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Were the Recent Tornadoes Connected to America’s Stance on Israel? Where Did Old Testament Believers Go After Death? Dr. Brown answers these questions and more!

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Every day, holy to the Lord, given over to Him, we find Him ever the same: faithful, true, fulfilling His promises, never letting us down, doing what is right. Let’s honor Him, let’s give our lives to Him afresh!


The Great Debate [DVD]: Dr. Michael Brown tackles the perennial issue of suffering and the problem of pain with leading New Testament scholar and agnostic Dr. Bart Ehrman at Ohio State University.

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  1. As this is downloading I’m looking at the question on the recent tornadoes.

    I think of the one in MO, near the geographic center of the United States, as if a huge dart came down from heaven.

    Destruction is always connected with sin in one way or another. I don’t always know the exact connection or if the Lord is telling us something by what happens.

    It’s like the President said, that what happened there is a national situation. (not his exact words)

    When something like that happens there, we all are affected in some way or another. We are all connected, not just nationally, but spiritually.

    I suppose that because of whatever a nation will do that is contrary to the work of God, that such a nation can expect, or at least should not tend to think, that such events as tragic ones, are a such a strange thing.

    We can’t afford to live life and think everything will always be wonderful while we go on doing what is contrary to God. That would be ignorant.

    Whether we can make a direct connection or not to what’s been happening with the weather, we should at least understand some basic things about how God has dealt with individuals, groups of people, or nations as a whole in times past.

    I think of Job 34:29.

  2. Somehow my call was dropped. I had perfectly good reception right up until it was time to go live on the air. For what’s it’s worth, I appreciated Dr. Grudem’s response. My question was specifically whether his book was intended to be a response to Wallis’ book. Although he did not say so directly, it sounds to me like it was intended as such.

    I strongly disagree with Wallis’ work, not only his conclusions on the most important political issues, but particularly his disingenuous claim of non-partisanship. He is a shill for all things leftist. With all due respect to Dr. Grudem, would it be fair to criticize him of doing the same thing on the other side of the political aisle? Should not the Church recognize where each political party has been in error and where each party has gotten it right? Have not conservative Christians (and the Republican Party) often been on the wrong side of caring for the poor, addressing injustice, racial reconciliation, and care for God’s creation?

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