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Have the Jewish people stopped waiting for a messiah? Isn’t the idea of eternal torture in hell inhumane and evil? It’s that time again! Join Dr. Brown as he answers your questions!

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Those who know the Lord will shine like the sun; they will endure hardship, difficulty, challenge from this world, and will come out brighter than the day they started. He is faithful to the end.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The word of God, without contradiction, representing a God without imperfection, will save us to the uttermost as we put ourselves in His hands, keeping the word, keeping with truth, keeping with life; we will never be ashamed.

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Think it Thru: In Search of the Messiah [DVD] with Dr. Brown: Jews have been waiting for the coming of the Messiah for 2000 years. Dr. Michael Brown visits Crown Heights, a Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. Many of the ultra Orthodox Jews believe that their grand rabbi, who died in 1994, is the Messiah.

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  1. When I read of Paul telling the Jews before the counsil (Acts 23) that he is a Pharisee, the son of a Pharisee, I read it as if a man had grown up and been raised in a certain place like Minnesota for example, having been born there and having lived there up until his..say 30th year or so, and then having moved to some place like Texas, or Florida for more than just a few years, but telling the Minnesota boys (back home) upon a visit, (because many of them don’t know where he’s from) that Hey! I am a Minnesotan. I grew up in this area. I know the lakes you guys fish in. I put my fish house out the same time of year you guys do. I used to clear snowmobile trails through the woods you guys still ride through in the winter, the same woods I used to hunt.

    Not that he still ice fishes or rides a snowmobile like he used to, but that he knows their complete manner of life, having drank the same local beer and ate the same brand of potato chips, not necessarily that he still does.

    I take it like Paul was saying that he had been there and had done all that.

  2. Ray,

    I take issue with you idea, being that Paul said that he had never done anything to offend the law or the Jews and such.

    Acts 25
    8 While he answered for himself, Neither against the law of the Jews, neither against the temple, nor yet against Caesar, have I offended any thing at all.

    So after coming to Messiah he continued to walk orderly keeping the Torah.

    Acts 21
    24 Them take, and purify thyself with them, and be at charges with them, that they may shave their heads: and all may know that those things, whereof they were informed concerning thee, are nothing; but that thou thyself also walkest orderly, and keepest the law.

    Shalom and Shabbat shalom.

  3. What they accused (under a spirit of false accusation) Paul of is given in Acts 24:5,6.

    If they were to put it on a chalkboard it would have looked something like this:

    1. being a pestilent fellow (pestilence)
    2. being a mover of sedition (a seditionist)
    among the Jews, worldwide
    3. being a ringleader of the Nazarenes
    4. profaned the temple (profanity?)

    I’m surprised Paul didn’t ask Felix if he would be so gracious as to give the council more time to properly make their case as it seems that the most they could do so far is to have their most elequent speaker put a few sketchy things out on the table, and produce some who verifed that the accusations were indeed so even though no specific acts were properly laid out so as the most noble Felix could examine the acts themselves as a spirit of false accusation has no accountability.

    Yet Paul answered against the accusations as a man walking by the spirit of Christ would do, saying what was given him to say. (Matt 10:19,20)

    I suppose I might not have lived long in that kind of situation. I suppose I should think that I might have had my head chopped off real quick.

    But Paul who was once a Pharisee, (like I was once a Minnesotan, kinda, sorta) having been converted by Christ, walked in such a manner that while not being under the law anymore, but through obedience to the spirit of God, did in fact do nothing against the law of the Jews, nor did he do anything against the temple, and not even against Caesar, nor did he offend anything at all.

    Anyone no longer under the law, walking worthy before God by his spirit, should be found innocent of all the charges that were against him when properly judged.

    For how can a man violate the law being led by the spirit of God, walking properly in Christ Jesus, in the fruit of the spirit? (Gal 5:22,23)

    For against such there is no law.

    This is not to say that the apostle did not participate in some of the things of the law while he was doing gospel work among the Jews, for he had the liberty of God to do so if he wanted to, and I think the spirit of God may have been leading him to do some of those things at times.

  4. Just because Paul believed in Messiah didn’t make him a non-Pharisee; believing in Messiah is the logical conclusion to any Pharisee — so, after a certain way of thinking, Paul could VALIDLY say he was a Pharisee, especially because the notion or idea by which he was identifying himself with them was the belief in the resurrection. He was saying, “we share the common belief in the resurrection — and that is why I’m being persecuted!”

    He was telling the truth! lol

  5. I wonder what those who wanted to kill Paul thought about his defence. (Acts 24:11-21)

    Did they think that he was simply in self-righteousness and that their righteousness was because of the truth of God? (the law)

    But Paul’s righteousness was of God.

  6. Dr. Brown,
    1. Have you ever read up (I’m sure you have) the anti-semitic roots (Herzl) of Zionism?
    2. Isn’t it entirely possible for the Blessed One to use such an evil one to fulfill His purposes? (Just as He used Cyrus?)
    3. If not, do you think Yitzhak Kaduri’s prophecy (that the Messiah is coming soon — just after the death of Ariel Sharon) is not true?
    4. Have you discussed these issues before on LOF? How many “Orthodox” Jews oppose the Zionist Political movement (based on the fact that it was begun in the heart of an assimilated Jew — Herzl — who wanted to see a “new kind of Jew”, and leave to history all remembrance of religious Judaism)? Do you think it is important?

  7. Dan1el,

    These matters have been past discussed for the most part on the VOR. The political socialist Zionist movements unusual particulars were indeed highlighted by some, and, the Yeshua Messianic position was also discussed:

    1) in the light of Isaiah’s Messianic framework of the character of the Messiah

    2) in the light of the regathering of Israel preceding the changing of the hearts and minds of the People of the Land of the Book to receive truth and grace

    3) in the light of the Prophets of Old holding redemptive intention for Israel, regardless of some roots of the regathering

    4) in the light of the sacrifice of Yeshua, and the unwitting sacrifice of the Holocaust victims

    5) in the light of the Plans of Redemption spoken of by the New Covenant of Jeremiah

    6) in the light of the timeline of Daniel

    7) in the light of the words of Zechariah

    All have been discussed and are open to discussion.

  8. Dr. Brown,

    Not quite sure where else to put this, but I thought it was interesting. Seems like the Catholics are not the only one selling indulgences. Check out this Jewish website, where your loved ones can get points in heaven (for a price of course)by having Torah scholars read the Misnah for loved ones. http://www.mishnasolam.org/.

  9. S. Johnson, remarkable! To be sure, the concept here is of the legacy of the deceased producing the merit of Torah study in this world — but of course, it is absolutely outlandish, and just looking at the price list is enough to turn one’s stomach.

  10. Consider the authorized biography of Victor Frankl: When Life Calls Out,
    Frankl. Foundational to Frankl’genius (and world view) was his deeply ingrained Hebraic Love,and understanding of Torah. By the Grace of Hashem, this humble man,lived his life, demonstrating expansive discernment, love of truth,through the Spiritual Power of the one true G_d of Israel. Viktor Frankl transcendeded life’s evils, and lived the Kingdom reality in the Victory of ultimate Meaning:Yeshua Messiah. How can these potent lessons largely escape the notice of his contemporaries and now history?
    There is an understandable bias toward the broad way of those who pervert and falsify religiosity.
    But Yeshua Lives. The narrow Way to G_d is open for all who diligently seek Him.
    Pray to know the truth. Yeshuah. You will find Him. Guaranteed.

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