The Question of a Palestinian State and End-Time Prophecy About the Nation of Israel

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Would forming a Palestinian state secure lasting peace for Israel with its neighbors? Can you understand end-time prophecy without understanding the place of the nation of Israel in the promises of God? Be sure to listen to the show today as Dr. Brown takes up these questions!

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Ultimately, God will fight for Israel and accomplish His purpose in the Middle East for all peoples involved, but it is incumbent on us, those who know the Lord, to pray, “Lord, Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, in Israel and the Middle East!”

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God is at work in the earth today. His hand is mightily working with the restoration of the Jewish people and the salvation of the nations. Let us lift our eyes in worship, because our God is in action!

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Has God Forsaken His People? Online Article by Dr. Brown:

Some things are non-negotiable. God’s covenant with Israel is one of them. How could He have made Himself more clear?

He gave His oath to Abram, and reiterated it six more times to Abraham, to his son Isaac and to his grandson Jacob. On one occasion, “When God made His promise to Abraham, since there was no one greater for Him to swear by, He swore by Himself” (Heb. 6:13).

Why did God speak so decisively? It was because He “wanted to make the unchanging nature of His purpose very clear to the heirs of what was promised, [so] He confirmed[…]

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As there is a temporary break in the hostilities in the Middle East, now is a good time to stop and ask: How should we pray for crises such as this? Should we pray for God to protect the Jewish people from terrorist attacks and for Israel’s military efforts to succeed, or should we pray that God will have mercy on everyone involved – Muslim and Jew alike – bringing a permanent end to all bloodshed? Should we pray for lasting peace to come to the region, or should we pray for the Lord’s […]

Why I Look Forward to the End article by Joel Richardson

As a Christian author, teacher and commentator whose message often revolves around “the end times,” I am frequently asked how I cope emotionally with such a constant drum beat of negativity. How can anyone stomach a steady diet of such non-stop gloom and doom without developing a nervous condition? […]

Israel and the “Peace Process” article by Joel Richardson

The Covenant with Death & the Treaty of Hudaibiyah

In war, one of the greatest mistakes that one can make is to not know your enemy. Just recently, I was enjoying breakfast with one of my daughters at a local Pancake House managed by a family from Saudi Arabia. The owner and I are very friendly and always strike up a conversation whenever I visit. The other day I asked him how many languages he spoke. I was surprised when he said that he is presently studying Hebrew. “Hebrew, really? Why are you learning Hebrew?” I asked. At this point, he leaned over to me and lowered his voice. Scanning the room before he spoke, he whispered to me, “You know… always know your enemy.“ I didn’t push my friend as to why a Saudi immigrant in the Midwest of the United States would feel as though Jews or Israelis were his enemies, but it made for an enlightening episode into my Muslim host’s mindset. […]

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  1. This is the question I addressed in the second hour of the show and posted for discussion on our Facebook page: “Can we demonstrate from Scripture that Israel today is a fulfillment of biblical prophecy and that there will NOT be another Jewish exile and return?”

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