Elijah’s Confrontation with Spiritual Stupor and Moral Apathy

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What happened when Elijah confronted the Jewish people about their turning from God and the sin that paralyzed their society? What does that mean for us today?

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We need the fire to fall; when the fire falls, it will burn up the indifference, dross, coldness, ice, and clouds in our hearts and lives, and it will set us on fire, set our hearts ablaze, and cause our torches to burn brightly. We will make a difference!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It is time, friends, for us to stand with courage, full of the Spirit, magnifying Jesus, and live holy lives. It is time for us to stand and do what is right, speak what is right, and be God’s prophetic voice to our generation!

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  1. When I heard on this broadcast about the gay prom king being chosen and the news calling it a good thing, I couldn’t help but think about what I had just read from the book of Judges about Abimelech.
    (Judges 9)

    What is now called by the news a good thing for society, won’t society be burnt by it?

    What’s wrong with the Lord being first in our society? Nothing. Jesus wore the crown of thorns for us didn’t he?

    Jesus and the things of God should have priority in our society. Jesus is where the favor of God is. Jesus is where the healing is. Jesus is where the righteousness is. Jesus is where the goodness and joy is. Jesus is where the peace is. It’s been a long time since I saw a Jesus = Peace bumper sticker. Jesus is what America needs. Let’s promote him instead, all the more.

  2. 2 Chronicles 7:14 (King James Version)

    “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

    It has to start with us, and when I say US, I mean you and me individually, then as a group, a congregation, and a nation.

    Even a nation set apart and called out by God (Israel) was unable or unwilling to follow God alone for very long – thus the various captivities leading up to the diaspora. Until the Adversary is ultimately defeated and Yeshua reigns, it’s not too surprising that society will choose that which is evil and call it good. It’s the Garden principle all over again.

    I agree with Ray – We need to promote Yeshua all the more!

  3. One time when I was so grateful the Lord forgave me of a particular sin. I asked the Lord Jesus what can I do for you?

    He told me to tell others about Him. That is all Jesus wants us to do. To let folks know that He forgives us. That He loves us.

    Please people receive the kindness and love the Lord Jesus offers us. Acknowledge Him. Care about Him the way He so cares about you.

    This world is rapidly getting out of hand, out of control. So lose with sin. No conviction at all. Drop your idols. Let em go.

    We are living in the days of Noah.


  4. Because it seemed that so many had no conviction of sin, I longed for a true brotherhood, because two are better than one, and if one can not convince another, another one can be as one that appears to have no bias in the matter, and when there are two in Jesus’ name, he said he would be there.

    When we read about Jesus, didn’t he always have a word that would bring conviction? He always had something. He was never empty. He was always full.
    Something always got better whenever Jesus was around.

    It’s so good to see someone correct a mistake or to say that they were wrong. It seems so rare these days. Therefore it has all the more value, I think. And doesn’t it open up a door for others?

    The things this society lets in that are of evil are the things that are going to bite them. We will need to be there to bind up the wounds and to direct their attention to Jesus and the cross.

    There are so many that don’t know the poison that has been at work within them.

    I was reading from Ezekiel a bit this morning. It was about how God saw his people in need of clothing and he covered them. He cleaned them up and anointed them with oil. He decked them out in rich apparel with all of his goodness. But they became renown, and for that they beheld their own beauty and because of it they turned away from God.

    Is that a story about America? I think it has a lot in common.

    I suppose I should go back and read some more to see how all that turned out. I suppose that God gave them trouble and that their enemies had power over them.

  5. So true Daniel.

    There seems to be so many that have an agenda that they think will bring peace, though it’s ways are corrupt.

    Putting a race card on the face of a homosexual agenda will not bring peace.

    There’s been a lot of craft in the homosexual agenda and a lot of politicians have bought into it. I suppose that it’s partly due to the craft that’s been used, that is a cause of the spiritual stupor in America.

    Let’s pray against it. Let’s pray that the light of the day shines so brightly that the fog burns away, that the Daystar from on high manifests his light so brightly that the darkness goes away. May God use his children of light in marvelous ways in the days ahead, through the Lord Jesus Christ.

  6. I was really meaning the false peace found in false devotion to Him (a.k.a. false religion a.k.a. self-deception a.k.a. self-righteousness); but, yeah… I mean, the most danger is the war against MY OWN SOUL — if those homosexuals and what not are deceived, so be it; at this point, I cannot help them. I just better be sure I am right with God.

  7. Daniel, keep me in your prayers. My soul is molested by the devil daily, mostly when I sleep.
    In a strange way, I find some comfort in that.
    I pray for you. Continue in prayer. Stay close to the Word.

  8. Ray,
    What I am finding is helping me is brainwashing myself. I have the KJV Narrated Bible (CD) which I burned to my laptop, and I listen to the book of John 24/7. You can get it into your mind however you can; but the Truth that is revealed to you in it will set you free.
    It’s not cheating: we’re being bombarded 100% of the day with all kinds of information packets that are flowing through the airwaves — cable t.v., radio waves, internet information signals. People even are telling me they are noticing a difference.
    Also, since your eyes are your spirit, say to yourself that you will reserve them only for the Word of God, and the Work of God — NOTHING ELSE. Don’t give your spirit (eyes) to other things, because your heart is connected to your eyes. Give your eyes to God’s Word and God’s Work, and let your heart be led that Way.
    There is a secret about the Gospel of John — “these were written that you might believe”, it says + “this is our victory — even our faith”, 1 John says = the Gospel of John contains ALL doctrines we need for “victory”. Knowing and accepting the Truth will set you free.
    Ask God to soften your heart so that you might understand the Truth (Truth is understood with the heart) + ask Him to open (and not to blind) the eyes of your understanding (of your heart), so that you might SEE. ASK, and He will give it to you.
    “Truth” is born of “Love” — therefore, if you want to accept “Truth”, it will be to the degree that you accept “Love” (the softness of your heart) — since Truth is the container of Love; it is UNDERSTOOD by the HEART/Spirit. Deep calls to deep: Spirit of God to spirit of man — if we’re soft in our heart/spirit, we will receive! 😀

    <3 u brother!

  9. I will spent time in the Word. I will continue in it with the help of God. By the grace of God I will have faith. I will overcome. I will grow in Christ. He will prevail.

  10. Ray, also, if you have a problem, fast and pray — GO TO GOD, and tell Him (as many times as you need to during the fast — to remind yourself, and affirm yourself before Him):
    “I am fasting and praying for _________ — until I get an answer/until it changes.”

    That one right there is the bunker-buster — you won’t be denied!

  11. Ray,
    The Lord gave us authority to cast out demons and strongholds. If you are in Christ and you know who you are in Christ w/o doubt then in Jesus name get out harassing spirit. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the name of the demonic spirit for you can cast it out in Jesus name.

    When people have unforgiveness you give legal grounds for a tormenting spirit to enter. Check out Matthew 18:21-35

    Make sure you are not holding onto any unforgiveness or any unrepentant sins.

    If you are spiritually clean, meaning have no unforgiveness or any unrepentant sins, then turn on worship and praise music. Demons hate that.

    1 Samuel 16:23
    Whenever the spirit from God came upon Saul, David would take his harp and play. Then relief would come to Saul; he would feel better, and the evil spirit would leave him.

    Best to you Ray.

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