Dr. Brown Reports on the God Has a Better Way Rally and Local Media Coverage

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Tune in today to hear about the rally and march coinciding with Charlotte’s gay pride event this past weekend!

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: When a gay pride event comes to your city, and says, “We are out and proud of our homosexuality, bisexuality, and transgenderism, we are not ashamed,” isn’t it right that God’s people come out and say, “We are not ashamed of Jesus!”

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God Has a Better Way March: August 27th in Charlotte, NC

This rally is a Spirit-birthed response to Charlotte’s annual gay pride event. Believers from all over Charlotte will be gathering to worship the Lord, intercede in prayer, and proclaim that “God Has a Better Way”! Nothing like this has ever been done in conjunction with a gay pride event in any city before, and those who join together on this day will be part of history in the making.

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God Has a Better Way Night Concert: August 27th in Charlotte, NC

Jackie Hill is a P4CM Poet, and Timothy Brindle is a Lampmode MC. The concert begins at 7pm on August 27th in Charlotte NC at Marshall Park. For more information on God Has a Better Way, visit www.godhasabetterway.com.

  1. Hey folks,

    Here’s a very warped perspective of what actually happened at the Pride Charlotte rally on Saturday. It was posted on the Charlotte Observer website, and it speaks for itself.

    She wrote:

    “I flew in from Nevada specifically to counter the message of hatred spewed at the LBBTQ community of Charlotte. ‘God Has a Better Way’ people have and intention to export this program and action to other cities and it needs to STOP in Charlotte. I am a straight Evangelical Christian and part of ‘the str8apology’ action. the street preachers did damage, the GHABW group were ineffective, bolstered their OWN sense of worth of showing love and I did not see ONE POSITIVE action from any of them. Gawking and invading in Jesus name does not equal love. They say they were there to pray and give love–did not see much if any interaction with glbt people. I listened to Brown’s show today and he lied about numbers 200 v 400. I was there at the start and speech. Lied about water handed out even–THOUSANDS–well maybe 1200 max. Lied about seeing pain–did not see that , sorry. Lied about the loving presence they were –I saw invasion. GHABW was for the GHABW people to make them THINK they are doing something good. Sit down with a GLBT person and LISTEN and you may approach doing something ‘good’. Stop GHABW in Charlotte. Start a “str8apology” action instead.”

    So there you have it, friend. For all of you who joined us and had meaningful, in-depth conversations, Kathy says you were simply ineffective. For those who showed love and reached out, you didn’t perform ONE POSITIVE action. And for those who were among the roughly 400 present (and remember we sent out more than 50 evangelists ahead of the red-shirts), there were only 200. As for all of us who gave out whole palettes of water bottles — no, we actually didn’t give out that many. And all the pain you saw and witnessed — and even heard confessed to you — it doesn’t exist! And why were you there? Why did you fast and pray for weeks? Kathy has the answer: It was to make you feel good!

    We can only pity this warped perspective (and notice all the judgments it makes — in the name of love, at that) and pray for Kathy. I appreciate her zeal, but it is terribly misguided. (Lamentations 2:14 comes to mind.)

  2. Sorry. I failed to note this was Kathy Baldock who posted this comment. She also launched a petition to try to stop our event. (Yes, she is zealous!) Originally, the goal was 5,000 signatures, then they dropped it to 2,000 signatures, and they ended up with something like 289.

  3. Dr Brown,

    I couldn’t be there since I live far away, but it’s great to hear that you did this event. I hope you can do it again. Kathy’s article, of course, is unfortunate but expected whenever christians stand up to represent this issue honestly.

    Recently, I became frustrated after hearing that Willow Creek Community Church in the Chicago area had ended any kind of recovery ministry for those in their church struggling with same-sex attraction. They had actually ended it in 2009, but it wasn’t made known until recent months. Instead, their position is now that they say change/overcoming homosexuality is “impossible.” While they maintain the view that homosexuality is wrong, WCCC endorses celibacy-only instead and seeks to offer a safe place (their church community) in which to be celebate. In my opinion, this is equally worse as affirming homosexuality. By saying change is impossible and pushing celibacy as the answer to same-sex attraction, this church offers fractured belief in what God is able to do. People who come to them for help will be told that individuals will have to settle for bondage. Here is a link from Exodus International which mentions what I’m talking about.


    Dr Brown, I don’t know if it’s a possibility to take this God Has A Better Way rally on the road to other cities — including Chicago. I love God’s truth and His answer of salvation and freedom for the homosexual. Thank-you for using your ministry to make His truth and freedom known. God bless you!

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