How to Be Led by The Spirit

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How can we hear the voice of the Lord? What are keys to being led by the Spirit? Be sure to listen to this show today for some practical encouragement on how to deepen your walk with the Lord!

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We serve a Living God, and we have a living relationship with a living God. He will lead us and guide us into all truth, and cause us to bear much fruit with Him as we cultivate that living relationship with God, our great and good shepherd.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The Word is true when it tells us, “As many as are led by the Spirit, they are the children of God.” Being led by the Spirit is who we are. God is leading us into truth, to say “no” to the flesh and “yes” to Him, and to conform to the character of Jesus. He is leading us specifically, directly, for His purposes.

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How to Be Led By The Spirit! [mp3 series]

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  1. Hmm, Interesting topic for today. Especially seeing the fact that the Lord spoke to me this morning in my spirit. (Not in a audible voice)

    The Lord said He is going to send a guardian in my life. One who is a seer. Very, very interesting. From experience whenever the Lord said He will send someone in my life it usually comes to past within 6-12 months. But it could be lesser or longer, you never know.
    I am very much looking forward to this.

    Good topic today Dr Brown. Very, very good.

  2. How God has spoken to me:
    -A scripture verse came to mind while I walked, thought, worshipped, and prayed to God.
    -Visions which have been short and informative.
    -Downloading into my spirit, Impressions that are true, godly, sure, evident things, things you know that are true that come to you in a clearer light, God making the connections for you like an informational puzzel piece that connected with something you already heard of or knew something about, by the Word being what the word says about a situation, like the wind that blows that can tell us something without speech, as Jesus talked to Nicodeemus about in John 3.
    -Can seem audible at times, as if just as audible as hearing a physical voice, but knowing it in the Spirit, can seem loud at times but without a physical sound.
    -In few words.
    – By what comes out of my mouth. (Good to hear what you say as God may be speaking to you. Consider who you talk to. Does a man speak to himself? I suppose so, yet it isn’t always only so.

    I find it interesting how Dr. Brown talked about how sometimes he will hear himself speak about something….Is it God or us? If a man has an ear for the word of God and God is speaking something through us, then I suppose we will hear.

    Will it not be like a blending at times, a mixing, an amalgamation, melding, like a welding at times?

    Sometimes all we have to do to hear something from God is to worship, as God inhabits the praises of his people. (verse? I looked for it but didn’t find it. I know it’s there somewhere. Psalms?)

  3. Ha! I just opened my Bible to read something. It fell open to Psalm 22, where it says that God inhabits the praises of his people. (Israel)

    Sometimes God speaks to me that way also. I just open up my Bible, and it comes to light.

    In God we live and move and have our being. (Acts)

    But God will do whatever God will do. It isn’t always that I will open my Bible and things turn up that way, though there is always light, and there’s always something good to be found and to thank God for, something on every page.

  4. Good post Ray.

    Another way the Lord speaks to me is this. I’ll be reading a chapter in the bible. Then all of a sudden a scripture will just stand out or be high lighted in my brain.

    The other day I was in the book of John 6.

    This scripture stood out to me…

    John 6:68
    But Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.

    I love it!!! 🙂

  5. Sometimes I will look on a page of scripture and there is only one thing on it that gets my attention and sometimes it seems to jump out at me.

    That must be the Lord quickening me by his spirit.

    So many times I have seen something as if I had never read it before. It seemed to be so new to me.

    The Lord knows how to get our attention.

    He speaks to us through other people in the Body.

  6. It seems that a lot of times we are led by the Spirit of God and don’t even know it, because as Jesus said, it’s like the wind that blows and we don’t know where it comes from, nor where it is going. (John 3)

    Because of the Spirit we don’t know where we go.
    We simply move and are led. Speaking in tongues is like that. Our witnessing is often like that.
    Though we have some idea at first where we are going, we often find ourselves in a place we had no idea of.

  7. The Spirit honors Jesus. The Spirit honors the word. The Spirit honors God. God gives us his spirit to worship him with.

  8. Dr. Brown,
    This has driven me back to the Scripture (TNK), and RESTORED MY FAITH IN THE WORD as a legitimate source of strength/speaking-for-God’s-Voice… I feel VERY strengthened, and daily, I am seeing things change, sometimes dramatically… amazing!…

    I could read Scriptures before, but without that kind of FAITH in my heart towards the Scriptures as a viable Voice of God, it wasn’t CONSISTENTLY a blessing to me…
    I truly desire to place my faith IN GOD by the Grace and POWER of the Spirit! 🙂

    I also thank you for praying for me.

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