Walking in Sexual Purity

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Join Dr. Brown today for a discussion on the importance and the joys of living in sexual purity, rather than the destruction that comes through sexual sin!

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Sexual purity in the Lord is possible and attainable. While we may battle with temptation and have to say “No” to the flesh all the days of our lives, in Jesus, through His blood, by His word, by the Spirit, we have been equipped in such a way that we can live lives that are pure, holy, and honorable. Don’t listen to the lies of the world. You can be a holy man, a holy woman in the Lord.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God calls us to holiness, and by the grace of God, we can live holy lives. The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin, and in Him we are empowered to live new lives. Let us explore the depths of the power of God!

Other Resources:

Acharit: The Final End: Listen free online! Using an emphasis on the Hebrew word Aharit, Michael Brown delivers a piercing call to holiness from the word of God which disturbs the conscience and convicts the heart. God speaks an uncompromisingly strong, life-saving call to hold on for the final result of sin is personal destruction and ruin, which singles out the individual personally and reminds them that they must cling to Jesus or fall away.

How Saved Are We? by Dr. Brown: This unsettling book challenges us to ask ourselves what kind of born-again experience we have had if it calls for almost no personal sacrifice, produces virtually no separation from the world, and breeds practically no hatred of sin.

Go and Sin no More [mp3 CD]: Titled after Dr. Brown’s book release, this eight part series highlights key biblical truths regarding sin and holiness. This series is a must for believers desiring to walk in holiness before the Lord.

  1. Many believers think masterbation is okay from hearing certain leaders like James Dobson from Focus on the Family say so. What is your stance on this issue as I know that it is plaguing many? Thank you, and hope that this is an appropriate question.

  2. Pilgrim,
    Matthew 5 says (speaking on divorce/infidelity/adultery/immorality) if your eye makes you stumble, gouge it out (because you can’t stop lusting in your heart because of the women you see with your eyes), and if your HAND makes you stumble (because after men lust in their hearts, that is when they masturbate with their hands) CUT IT OFF.

    I believe it is pretty clear.

    I guess this would fall under the category of “…and such like” that Paul says “…will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven”.

  3. Remember who you are, a member of Christ.
    Remember the grace of God, and also think about the severity of his judgment. Learn and remember those verses.
    Remember the pains of the heart that come from falling. Remember the pain!
    Know that temptation will pass. It will pass. Though it come again, know it will pass.
    Put as much distance between you and the temptation.
    Praise God at those times. Pray at those times.
    Learn what you can from Proverbs. Learn the proverbs. Keep them in your heart.
    Rebellion can be a part of sexual impurity.
    Though a man go months or even a year, he might not be free from sexual sins if the problem is with the heart.
    Read the Word.
    Thank God.
    Resist the devil knowing that the temptation will pass.
    Not all people have the same amount of trouble with sexual temptation. Usually a young man will have more trouble than an older one, though there is more grace given to one when he is young.
    Know that the flesh will pass away.
    Don’t quit! Always repent.
    Never give yourself away to sin! Remember who you are.
    Though the blood cleanses there is a walk that one must walk.
    Remember the cross.
    Look to Jesus.
    Look away from sinful things. Turn away. Don’t go back. Read this from Proverbs.
    Stay in the faith. Abide in Christ. Stay connected with other Christians.
    Will the whole of life determine a man’s reward? Think about this. What has sin robbed? Think about how sin can affect a life.

    One thing that troubles me is how children need to be taught everything that is in the scripture about sexual sins. (Remember 18 and 19. Those are the numbers that should get you close to where these things are in the first few books of the Bible. Find those places. Children need to be taught this by their parents by reading and knowing where it all is in the scripture.

    I say I get troubled by this because of the falling society around us. Who is going to stand for the children if not the parents?

    If you are a parent, please look into your child’s eyes once in a while while you have your hands on their shoulders and say things like.”Remember the cross. You don’t have to go where all the other children go, or do the things other children do. You belong to Jesus….etc” whatever you have to give them at the time.

    I believe Parents can speak the kingdom of heaven into their children’s lives. What a parent says can stay with a child his whole life, and he can pass it down to his children. Parents, believe you can determine their future. Just do it.

  4. Dr. Brown;

    Good show. But here is my question. I have read your book “Go and Sin no More”. It is a good book, but seems to focus on Techniques birthed in the flesh to fight the flesh. Shouldn’t the power of God in The Christian’s life be what overcomes, not techniques?

  5. A few are:
    1) FAITH ALONE — whenever I am tempted (and there have been times I have been WELL ABOVE sexual temptation, but at the moment…), I can say, based on Christ’s work,
    “I AM HOLY!”
    …and that seems to have such power in it, that it pours water on (extinguishes) any fire that is trying to burn.

    2) I simply say, “I am celibate, and I will be for the rest of my life; therefore, we have nothing to do with one another.” (If I get things my way, I will be celibate for the rest of my life.)

  6. John, thanks for your comments, but please do re-read Go and Sin No More, especially the chapter “It’s All Grace.” The whole emphasis of the book is that we have been empowered by God to overcome sin by the blood of Jesus, the Spirit of God, and the Word of God. This has nothing to do with techniques — especially those “birthed in the flesh,” of which you will not find a single syllable in the book — any more than 2 Tim 2:22 is a “technique.” Follow?

  7. I wonder how often children have talked with their parents about their future. I wonder how many fathers have talked with their sons about what they want. I wonder how many sons know what it is that their father has wanted them to do or become.

    I wonder how many fathers have taken their son aside and said something like, “Son, I want you to start dating. You can look to me for a little fincancial help at times if you feel you should until you get a job and can afford some of the things you need. We will need to talk about how to go about this. There will be a few ground rules as well as some guidlines I want to give you.
    When you are older I hope you will be married and be supporting your family, unless you believe it is your calling to remain single, and if so we could talk about that, but as I’ve been watching you grow up I tend to think you would like to be married, be a good husband and father.”

    I wonder how many sons have asked their father something like,”Dad, how many grand kids do you want? Do you like big families at the holidays or do you prefer smaller ones? How am I going to pay for all that? College?”

    I wonder how many fathers have said, “Son, one of the men I know has a daughter about your age. Her father and I were talking and as we were, I wondered if you might like to meet her. I was just thinking that it might be good for you to practice some of the things we were talking about. Think of it as social development, character development, and learning how to behave as a gentleman. Would you like me to talk to her father about that? This isn’t to pressure you into anything it’s simply a suggestion, something I was wondering if you would like to do. I don’t know if she would be interested in going on a date with you or not.
    Would you like me to bring it up to her father?”?

  8. In the west, walking in purity is very difficult. It is a sex saturated culture to its very core over here. You only realise when you move away from it.

    I recently went on a holiday to Asia. Away from everything. And then I came back to the west. On return I immediately realised how bombarbared we are with sexually charged messages: billboards, on the radio, on TV, on movies, in magazines, in books, in newspapers, on products in the supermarket, on magazines at checkout, with what people in the west wear on the street, with what they talk about, and what they do in their spare time. Things are completely different in Asia. People do not boast about their sexual conquests. People are much more conservative with the way they dress, with what they talk about.

    Having lived in Asia for a couple of months and having returned to the west, it is a constant battle here.

    Only God can help us survive this constant bombardment so that we can escape unscathed!

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