Thoughts on Evangelism and Persecution; and Should We Expect Increasing Persecution Here in America?

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Simply telling someone about Jesus as Messiah brings persecution and even death in many countries around the world. What is it about sharing the gospel that brings on persecution? Are we approaching a time where greater persecution will be tolerated in America?

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We can expect increasing hostility toward the gospel, misunderstanding, and bona fide persecution. Therefore, let us be faithful with little so that we can be trusted to be faithful with much. Let us be bold, unashamed witnesses of the gospel. In fact, we have nothing of which to be ashamed!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There are consequences to following Jesus. The world will hate us the way it hated Him. But rather than worrying about what would happen if someone puts a gun to our head and threatens to kill us unless we deny Jesus, instead let us be faithful witnesses today, letting our light shine in darkness, becoming like Jesus by the grace and power of the Spirit!

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  1. I believe that persecution is coming and in some minor way has already come (harassment is also persecution according to Merriam-Webster, but definitely not in the category of being killed for the name of Christ)

    It is a shame that secular people have lost any faith in the Christian message due to the poor examples of those who claim the name of Christ. If you talk about holy living, the abuses of Christendom is brought up – and there’s no point trying to say these were not “true” Christians. They will say those who do evil in the name of Islam are not Muslim either, no matter what their religious book says.

    So I believe persecution is coming, part of it is our own fault, I am sorry to say. But I believe it will be like a refining fire. I am currently reading an edited version of the Foxes Book of Martyrs – and I cannot read it more than a few pages at a time, because it is gut-wrenching what these saints had to go through – but they did it joyfully!

    I attended a talk by the widow of Graham Staines once – you will remember that Graham Staines was a missionary to Orissa, India who, with his 2 sons were burnt alive by a frenzied mob. His widow, with considerable courage was able to retell the incident, ended by adding that the locals later reported to her that after this cruel act was done, the fleeing villagers turned back to see in the night sky an “electric blue light” engulf the area – and the dear lady said she took comfort in thinking that it was the Angels of God who took her dying husband and her 2 children to heaven.

    Like Dr. Brown said, I don’t ask for persecution against Christians to come to this country, but I feel it is inevitable. We must still be harmless as doves – and not repay evil with evil. O God give us strength.

  2. I believe the reason christians are not persecuted is they do not follow the God of the entire bible. You, Dr Brown, are nice guy. You do not use biblical language when you talk about LGBT people. But let’s face it most christian right do. There are powers in this country that would silence the church in a second if christians spoke to these powers. We spend hundreds of billions of dollars or more in advertising. I don’t know if that includes the money spent on psychologists, including child psychologists to get people to buy things. Why do we try, very poorly, to fight for “family friendly” TV shows and say nothing about predatory advertisers trying to get you kids to nag thier parents. Cigarette companies hiring scientists to get nicotine into your system as hard and fast. And are many others I could cite. Not a peep from christians. And a peep would not be enough. If christian went out to save others to “fight” and really change millions of peoples minds on the true predators, power, money. How many people are caught up in the gay lifestyle, as opposed to hoe many people are caught up in a dog eat dog consumerist, debt laden lifestyle. The true powers don’t care about christians, that’s why we get gay marriage. They love the fact that we care more about these non issues to them. You’ve heard the stories, we get one cigarette company scientist with a conscience and loses job and family. Image a revival were millions get a Jesus conscience and go against big predatory mammon and watch the sparks fly. But we are just as caught up. If you, Dr Brown, because of who you are in the christian community, did your great research and wrote a book about how gun companies advertise underground to crimminals, then not only would you great persecuted from big money, many “christians” who disown you. You know, christians say, we should not hand around people who may be a strong negative influence on us, not that we will go to hell for doing so, but we won’t live our full potential as followers of Jesus. But Jesus also said that is was close to impossible for a rich man to get to heaven. He did not say, this kind of rich man, or that kind of rich, just rich man. Again, if anyone ever mentions this we get a disclaimer like, well that doesn’t mean if your rich it’s a sin, and the like. We have been duped. Thank you for your sense of calm and loving attitude towards those you disagree with.

  3. Wow, I hit send without proof reading my comment. Sorry about the horrible post. I’ll try to do better next time.

  4. I think The majority of the persecution has ended (for the time being) in America ,because this is the one country known for freedom of Religion. Most of the persecutions for America are past tense. If however in the near future we give our sovereignty over or get conquered then yes I believe America will be right back to where it first started out. Remember that most of the persecutions in early America were from Christians slaughtering anyone who didn’t oblige …who knows how long we have .
    If we are truly in the time where the Anti- Christ is about to rule full force ,then according to the Book of Revelation we will be slaughtered. If America keeps up like She’s going, I foresee it happening in the next few generations because all the previous Empire’s followed the same path we’re on and they all collapsed from bankruptcy and corruption ,It’s inevitable .Guess It’s just a matter of time now.

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