Indoctrination in the Schools: What Should You Do?

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What should parents do when the public schools are indoctrinating their kids against the parents wishes? What’s at stake and what are the consequences? In light of the passage of SB 48 in California, mandating the celebration of homosexual history in the schools, this is a question on more and more people’s minds.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Children are an inheritance from the Lord, and have been entrusted to us, and we as parents are obligated to teach them and train them in the way they should go, laying solid foundations in their lives from the moment they’re born. That means if the school system is violating your convictions, either get involved, or get your kids out.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: As parents, we are called by God to pour into our kids; it is the most important mission field we have. Let’s not save the world and lose our family; let’s not do great exploits for God “out there,” and forget where we live and those most intimately entrusted to us: our kids.

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  1. I believe it’s evident that government is bullying parents and sexually harassing (abusing)
    public school students by the indoctrination of their immoral ways.

    This has to stop. If just one public school student should later in life become sexually active in a way that is clearly contrary to what’s not only considered right by the standards of the Bible, but also according to that which is according to the parent’s wishes, shouldn’t those parents be able to sue the public school system, if it turns out that the student was indeed encouraged to go in a way that was not good?

    What price would one put on a son or daughter’s future? And what if the future was one that could result in eternal damnation? What price should be put on that?

    The taxpayer’s don’t have that kind of money, and money is only one aspect of the foolishness that’s going around.

    I think the people do have a legitimate case against the misguided judges of the land as well as the misdirrected lawmakers and many of the educators themselves.

    What a ruination! And it didn’t have to happen.

    It’s time to speak up isn’t it?

    With a “fix” like that…what would be an example of “tampering” or molestation…I suppose encouraging public school children to read their Bibles together and pray after regular class hours in some school room by permission of their parents?

    I think it’s time for parents to go by two’s or at the most by three, and talk to either the teacher or the principal, or the school board, or whoever is at the cause of this problem and tell them that they do not have permission to teach their child anything contrary to the teachings of the Bible.

    If I was a parent, I would want to see such a teacher and take my child with and tell the teacher to their face as my child watches on, that they do not have my permission to teach this child anything contrary to the teachings of the Bible, and then hope that there is another teacher who is known for doing good and also take the child over to that one, thank him for the work they do, and tell the child to listen to this teacher and honor this one…etc, and hope the other teacher is watching it all.

    And if a teacher is being pressured to teach things they know they ought not to teach, tell the teacher that you would be willing to plead their case to their authority and ask for mercy whenever it is due on their behalf, because you love to liberate the captives, in Jesus’ name.

    And hopefully a man could let them know that you have a pastor and an entire church community that is behind you, supporting you, praying for you, and may even show up if necessary to straighten out this whole ugly thing.

    Hopefully, that pastor is connected with other pastors and other churches in the community.

    I remember the day when the pastors of a community could go to the public school system and ask that the 5th and 6th graders be released from school an hour early during a particular weekday for religious instruction, and the parents supported the pastors, and the school system could in no way deny what they wanted.

    That’s how it was done when I was young.

  2. When our President moved to legitimatize the H.Sxl agenda, it arose in assumption and proclamation as being about “civil rights” as a freedom movement taking on oppression, bigotry, and the like. It associated other natural rights movements with its unnatural standards. The Commander in Chief as beome the lawmaker’s warlord was positioned high over the place of any other caveats, or perspectives on H. Sxl behavior, on its lifestyle patterns, societal impact, worldview, fallout, side-effects, and mindset. Ignoring what is written, as was first declared from above earth in framing its creation, challenging the social status quo was simply placed to outmaneuver God in effect. This occurred early in the century by legally empowering the liberal best armchair equal rights intentions “advancing” on what was assumed as being an obvious and academic reality stemming of the house of cards being constructed and declared an invincible Castle. All sexuality is designer by design equal sexuality goes the buzz on its carefully orchestrated construction management and architecture.

    This was one among many relative creature over creator social engineering idealizations upheld for decades by the luxury of secular university education and professorial thinking, as is severed from the moral compass and plumb line of a daily work ethic once related to physical as well as mental work. First idealized in private imagination, in bars and bedrooms, then in college clubs, on streets, and in meetings, the agenda moved toward public orthoepy and orthodoxy from tax supported post secondary school campuses throughout our land.

    From the then academic distance and academic thought protected environment it was no great step to place this view front and center into the real world through its already erected avenues of pursuit. We have created, funded, valued, and permitted an entire “higher education” system without caring hearts seated with Jesus in His Father’s mystery heaven in establishing its worldly foundations. In doing so we have sown with the wind, and now will and do experience reaping with the whirlwind. Judgment has come too from the framer’s verity, as inflicted as a sore engorged as being approached through misappropriation of “truth” from the blind spots just behind well transported determined paths discovered as blacktopped for our advancing self lives.

    Champion equal rights for all in all areas of life and lifestyle and soon we will be unlocking prisons for many, not just the few which post crime phase DNA case by case studies have scientifically found innocent. Science has had little to do with homosexual agenda acceptance. Positioning the agenda’s spin on social prejudice has.

    “Feelings”, “equality”, “civil rights”, “equal opportunity”, “implied reporting”, the sexual revolution, unisex, and so on have become the bywords of the movement. The vote now finding an alike mind in the case of the state of the voting population in California sets in law the capacity to commit all our futures to the possibility of California continental shelf fault line drift, drifting away indeed from what holds true the entire continent’s heartland.

  3. Differing strategies:

    1. Accept that battle is lost, leave your state and move to a more Christian state. or…
    2. Go to where the fight is at, get as many Christians as you can to go to the most godless stronghold in the land and relentlessly win as many battles as you can. Get networked and run petitions simultaneously nationwide, to let the elite and the powers that be know what the heart of America says. If the result of the petitions reveal that the majority of America is pro-Abortion, pro-sexual depravity, and you are raising children, then leave the country, until they’ve grown up, so they can learn morality in a moral land, then come back to claim the land when they’re adults and have a fully functional moral compass.

  4. “Government of the people, by the people, for the people” was a good idea for a God fearing people.

    Looking around I would say that it worked out quite well actually.

    But what happens if government becomes of the wicked, by the wicked, and for the wicked?

    Strategy #2 above looks better to me unless one particular state well stands out above the rest.

  5. Let the fight be with sheepdogs and shepherds pitted against the snakes and wolves instead of sending the lambs to the dragons cave.

    Deuteronomy 6
    7 And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.

    Homeschooling is answer for our children. The answer for the public school…to be left desolate. It cannot be fixed.

    Jeremiah 5
    30 A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land;
    31 The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?


  6. “…instead of sending the lambs to the dragons cave.” (Bo)

    I couldn’t agree more. Some people think you should send your children as light into the public schools, but it’s not a fair fight. There are so many wicked teachers who get so much joy out of destroying children’s faith in God and biblical morality. Children need to have reached a level of development where their minds can see the flaws in the teachers’ arguments and are able to not be ashamed of God and his word. The best way to do that is surround your kids with other godly kids so they’re proud of standing for God, and know who they are, then instead of feeling ashamed in university, like they’re bigots and intolerant, they’ll feel insulted, how dare they, which is a healthy way of feeling emotionally, because you keep your morals that way.

  7. Mainstream living among the culture was the approach of friendship evangelism, prior to societial good being labeled as evil, and vice versa. As for David R.’s second option, where is the moral landscape to occupy, and raise the lambs? It must be on a household by household basis that countermeasures and discipleship is planted in young hearts and minds until the Lord establishes righteousness by the sudden occupancy of a future contended Jerusalem. We cannot ignore Daniel’s picture of that then creating a righteous Kingdom wave rocking the entire planet. For such conditions to exist, as are then radically affected, we must recognize that the world to which Jesus comes as King is one lost from such expectancy.

    Trimming lamps to retain the Holy Spirit for the long run, by not sharing the essentail oil, is a sobering picture for the People of Faith remaining and occupying. This says to me as a person of faith, and with children of impressionable age, the reality ahead is a household challenge, then a fellowship challenge, and lastly a cultural impact challenge.

  8. And that essential challenge is first addressed devotionally, then circumspectly in our own households, then in our faith communities (I think of the many functional servant treatises written on the Ecclesia, like ‘The Purpose Driven Life”, as an example), and, then in this world. It was so for Jesus when He Himself faced the deception temptations presented by his enemy, and it will be so for us.

    With the splintering of the notion of individual economic opportunity finally taking down the American Dream ideal, is it time for us to strategize at community levels, for community living planning? What are the challenges and the pitfalls of such community policy formation and action? What can we learn from the Moshavim and Kibbutz histories of Israel in such conceptualization? Is this an arena where a secular socialist basis for such a communal approach to moral-social problem solving can teach the people of faith how to go about
    forming new and past unheard of alliances and communities?

  9. If a parent sends his child to school these days, it seems to me that he should look him in the eye and take him by the shoulders and tell him that he is a part of the kingdom of heaven because he
    has heard about Jesus and has believed, and that he isn’t to be like the children of the world who don’t know God, that….

    And a parent should let them know that if ever there is anything about school that would cause them any distress of any kind, that the parent will be there for that child, to hear whatever it is, to plead their case against any injustice of any kind, and will ask for mercy on their behalf to any oppressor, no matter who it may be, in order that there be nothing that should trouble the child unjustly, and if a teacher ever teaches anything contrary to what Jesus is about, that the parent should like to hear it.

    Knowing that the parent will be there for the child against all forms of evil, to do justice and judgment, the child should therefore be on their best behaviour, for they know their parent will not be impartial, but will ask the child to repent of anything done wrong to another.

  10. Ray,

    A parent could do all that you say and peer pressure and the overarching weight to fit in with the educational system and not rock the boat, along with the child’s feet being held to the fire by intellectual indoctrination to cast off his parents authority and beliefs will undoubtedly adversely affect the child at least 80% of the time. Your proposal might have worked in most schools 50 years ago.

    I just took part in a couple of restorative justice conferences with some juvenile offenders. This was in a very small town with very good schools. Taking the children by the shoulders and looking them in the eye didn’t work for them. You might not have noticed, but in this day and age, pop culture and hedonism are looking the children in the eye and grabbing them by things more powerful than the shoulders through the TV, computer screen, and the social environment of the schools that are full of children that have been looked in the eye by grabbed…

    We may want to update our mind’s operating system to “open-r-eyes 2011” because “head-n-sand 1968” is quite outdated and our children are paying the price that we should be shouldering.

    Maybe our heavenly Father should look us in the eye and take us by the shoulders and tell us…oh He has many times and it hasn’t worked on us either. Now he calls at the end of this age, “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

    We see her plagues all around us and we think that we have been immunized. “It will never happen to my children.” we say as those very children walk around with earbuds plugging their ears from spiritual reality and tattoos creeping out of their skin tight pants…in church. And we think that we have come out of her…even though we have left our children in her clutches and we are frozen only a few feet from her door telling our children, “It will be alright…I’ll be right here for you.” And we can’t even see that our minds and morals have been numbed by her poison.

    And we take the infection back to our churches and our families and we all think that everything is going to be alright…


  11. Sorry about saying, “Shalom” at the end of that last post. I should have said, “Uwr!”…”Wake up!”

  12. Children in the schools should be taught about judgment, justice, and mercy, not about some kind of political, worldly view of what’s being called either tolerance or civil rights, which gets involved in matters of sexual behavior, or what some want to be accepted as acceptable sexual interests, attraction, or behavior.

    What I mean by judgment is deciding, the ability to come to opinions about things, the power of comparing and deciding, understanding and good sense.

    Isn’t that what Jesus had in mind when he talked about judgment, mercy, and faith, in Matt 23:23?

    If I may describe it this way, let’s suppose it’s the first day of the school year and the students and faculty are together in the auditorium.

    There’s a michrophone on a stand on the floor, and a man steps up to it and says something like,”Good morning. My name is _______. For those of you who don’t know me, I am the principal here at ______.

    This year I am calling upon each of the grades (Let’s assume this to be a high school) to choose out from among themselves 7 students who are of a good report.

    These 7 volunteers may be called upon by any student to hear any matter that is the cause of any present distress, if they have gone to that one first in private, or they have a sense that by doing so that either personal injury or property damage may occur.

    A student may go to anyone he wishes, but if he or she has no one they feel they may go to, such a student may go to any one of the 7, or any two of the 7, who will be willing to hear, not evil for the sake of evil, but to hear anything that may be the cause of any present distress, being willing to hear both sides of an issue, being willing to be impartial, being willing to be swift to hear and slow to speak, being willing to not be too quick to grab one by the collar, nor to be a partaker of another’s errors, faults, or bad decisions, but being willing to use discretion, be patient, kind, and willing to make the plea, “Please have mercy.” when an act of mercy would be appropriate.

    And how will they know what is right? They will be called upon to do the best they can.

    And what standard will they use? They may use the best one they have.

    They may use their dictionaries and look up words such as mercy, justice, fairness, equity, kindness, patience, and such words that they may find helpful to a just cause.

    What we hope for is reconciliation and to develop
    character this year as we walk through some things together. I hope this will be a part of building a brotherhood of righteousness, goodness, and other leadership qualities such as courage, kindness, faithfulness, etc.

    It is my hope that all students begin to feel that they are all an important part of the whole student body, and that the whole student body will have the same care one for another….”

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