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Should the word “life” really be translated “stomach?” Do Christians really need to tithe, or should we instead give as the Spirit leads and as people have need? Hear the answers to these questions and more today with Dr. Brown!

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: In a world of confusion and moral apathy, where right is wrong and wrong is right, we must be the moral conscience of society, bringing clarity, speaking truth, and shining light in the darkness. Truth will triumph!

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: When all is said and done, the words of men will fade, the influence of the media will fade; the greatest powers, the greatest armies that have ever marched will fade and be gone. What will be remembered is the truth of God, which is unshakable forever!

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  1. In thinking about how God told Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, I realize how Abraham must have come to an understanding of the gospel about Christ while wrestling with all that he was told of God.

    It really is something to think about in a deep way.

    I suppose it’s a little bit like a father asking his young child to jump and the child being caught by the father.

    I think I remember struggling with that kind of thing as a young child and then when I was caught by my dad, I screamed and shouted for the joy of it.

    It was like growing up a bit and being closer, more connected with Dad.

  2. One of the callers called in about her concern about how people need to accept the person who is caught up in sin, as Jesus did and does, and was concerned about whether or not that is happening in society and I think in the church also.

    It seems to me that if a gay agenda flag is flying somewhere in a public place, being paid for by public funds, (or flying anywhere else being paid for in any other way for that matter) then if that is being displayed as a way of saying that they accept people just as they are but do not accept their sinful ways, why doesn’t the flag pole communicate that with another banner that would say something like, “Please repent of sins, for the day is coming when God will judge sinners, and homosexual practice as well as the promotion of it is sin.” ?

    Without that kind of a banner also flying along with a gay agenda flag, it seems to be saying more than simply “This establishment accepts people for how they are without regard to their sinful ways which they should repent of, in order to be saved, or to be right.”

    (I suppose there is a way or a time to accept people without regarding their sins, and there is a time to make them known and call them to repentance.)

    To fly one flag that is for a thing and not another that is contrary to it seems to be for one purpose and not another.

    It doesn’t seem to be fair and equitable.

    How can one affirm the gay agenda and affirm the moral character of the majority of the people who know homosexuality is wrong and know it should not be taught or promoted as if it were not sin?

    Apparently we have some people who seem to think they can affirm both, or are really willing to affirm one and not the other.

    I wonder how I could think honestly that the gay agenda is not being promoted by the flying of their flag, when there is no other flag flying along with it that says that the gay agenda is wrong.

    Isn’t there some hypocrisy in America?

    It’s a leaven that is corrpting and destroying this nation isn’t it?

    It was a failed social experiment by a few politicians from the beginning, and we are beginning to see it’s results.

    It’s like combining two substances that were never designed to get along in some kind of science experiment.

    May I suggest that it was due to ignorance?

    The United States government is beginning to become a witness to the truth of God and the importance of the gospel of Christ by showing the world what happens when a government goes contrary to it.

    May I suggest that there is a better way of being a witness for Christ?

    I think what’s been behind the whole agenda is some form of an ungodly craft.

    Matthew 9:16 comes to mind. Old and new just don’t go together do they?

    I just looked up Old Glory in the dictionary. It’s what the flag of the United States has been named.

  3. I am hitting that wall, Dr. Brown; I fasted & prayed, but I’m not getting through…

    once, I was forcing myself and controlling myself and my thoughts to such an extent so that over the course of more or less a few days, I was IN CONTROL, and I decided “now I will go to Jesus — to the presence of Jesus”; but when I went, He looked extremely angry (like He might have killed me) and had a weapon in His Hand (a sword or club, I don’t remember) and said between His gritted Teeth “GRACE!”. That happened once or twice… I don’t know how to live grace… I made myself go to Him… I just don’t have the answers.

  4. Dear Dr. Brown,

    Thank you for answering my question on your show.

    As a follow-up: What do you believe concerning purported representations of Yeshua? Are they idols? Can Christ be pictured?

    I spent some time searching your free resources, trying to find if you have commented on this subject before. I found the preview of the video of “Can Anyone See God?”; the whole video can be purchased at your online store, but I’m not sure if it addresses the subject. I also found a recent comment you made—”For those who may not be aware, I addressed the question of idolatry in depth in vol. 2 of my series, Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus. Those interested in detailed discussion should go there.”—but I’m not sure if you address the subject in the book. Please let me know if either of these resources answer my questions—I would be interested.

    I also heard you mention that you knew Leonard Ravenhill in the Monday, July 12, 2010 Line of Fire show “What Are the Biggest Idols in Our Society Today?”

    So, I hope this would be of interest to you: I transcribed a selection of Ravenhill’s sermon The Judgment Seat of Christ, which touches on purported pictures of Christ:

    Towards the end of the show, you mentioned R.A. Torrey. Torrey went so far to say “I cannot endure the paintings of the face of Christ, they make me indignant. They dishonor my Lord.” (This is my post with selections from R.A. Torrey on false christs: http://idolatrycondemned.blogspot.com/2011/03/ra-torrey-second-dean-of-biola.html | This is my post with selections from Torrey that show he believed that Jesus Christ is unseen [see 1 Peter 1:8]: http://idolatrycondemned.blogspot.com/2011/03/ra-torrey-on-1-peter-18-and-unseen.html)

    I believe the declining moral and spiritual state of the “Christian” world today corresponds to the church’s increasing commitment to using images to communicate its concept of the Lord, which, by biblical definition (e.g. Romans 1:23-32, Deut. 4:16), is an idolatrous concept of the Lord. The church seems unaware of a cause and effect relationship between exchanging-the-glory-of-God-for-images and the moral chaos that follows. May God make the church aware of the idolatry involved in using pictures to represent the Lord of glory.

  5. I also transcribed your answer to my question (Thanks again!):

    Matthew: My understanding of [Romans Chapter One] verses 23 to 32 shows that when people change the glory of the uncorruptible God into images, God gives them over to corrupt themselves sexually and ethically. So, what I was wondering is, do you think this makes sense from the stand point of the 1st century Jewish view of images?

    Dr. Brown: Well, certainly, when Paul is sketching things out in Romans 1, he is not talking about every single person who has homosexual attractions, he’s [19:18 talking/telling?] about the history of the descent of humanity and how when we stop worshiping Him and begin to worship the creation more than the Creator, you’ve got this downward trend—this steady downward trend—and it gives itself over to sexual license and then sexual license gives itself over to perversion and then into all other kinds of issues. So, without question, there is a following through of, say, the Psalm 115 principle that we become like what we worship. If we worship idols, we too will become spiritually deaf and dumb and insensitive and powerless ourselves to bring about positive change. So, in that scope, yeah, it’s in the context of idolatry, it’s in the context of replacing God with earthly things. And then in the society at large—what you’ll find very interesting—is that recent years, recent decades, gay activism comes right on the heels of the sexual revolution. Gay activism in 1969—Stonewall riots, etcetera, which I start my book A Queer Thing Happened to America with the Stonewall riots in 1969—and that is on the heels of the sexual revolution, so sexual promiscuity, breaking with norms, breaking with standards—that opens the door for further deviations, further variations, to the point that it switches so radically that those who oppose what’s right [20:41 wrong?] and those who oppose the idolatry of the flesh are now considered to be small-minded, backwards, spiritually insensitive. Anyway, appreciate the call. I’ve gotta run. I’ve got a break here, but thank you for calling in Matthew.

  6. Daniel,

    Have you looked up the word grace lately in a dictionary?

    Have you been guilty of frustrating the grace of God? That might be a good word to look up too.

    Keep praying. I will pray for you too.

    Once we get a personal breakthrough we will be able to help others. God can use us according to whatever we have learned of him, by whatever we have gained through experience, by whatever understanding of spiritual matters we have received. God is able to use those things.

    If we have trouble let’s rejoice because we know that it will pass, and we know that there is something greater than all the trouble.

    If we never go through trouble, how could we ever be able to help another who is in it? I believe the Lord is giving you your breakthrough.

  7. Ray,
    Yes, I recall Him telling me something about “grace”… I don’t understand that, though, because I’ve heard a voice that sounded like the Lord saying, “Grace” when I was trying to resist the temptation to be attracted to my friend’s wife. What the hell is that? Makes me so angry.

  8. Dr brown would you sent me imformation about the book written by one of your guess.Wayne gruden on the politics of jesus I enjoy your program on awva
    and i have many of your books. Stay strong
    thank you
    Pastor Perry L. Davis Jr

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