What Is the Canadian Moral/Spiritual Climate? And Capital Punishment and Guns

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Dr. Brown interviews John-Henry Westen of LifeSiteNews about spiritual and moral issues in Canada; then a discussion of capital punishment and access to guns in light of the Norway massacre.

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It is a time for courage and introspection, to look at our own hearts and lives to make sure that we are clean and honoring the Lord. Then it is a time to put down fear of reputation and well-being, and instead to fear the Lord and to stand up for what is right.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: As we look again at the massacre in Norway, we must recognize the uniqueness, beauty, and dignity of every human life; human beings alone are created in the image of God, and we must get God’s heart for the importance of every human life being in harmony with Him, not being destroyed or taken out before their time, and coming to know and glorify Him. That’s why we were made.

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  1. I ordered a book once from a ministry in Canada and by that got on a web site of theirs.

    Somehow by something said about David and Johnathan which I thought to be a bit odd, I probed a bit further.

    I felt I was being corrupted, that there was an attempt to pervert me, and that by a minister I thought was an ordained minisiter of God!

    Later on, I began to realize the worldly government was behind it all, but at first I had no idea.

  2. i live in Canada – it is heartbreaking to see the once moral and “good” city of Toronto turn into a gay capital of the world. How did this happen? Good people’s apathy. It was good however to see the current mayor refuse to go to the “Gay Parade” but even though he did not comment at all about his views on homosexuality he was called everything under the sun but thank God he refused to bow down to the pressure. Please please pray for us.

  3. One thing to note concerning Dukes, ahem, animated appeal to public executions. He spoke of the country being overrun with murders. However, as data from the FBI shows, homicide rates are at their lowest since the 1960s (it was at its highest in 1980).

    Now, I’m not saying that the world is becoming a fantastic place, but no need to lambast education and social changes concerning capital punishment.

    Sadly, I cannot claim to be an stupid, feminized Ivy Educated person…but I do have an MA in Political Science for what it’s worth 🙂

    “Don’t ask why the old days were better than now, because that is a foolish question.” — Ezek. 7:10

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