The Revolution Won’t Wait!

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The world’s revolution is upon us — it has been gaining momentum for years now — and yet many believers want to go on with life as usual. It’s too late for that! God’s holy, counter-revolution — a Jesus revolution that is born of the Spirit, grounded in the truth, charged with compassion, and committed to bringing about radical change through the gospel — can’t wait any longer. Join Dr. Brown for an urgent message today on the broadcast!

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The real question is not, “What do the polls say?” The question is, “Will we, God’s people, do what is right?” The fact is, as followers of Jesus, we are called to swim against the tide of popular opinion, to go against the grain of popular morality, rather than what is convenient or expedient. When history looks back at us, when we stand before the throne of God, what will the verdict be?

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We must put our roots down deep, deep in God, deep in His word, so as the culture shifts, as sin bombards us, as the world confronts us, and as Satan tempts us, we will not be moved.

Featured Resources:

Revolution: The Call to Holy War: This book is not a call for the violent overthrow of the government, nor is it a call to take up arms, nor is it a call to political activism in and of itself. It is a call to something far more extreme, a call to live out the gospel…

It’s Time to Rock the Boat [MP3 series]: Our compromised message has produced a compromised generation of believers, and only a return to the New Testament gospel, preached in the power of the Spirit, can turn the tide. This course will open your eyes and set your hearts ablaze for Jesus!

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Tell these New York State

Senators to Uphold

Traditional Marriage!

We have just received word that Governor Cuomo thinks he has secured enough votes to pass same-sex marriage in New York State, and that he is going to bring it to a vote next week. The six senators below are the swing votes that the governor says he has secured.

We urge each of you to call and email these six senators and demand they not vote for same sex marriage!!

Those of us who do not stand up now for traditional marriage will be held accountable by God for staying silent on one of the most important issues of our time!

Joseph Addabbo
District: Queens
Albany Phone: 518-455-2322
Local Phone: 718-738-1111
Local Office: 159-53 102nd Street, Howard Beach, NY 11414

James Alesi
District: Rochester
Albany Phone: 518-455-2015
Local Phone: 585-223-1800
Local Office: 220 Packets Landing, Fairport, NY

Shirley Huntley
District: Queens
Albany Phone: 518-455-3531
Local Phone: 718-523-3069
Local Office: 161-10 Jamaica Avenue, # 504, Jamaica, NY

Carl Kruger
District: Brooklyn
Albany Phone: 518-455-2460
Local Phone: 718-743-8610
Local Office: 2201 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY

Roy McDonald
District: Saratoga
Albany Phone: 518-455-2381
Local Phone: 518-274-4616
Local Office: 433 River Street, Suite 1004, Troy, NY

Stephen Saland
District: Columbia, Dutchess
Albany Phone: 518-455-2411
Local Phone: 845-463-0840
Local Office: 3 Neptune Road, Suite A19B, Poughkeepsie, NY

Read More…

Other Resources:

A Queer Thing Happened to America by Dr. Brown: this book chronicles the amazing transformation of America over the last forty years, literally, from Stonewall Inn to the White House, and addresses the question head-on: Is there really a gay agenda, or is it a fiction of the religious right?

How Saved Are We? by Dr. Brown: This unsettling book challenges us to ask ourselves what kind of born-again experience we have had if it calls for almost no personal sacrifice, produces virtually no separation from the world, and breeds practically no hatred of sin.


  1. Greetings Dr. Brown –

    Imagine my surprise when I opened your e-mail this a.m. and saw the title “The Revolution Won’t Wait.” Why surprise? Because last night on my blog I posted a topic “THE DEVIL-UTION IS UNDER OUR FEET.”

    Below are excerpts from my post last night:

    But Ah! – There is a Holy Ghost revolution in the mix and it REPRESENTS…

    GOD THE CHAMPION reigns. The holy revolution has entered a new phase – a more powerful phase – for those who choose to engage.

  2. I recently started reading “A Queer Thing Happened to America”. And this morning after I opened my email I was just shocked by how this immoral law wants to violate God’s established law from the beginning. This is just getting way out of proportion, It’s more serious than i ever thought. I hope that this wake-up call reaches to the entire Christian community, and that we may STAND for our principals, and God given laws.

    God Bless everyone this morning and have a wonderful day!

  3. Hi again –

    Ref: Post titled, “DEVIL-UTION IS UNDER OUR FEET”
    placed on my blog last night.

    Today at 4:09 p.m. EST, a friend sent me an
    e-mail that had the following in its content:

    “Thank you for sharing your blog. I had to forward this to my pastor. Part of his sermon was on Revolution.”

  4. Key word here is engage. I’ve heard it before in a word of the spirit, and I see it again. It is time to engage, for in engagement we shall see the Lord work. Though it be a battle, it’s what we are called to and what he has equipped us to do. We should be doing this together, but it can be done alone also if you don’t have any brothers with you.

    It’s time to build a brotherhood / sisterhood in Christ and get engaged with what’s going on.

    With every wrong done, somebody gets hurt. If we can find the one hurt, it’s a ministry opportunity. Doing the work of binding up wounds, encouraging, going to the oppressor on behalf of one wronged, asking for mercy when wrong is done, asking if a thing is right, walking through it, and watching the righteousness of God come to the front lines, by two or three, I believe is where we may certainly see the Lord work.

    It’s gospel work we are called to, ministry of reconciliation work.

  5. Greetings –

    I agree…you make some valid and excellent points.

    I had a dream years ago where our Lord spoke and said, “Christians cannot successfully fight the devil if they are fighting each other.”

    Many churches are weakened or dead congregations because they aren’t about the business of holiness.

    Our Lord gives His best to those who give Him best…

    May GOD help us all.

  6. Hello,i am only an unregenerate Gentile who studies Holy Scripture,but i have a comment.

    If British and American flocks are going to adorn the teaching of God the Savior,rather than bringing the way of truth into disrepute by their worldliness/sameness,two problems need to be sorted out – Cessationism,and OSAS.
    When Paul discovered serious errors among disciples,he was not afraid to risk their friendship and even become their enemy,by telling them the truth (Galatians 4:16 – also see Proverbs 28:23).

    What did Peter and John say about the deficient situation in Samaria (Acts 8 ) ?
    Did they say ” That’s OK,i mean,we don’t want to risk causing disunity,for Jesus prayed for unity – no,we will just call them ‘Non-Charismatics’ and ‘Cessationists’ and leave them as they are.”
    Did they take that stance ? No,they went down there and got it sorted.

    What did Paul say about Hymenaeus ?
    Did he say ” What he teaches is OK,i mean,i don’t want to risk causing disunity,for Jesus prayed for unity – no,i will just call his followers ‘Hymenaeuns’ and ‘Post-Resurrectionists’ and leave them as they are.”
    Did Paul take that stance ? No,Paul said such men are to be gently corrected,and,if necessary,to turn away from such.

    What would Paul say about the teaching of John Calvin (let alone his fruit) ?
    Would he say “What he teaches is OK,i mean,i don’t want to risk causing disunity,for Jesus prayed for unity – no,i will just call his followers ‘Calvinists’ and ‘Predestinarians’ and leave them as they are.”

    How can there be a dramatic change in the standard of British and American flocks,if people who do not sit at the feet of Cessationists and/or Calvin are unwilling to contend for these problems which hamstring disciples on the power front,and which can lead to wallowing in worldliness on the lifestyle front.

    Jesus did pray for unity,but,did He pray for unity at the expense of truth ? ; at the expense of contending for a balanced and scriptural understanding of salvation ? ; at the expense of authentic baptism in Holy Spirit,and the Holy Spirit’s nine gifts for the edification of the Body ? – did He ? – i don’t think so.

    The Body today needs some Peters,some Johns,some Pauls – people who get problems sorted,come what may.

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