Why We Need a Revolution

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Why can’t we just pursue God individually instead of trying to change things, and let the world be the world? Why do we really need a revolution? Revolution is a theme running through the Line of Fire: tune in today to find out why!

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Revolution means radical, dramatic, sweeping change: out with the old, in with the new. Revolution is what Jesus came to bring; the kingdom of God transforming this world until He returns and establishes His kingdom on the earth. Today, my friends, is the day of revolution!

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Friends, we have no choice. Revolution is not just another option. We must have revolution, or society collapses around us, and Jesus is dishonored. This is the day, this is the hour. Let’s take hold of God and rise up and be counted!

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The dawning of the 21st century finds the church of America in a moral and spiritual crisis. Decades of self-centered living and worldliness have taken their toll. Years of compromise and toothless gospel preaching have had their effect. And now we have reached the moment of truth: Either we wake up, stand up, speak up, and act up, or we run the risk of becoming a mere historic curiosity, an irrelevant religious sideshow, an entertaining, harmless spectacle. Something must change, and it must change now. There is no other choice.

Forty years ago, a counterculture revolution swept through America, […]

Revolution: The Call to Holy War: This book is not a call for the violent overthrow of the government, nor is it a call to take up arms, nor is it a call to political activism in and of itself. It is a call to something far more extreme, a call to live out the gospel…

It’s Time to Rock the Boat [MP3 series]: Our compromised message has produced a compromised generation of believers, and only a return to the New Testament gospel, preached in the power of the Spirit, can turn the tide. This course will open your eyes and set your hearts ablaze for Jesus!

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  1. 5 Hymenaeus – contending for the faith.

    Hello,I am only an unregenerate Gentile who studies Holy Scripture,but I have a comment.

    If British and American flocks are going to adorn the teaching of God the Savior (Titus 2:10) ,rather than bringing the way of truth into disrepute by their (sometimes subtle) materialistic and hedonistic filth/sameness (2 Peter 2 : 1-3),two problems need to be sorted out root ‘n’ branch – Cessationism,and OSAS. When Paul discovered serious errors among disciples,he was not afraid to risk their friendship and even become their enemy by telling them the truth (Galatians 4:16 – also see Proverbs 28:23).

    What did Peter and John say about the deficient situation in Samaria (Acts 8 ) ?
    Did they say ” That’s OK,I mean,we don’t want to risk causing disunity,for Jesus prayed for unity – no,we will just call them ‘Non-Charismatics’ and ‘Cessationists’ and leave them as they are.”
    (Is baptism in Holy Spirit an optional extra ? Is it worth contending for ? )
    Did they take that stance ? No,they went down there and got it sorted out.

    What did Paul say about Hymenaeus ?
    Did he say ” What Hymenaeus teaches is OK,I mean,I don’t want to risk causing disunity,for Jesus prayed for unity – no,I will just call his followers ‘Hymenaeuns’ and ‘Post-Resurrectionists’ and leave them as they are.”
    Did Paul take that stance ? No,Paul said such men are to be gently corrected,and,if necessary,to turn away from such.

    What would Paul say about the teaching of John Calvin (let alone his fruit) ?
    Would he say “What Calvin teaches is OK,I mean,I don’t want to risk causing disunity,for Jesus prayed for unity – no,I will just call his followers ‘Calvinists’ and ‘Predestinarians’ and leave them as they are.”

    What about speaking the [boat-rocking] truth in love ?
    What about contending earnestly for [all aspects of] the faith which was once for all handing down to the saints ?
    What about sorting out any teaching which lead bondservants astray,back into the mire – even into sexual immorality ?
    How can there be a revolution ?
    How can there be a dramatic change in the standard of British and American flocks,if disciples are unwilling to contend with these problems which unequip disciples on the power front,and which can,I believe,lead to wallowing in filth on the lifestyle front.

    Jesus did pray for unity,but,did He pray for unity at the expense of truth ?
    At the expense of contending for a balanced and scriptural understanding of salvation ?
    At the expense of an authentic baptism in Holy Spirit,and the Holy Spirit’s nine gifts for the edification of the Body ?
    Did He ???

    Can Scripture be broken ? – how about Galatians 6:7 ?
    If the farm workers only ever sow potatoes,will the landowner ever reap a crop of (revolutionary) carrots ?
    If (sincere but mistaught) teachers keep feeding Cessationism and OSAS into the minds of British and American disciples,will Britain and America ever reap an empowered,purified,effective army of agape-soldiers ?

    Disciples who have not been authentically baptised in Holy Spirit are not ‘Non-Charismatics’ – they are disciples who have not been authentically baptised in Holy Spirit !
    They don’t need a label,they need Peter and John.
    Disciples who have been lead into OSAS/Eternal Security are not ‘Calvinists’ (or,as i would hasten to rename it,in order to highlight the error ‘Once Grafted,Always Grafted’ – Romans 11:11,19-22) – they are disciples who have been deceived/lead astray.They don’t need a label,they need Paul.

    The closer we get to a severe blizzard,the more important it becomes to stock the larder with provisions for the duration.
    The closer we get to the breaking of the first seal,and the 42 month warfare of the beast,the more important it becomes to sort out any misconception which (intentionally or unintentionally) desalinates and disempowers disciples ; which fails to equip and prepare disciples for the period ahead. As that period draws closer,the position of someone who is not baptised in Holy Spirit ; who thinks he can wallow with impunity ; and who,in addition,has been lead to believe he will be raptured before things get tough,will become,i believe,more,and more,untenable and dangerous.

    What can a little doctrinal leaven do ? ( Galatians 5:9 and 1 Corinthian 5:6,13.)
    What can an unchecked root of bitterness do ? (Hebrews 12:15.)
    Should such matters be tolerated and labeled,or contended with ?

    If these things had been dealt with centuries ago,perhaps George Barna’s 1997 survey might’ve been a bit more salty.
    If there is to be a revolution,the Body today needs some Peters,some Johns,some Pauls – men who get root problems sorted ; men who help the deficient and/or mistaught,rather than giving them a label and tolerating their teaching ; men who know the Lord hates one who spreads strife among brothers (Proverbs 6:19),but who also know that is only one side of the “unity ‘n’ truth coin”.

  2. @ Mark Phillips – I am very happy to hear that you are such a keep student of the Holy Scripture, but I am a bit surprised that an “unregenerate” (your own words) person is asking someone regenerate to change doctrinal positions.

    I pray that your studies will draw you to Christ – the Savior of the world. Thereafter I would love to hear your views on OSAS, because I am a staunch believer in Eternal Security and Assurance – and I believe that Assurance is of the essence of Salvation, and I am neither a Calvinist nor an Armenian.

    If you are interested, I would highly encourage you to read the writings of believers who have stood for Assurance and Eternal Security, one of which is Absolutely Free by Zane Hodges.

  3. Hello James,
    thankyou for your reply.
    Assurance in disciplehood comes from the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:16) as well as keeping one’s feet on the Narrow Road (1 John 4:17) ,from keeping one’s garments unsoiled (Rev 3:4-5).

    James,if you do not want to take that from an unregenrate like myself,that’s fine.
    Here are two regenerate believers for you – one with the Lord,the other still walking the first earth : for perhaps the ultimate regenerate view on OSAS,do read Paul’s letter to Romans,especially what has been called ‘Chapter 11’. (Whilst chapters are a help in locating parts of Holy Scripture,they can be a hindrance to understanding it.)
    As for the views of someone born from above who currently still walks the first earth,have you read the books of David Pawson ? Michael is somewhat familiar with David,having recommended his book on OSAS in his own book ‘Go And Sin No More’,as well as recommending David’s book ‘When Jesus returns’ in a previous radio show (as you will see if you type ‘David Pawson, into this sites search facility).

    Over the last few years,however,I have come to view debating with OSAS advocates to be a vain endeavour,largely because we are dealing with a teaching which gives them so much comfort,whether they are in or out of the filth.Thus,they do not want to be rid of it. I have heard Michael trying it himself in a radio show,and he appeared to get nowhere with the man concerned. Instead of debating with such folk,i think it is best to refer people to the fruit of those who established the teaching. As far as i am concerned,the use of persecution is a banner of unsoundness ; i think many people implaned with Catholicism or Eternal Security,are unaware that these teachings stem from the minds of Catholic and Protestant persecutors.


    I thereby repost some of a previous comment i made,on the fruit of John Calvin :

    In all countries,and all centuries until Jesus returns,Scripture tells disciples to love their enemies.
    On 13 February 1546,in a letter to Farel,Calvin said ‘If he (Michael Servetus] comes [to Geneva] i shall never let him go out alive,if my authority has weight’.
    In all countries,and all centuries until Jesus returns,Scripture tells disciples to heap burning coals on the head of their enemies – in 1553,a small fire burned at the feet of Michael Servetus.
    When confronted by Nathan,David repented of what he had done.
    In 1554,when Calvin was confronted by what had been done,Calvin composed a second defense document.

    In the light of Matthew Chapters 7:15-23 and 12:33-37,what are objective minds to make of that fruit,and those words ?
    Is the state of a man’s garments (Revelation 3:4-5) revealed by how he treats his friends,or his enemies ?

    When people are first taught Calvinism,are they told how Calvin treated his enemies – or does it go unmentioned ?
    When they in turn teach Calvinism to others,do they tell them upfront,or do they leave it unmentioned ?
    The problem is,i feel,if they knew upfront,they never would have sat at Calvin’s feet in the first place.
    By the time they find out,if they ever do,pride,and the dirt-friendly effect of OSAS (note Revelation 3:4-5) can serve to prevent them from admitting to themselves,or others,that they have been mistaught.

    For a free article on Calvin’s fruit,type ‘His Ashes Cry out Against John Calvin’ into a search engine.
    Get ‘The Reformers and their Stepchildren’ by Leonard Verduin for an informative account of the methods used to populate the camps (and deal with the opponents of ) Catholic and Reformed Protestant leaders.

    The Reformed Theology camp was built with the use of magistrates and violence,neither of which have any part to play in an authentic expansion of the Kingdom of God ?

    Matthew 7:20 ‘So then,you will know them by their fruits’. NASB
    ‘If he (Michael Servetus] comes [to Geneva] i shall never let him go out alive,if my authority has weight’.
    If that is not bad fruit,what is ?
    Can a man have both sustained hatred and soundness,or,are they mutually exclusive ?

    The Catholic and Reformed Protestant camps contains millions of people, Many (perhaps most) are unaware the beliefs they hold stem from the minds of men who populated their pews with the aid of coercion,and who wanted the magistrates to have the opponents of ther teaching punished,even killed ; many are unware of the historical torture and murder associated with both camps.
    A Scripture-based expansion of the Kingdom of God uses neither coercion or magistrates ; it is not by might,nor by power,but by His Spirit ; those who live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted,not persecutors,some will be martyrs,none murderers.Bondservants of the Lord are to gently correct those in opposition,and if need be,to turn away from such – but never to harm anyone.

    The robustness of a man’s beliefs are not tested by surrounding themselves or stocking their libraries with those of like mind,but by listeing to those who oppose them in a respectful,intelligent,and objective way. With that in mind,to read a free article on the fruit of John Calvin,type ‘His Ashes Cry Out Aganst John Calvin’ into a search engine.
    Get ‘The Reformers and their Stepchildren’ by Leonard Verduin for an informative account of the methods used to populate the camps (and deal with the opponents of ) Catholic and Reformed Protestant leaders.
    On the intellectual side of things,for a discussion of predestination,read ‘God’s Strategy in Human History’ by Roger Forster.

    James,if you had dinner with a man this week,and in dead earnestness he said, ‘If so ‘n’ so comes to town,i shall never let him go out alive,if my authority has weight,’ what would be your response ? Would you offer to help Him ? Would you put any stock in his teaching thereafter ? Would you want anything to do with him thereafter ? If your answer is no to all three,why would you want to sit at the feet of someone who said it 460 years ago ?


    James,do challenge yourself with David’s two books on this : ‘Once Saved,Always Saved,’ and ‘The Road to Hell’,
    (both available in paperback and eBook form).
    OSAS strengthens hands : to flout the speed limit ; to wear immodest clothes ; to get into bed with one’s neighbour ; in Calvin’s case,to have someone killed.
    Hugh Latimer quoted Cyprian to the Bishop of Lincoln,saying ‘Who is most likely to be of the Church of Christ,he who is persecuted,or,they who do persecute?’.
    After reading the books of David and Leonard,not the mention the words of the King of the Jews (‘by their fruits’),please ask yourself the same question.

    James,may you be in the new Jerusalem,and,may you help many,many others get there too.

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