a coordinated wedding. This is not an elopement, it has been planned since before the earth and its people were made.

    Of the seven fold Spirit of God of Isaiah and the Revelation, Council is listed with Power for its attribute description of ebb and flow, as such. A pursuit of power without council has never edified the body over any of its seasons of endeavor on earth—whether it be politically and militarily, as with the Crusades, or religiously and organizationally, as with past Roman and other Church history flesly excess, or supernaturally and demonstrably, as with some Pentecostal and Charismatic movements have shown. A present Call to His People, for renewal of His Kingdom and Bride preparations locally and globally, must assert necessary Council to take the steps needed ahead in concert as working with His power.

    One cadre or encampment of the whole people of God will not wash their garments adequately in the provisions of the New Covenant by employing one attribute of the Seven fold Spirit of God as the foundation placed in motion alone. Especially this is so where we had this attribute in motion and could not handle it properly in its seven fold Way.

    Over time spent for some years listening, I propose this Rosh Hashanah immediately calling a North American Renewal Council, to declare a 2011-12 Yom Kippur prayer, petition, and repentance effort of joint humility and passion.

    The time is short, and so the notice as well. Listening for the confirmation, it has come. The means exists by internet communication for conjoint Council preparation, and the vision is declared to be from this listening at hand. The Religion’s Priests and Politicians must humble themselves and co-join the effort to declare a fast, and a season of prayer for repentance and renewal for this Generation. The verse for such a conjoined process for the effort of prayer and petition is of Nehm. 3:20. The time is short. We have not prior seen what God will do, and
    must not assume that our understanding along will grant adequate unity or instruction for the declared season of prayer.

    In setting the plow to be taken up as being set in placement immediately ahead in vision and as to purpose, we have to glance back to ensure each row remains aligned with the step by step balanced plowman path which ensures straight and side by side rows for a bountiful and efficient harvest. And we must depend upon our Father for His latter rain, and Sonshine to grow the harvest. The Asbury Renewal of 1970 is a case in point of such a process establishment succeeding in affecting a Generation starting in a declared by Council organizational process of scheduled petition of God in Christ. During their prayer and petition process God declared, I will come on such and such a date, and He did on acknowledging the heart and unity of His petitioners.

    This season on the earth is not limited to past locus geographical limits start points for this revival of Council or that one to emerge revival, as such, for the means of communication and connection now exists for a wider Council of intention, language, purpose and agreement in our Land to covenant to agree to the pursuit. It has been confimed in prayer that that pursuit is timely for Yom Kippur 2011, with international consequences into 2012.

    I hereby propose calling immediately such a leadership Council as conducted beginning Rosh Hashanah 2011, to purpose a fast and petition starting on Yom Kippur into early 2012. The Father has revealed a timeline for our joint participation and communion with renewal of purpose. He has underscored the Atonement foundation of His Messiah. He has heard the prayers of His saints, and, coming together as His People, He will honor them initially for our continent’s renewal.

    It will not be church as usual, no matter what background we claim, or of our loyalties, and it will not stop here. I so now propose and request this Council for Rosh Hashanah 2011 for those of Messianic persuasion (all believers in Jesus) as point folk for the cited action Call. I know it is risky to gather and associate with others not quite on the same page of every assumption and belief, but it is certain we can purpose a purpose for this declared action for His People.

  6. A question for the ‘Line of Fire”? Do we want Revival for this Generation, or do we want to conduct interactive radio and recognized publishing efforts by schedule regarding Revival for this Generation? Is it polite or of related jurisprudence for stepping on ahead to not respond to such a Proposal? Are we so used to analysis and rhetoric that a Call to actualize what is assessed is to be ignored?

  7. I enjoyed this broadcast, and the one on Israel and Palestine.

    I’m mystified as to what ‘Proposal’ is being referred to here in the posts. Dr B, I love and appreciate your programmes, and the eclectic mix of topics each week.

    I can’t wait to download the latest ones on suffering etc.

  8. The present day climate of faith, or its lack, is nuanced by degrees from “total surrender”–being a notion of faith happening all at once regarding conversion, obedience, and complete allegiance of the soul (often used as such from stages to manipulate audiences through reference to a notable lack of such a state in us)–to a remarked humanistic indulgence and indifference where, according to Asher Intrater, “The Western, liberal, humanist, secular dream is for a utopia of equality, free rights, sexual freedom, moral relativism, new-age spirituality, with no “God” but ourselves. This view was expressed in John Lennon’s song, “Imagine.” This view will grow into a united, one-world movement, as expressed in Michael Jackson’s song, “We are the World.” There are various world views for self pursuit between these. We learned recently in Norway this last view, according to its government, will prevail over the horror of one man’s lone murderous intention to change his own limited worldview. In North America it seems expressed in consumer and relative ‘rights’ protections, since multiculturalism expression and most forms of sexuality have come under federal protection law, as usurping any understanding of need for fear of God in Christ.

    If we ‘examine ourselves, to see if we are in the faith’, likely we are a mixture between bending our knees to Jesus as Lord, and wanting what we want when we want it–in a society which caters to human comforters, materialism, self agendas, and money matters. For believers this can be the case achieved in subtle ways, through shopping, getting on the latest fashion trend, opinioning-gossiping, building one’s portfolio, having the latest technology, going for this pet interest, or that one.

    In fact, with the great variety of religious expressions in His Name in the USA, and more being invented as I write, one wonders if this will uphold Jesus’ concern, “…and when I return, will I find faith on the earth?”

    It is interesting to me to write a proposal for response, finding here one honest response thereafter—which seemed to request its clarification. Ignore, move to the next date, respond to the culture as the culture organizes its own expressions, write this interpretation of end time scripture, or that one, or pigeonhole any possibility of address by a lack of response altogether. But, stopping to see if the roses give scent, and are not plastic, that is rare these days.

    There exists today, as many have identified, a need for a renewal of faith to touch and begin to change the depths of the human heart. It came out for a few months after the 9-11 attack in the USA, people speaking of God, of faith, of violation of human decency and life. Trauma and disaster got sudden attention, a good part of a year’s relfections, then it was back to business as usual.

    In addition to the cares of this world, and riches, Jesus identified dissipation–or scattering of one’s loyalties and energies all over the map of possibility–as realities which rob one of the Kingdom of God. I wonder, with all the articles, books, videos, religion, and commentary generated in our time in His Name, with accompanying marketing campaigns and self identity so related, if gathering to the Purpose Purposed of preparing the Bride for His Return is really in focus in believers hearts and minds at all, or, if behavior and heart to keep on as one has–if religious in religious pursuits in His Name, if secular in business as usual–will prevail as our legacy? What would it take, to achieve the Call to effort and unity to make this happen? Events more riveting than 9-11? More birth pains of the Kingdom of God?

  9. A CALL to consecration, repentance, prayer,fasting, and renewal for North America is hereby made. Instead of attempting revival from one location by a physical-literal jet set gathering somewhere–to hear this speaker or that one–the call is given for PLACEMENT as ONE. On the 28th of this month, a CALL for local council, wherever one gathers, or does not, is made to form a Plan to fast, pray, repent, and seek a vistiation of the Spirit of Christ to His People who call upon his Name for preparation of the Bride for the Bridegroom.

    The Call for Council of agreement as ONE is given to Plan to assemble, or in prayer closets, meet all over North America to seek the Lord, Repent, Pray, fast, and request that the Spirit of God in Christ revisit our continent. This is the CAll to Council, to Plan to assemble for such prayer beginning with Yom Kippur–on the Day of Atonement of our Lord–acknowledging us in Him as ONE, seeking his face in humility nations wide. This is not a call one by one to become each a powerful Jesuslike human being, but a call to assemble and set an intention of heart to seek and repent as ONE BODY NATIONWIDE of HIS PEOPLE for humbling ourselves of need of HIM.

    The Asbury model of 1970 called a campus wide Council which resulted in locally planned prayer shared by students and staff. AFter scheduled and planned prayer, asking the Lord to visit and renew His People who call upon His Name, a voice was heard in one meeting, I will come on such and such a time. Look it up on You Tube, the President of that school, Asbury of Kentucky,summarizes it in vivid detail. No speaker or highlighted teacher had cause and effect; humility of those who had council to schedule to meet to repent, pray, and seek the Lord had a direct response from HIM.

    For a week the Spirit of Christ came, and all levels of staff, teachers, and students then gathered, as classes were canceled by the spontaneous happening of visitation. Confession, repentance, consecration, dedication, and a spirit of grace, peace, and reconciliation prevaled. Next those affected were spontaneously invited and sponsored to speak at churches throughout North America. A Council set the schecule for initial prayer, God was heard, and the Spirit came. There is no denying the sequence of events and hearts humbled that led to massive change in a generation of North Americans. This was not the only such visitation, but it is remarked as to how it cooperated with the Spirit of Council and Might, resulting in the clear visitation and consecration of Christ in us, the hope of glory.

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