Jesus, the Messiah of Israel: Opening up Some Major Messianic Themes

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Join Dr. Brown as he brings to light some of the most significant themes pointing to Jesus as the Messiah of Israel!

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: When our eyes are opened to what is written, it is absolutely, abundantly clear: Jesus, the Messiah of Israel, is the only One who could have fulfilled the prophecies before the second temple was destroyed; therefore, He will fulfill the rest of those prophecies when He returns. Rest assured, it is done!

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The Great High Priest, the One we need so desperately, He is come, and has shed His blood. He has become like us in our weakness, our sins on His shoulders, so that as we die with Him to sin, we can now live afresh with Him to righteousness. Make Him known to the ends of the earth!


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  1. Isn’t it correct to believe that the Jewish people are not expecting a Savior to come to save them from their sins? They are expecting a Messiah to come to be their King.

    Maybe this is the reason why the Jewish Religion will not surrender to Jesus Christ because they know Jesus is a Savior, but they believe they do not need a Savior.

    Yet they know that they are sinners.
    So, when they celebrate Yom Kippur they ask God to forgive them of their sins. The way Jonah was led to go to the city of Nineveh to give a message to that city that God has forgiven them of their sins. Without performing an animal sacrifice.
    So, they read the book of Jonah during Yom Kippur, by doing so they believe that their sins our forgiven.

    But the Jewish Religion do not realize that Jonah was a foretell of Jesus Christ.

    Jesus Christ is now the only way for sin forgiveness for all mankind. Including the Jewish Religion.

    This is why Shmuley Boteach and his religion will most likely never surrender to Jesus Christ as their savior. Because they do not believe they need a Savior.

    Oh Wow!!! They are going to have such a shocking awakening one day.

    Philippians 2:10
    That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth,

  2. I’m very curious about something. This question is for a Jewish person who doesn’t know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

    What do you believe happens to you when you die? (I know your body goes into the grave.)
    Where do you believe your spirit and soul go after you die?

  3. The orthodox Jewish doctrine: six thousand years of human existence, the Jewish Mashiach Ben David comes at least 40 years before the six thousand years. Then will begin 1000 years of a new type of earth lead by the God of Israel, it will be as the Garden of Eden again.

    Jewish doctrine is split. There are Kabbalist that believe in reincarnation until the person finally fulfills their purpose. example: You might be born as a fish in the next life. I hate Kabalah.

    Non Kabalah Jewish doctrine is that there is a olam haba heaven for Jews and and good Gentiles that follow the Noachide laws.

  4. Eliyahu,
    I am always so blessed when I read your posts. I learn so much about the Jewish Religion through you.

    By the way, if you care to share. What made you surrender and trust Jesus as your Lord and Savior?

  5. Eliyahu,
    I too would like to hear how you came to believe in Jesus as the Christ and your Lord and saviour.

    It seems to me that one of the themes of Jesus is that he is the resurrection and the life.(John 11:25)

    As A Christian I sometimes wonder about end time events and how it all goes.

    Right now I am considering how Jesus died on the cross and what happened to him, for it seems that what happened to him should concern me and all of us who believe in him.

    When he died on the cross, his soul and spirit went to God in heaven, into the holy place did it not? And then when the time for the resurrection of his body came, he (his soul and spirit) came back into his body, and his body was raised from the dead in newness of life.

    While his spirit and soul was with God in heaven, I suppose that it was similar to how he was with God in glory from everlasting, except this time he
    was in such condition that he had a soul that had lived a sinless life on this earth to the glory of God and for our salvation.

  6. I was looking on some Orthodox Jewish websites earlier and getting the traditional objections to Jesus.. The title of the article is; “For 2,000 years Jews have rejected the Christian idea of Jesus as messiah. Why?”… There are 4 points in the article… One of the points that really stuck out is:


    Biblical verses can only be understood by studying the original Hebrew text — which reveals many discrepancies in the Christian translation.


    The Christian idea of a virgin birth is derived from the verse in Isaiah 7:14 describing an “alma” as giving birth. The word “alma” has always meant a young woman, but Christian theologians came centuries later and translated it as “virgin.” This accords Jesus’ birth with the first century pagan idea of mortals being impregnated by gods.


    The verse in Psalms 22:17 reads: “Like a lion, they are at my hands and feet.” The Hebrew word ki-ari (like a lion) is grammatically similar to the word “gouged.” Thus Christianity reads the verse as a reference to crucifixion: “They pierced my hands and feet.”… From

    I want to respond to these two sub points. For A)… Without even getting into a debate about what ‘almah’ (עלמה)means, not to dodge the point, but Matthew was quoting from the Septuagint here. The Septuagint, which was translated 200-250 years before the time of Jesus translates the Hebrew ‘almah’ into the Greek word ‘parthenos’ (παρθενος). Which is a technical word that strictly means “virgin”.

    Why would the Jewish translators use this word? The same word Matthew uses? Actually Matthew (writing in Greek) was, again – quoting the Septuagint and nearly word for word. The only difference between the Septuagint version of Isa. 7:14 and Mat. 1:23 is; In Isaiah, it’s second person, singular and in Matthew it’s third person, plural – other than that it’s nearly a word for word quote! So in other words, Matthew is not at fault by any means for using the Greek word ‘parthenos’ he was just quoting earlier Jewish scribes and rightly recognized that Mary was both a young woman AND a virgin! How magnificent.

    For point B)… As for this objection, it’s not quoted in the New Testament at all, not used as a “proof text” to prove Jesus is the Messiah or anything! Although Jesus does fulfill Psalm 22 as the righteous suffering servant who is redeemed at the end of the Psalm. This does indeed point to Jesus whether it says “gouged” or “pierced”..

    Dear Dr. Brown,

    Would you consider those good responses to the objections raised on the Aish website? I’ve tried to take notes on your responses and learn a lot from your books.


    Also, if anyone is interested in hearing a really great debate between Dr. Brown an an Orthodox Rabbi Tovia Singer where questions are asked and answered very well on Dr. Brown’s part:


  7. Whenever we read something from the time of Moses about a lamb slain by the priests and put on an altar for an offering for sins, are not those verses speaking of Jesus who was at that time, yet to come?

    And whenever we read of the blood in the scriptures which was sprinkled by priests, that too was speaking of Jesus wasn’t it?

    I believe the tabernacle, the temple, and lots of other things were about Jesus too.

  8. And the tabernacle was at Zion wasn’t it, where David made it the place of worship, praise, and prayer, connecting with heaven by those things,
    until it was replaced by the temple?

    And wasn’t the temple destroyed because of the sins of the people? (John 2:19) But the glory of the second temple was even greater. (John 20)

  9. Dear Dr. Brown,

    It occurred to me as I listened over and over again to Rabbi Shmuley’s (sp?) defense, that there is one major area he is avoiding. I am sure that you have many times argued this point with Rabbis, but I believe the biggest issue he and other Jews have with Jesus being the Messiah, is that Original Sin is too hard of a pill to swallow. (This is applicable to all of us who have to be born again.)

    As the rabbi kept speaking about all the things the Messiah would do when He came, such as peace being brought to the earth and when he spoke that Jews do not need a mediator, I thought to myself, “then how does he expect wicked man to become a peace loving being, overnight, when the king Messiah came?” The truth is we cannot. Even with all the kings of the earth, we have never changed.

    So if I were speaking to him myself, I would ask him this question. “how do you suppose the Kingly Messiah is going to bring peace to the earth without changing the heart of man first?”

    Jesus came to give us a new spirit and heart, one turned to Him and God our father.

    My prayer for all of the rabbis and any Jewish person who does not believe in Jesus, is that you will ask yourself the question that we all have to ask. Do you believe Genesis? the Fall of Adam? and is humanity forever separated from God by our sins? If you say no, then why did God start the whole sacrificial system of atonement if He was just going to throw it to the wayside and create Rabbinical Judiasim later on? It seems a real waste of life and contrary to the character of God.

    I love all of you and encourage each of you to think for yourself and ask the tough questions of yourself. Dr. Brown’s books are excellent.

    Praise to God our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit who is the only one who changed this stiff necked and hard hearted woman late in her life. It is never too late to read the Hebrew bible and follow the trail to the New Testament.

    Shalom to Israel and its people. Jesus is the Prince of Shalom (real Shalom)

  10. Dr. Brown, one quick question. Could a Jewish or Gentile person come to know Jesus as Messiah, by just reading the Hebrew bible? I know there are tons of scriptures pointing too Jesus and those prophecies.

    But would they be able to get the full picture if they were only willing to look at their Hebrew scriptures? (with the Holy Spirit’s revelation of course)

    If most Jews are not willing to look and read the New Testament, is there a way for me to show their Messiah clearly in their own scriptures? I know about Isiah 53 and 52. Anyone have a list of all the Old Testament prophesies Jesus fulfilled?

  11. I saw a list of OT prophesies which Jesus fulfilled which someone offered once but didn’t get a hold of it. I wish now that I had.

    I’ve been reading a book about how a lamb was taken each day, examined by the priest, killed, the blood sprinkled, it’s skin taken off, divided, then put on the burning altar which had been started by the fire of God and was not to be allowed to go out. Wood was always to be added. It was put on the altar so as to be the shape of a lamb, after it had been divided by the priest. This was done at 9:00 AM and again at 3:00 PM.

    So there was a morning and an evening sacrifice.

    Surely God was saying something by all this wasn’t he?

  12. Shalom Rabbi Blumenthal,

    Thanks for writing and posting your responses! I’m confident that those who listen and study and learn with an open heart before God and humility to follow Him and His ways will come to the knowledge of the truth. John 8:32.

  13. Dr. Brown:

    Are you implying that Rabbi Blumenthal does not have an open heart or humility before G-d?


  14. Here’s something I just saw about Jesus that once again leads us to believe he is who he said he is.

    Acts 1:8
    But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

    When we read the book of Acts, we find the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, first in Jerusalem, then outward among the Jews, then in Samaria, then unto the Gentiles, just as Jesus said.

    Acts 2 – Jerusalem and among the Jews
    Acts 8- Samaria
    Acts 10- Gentiles

    People received the preaching of Christ by the apostles, and then they received the Holy Spirit,
    and spoke in tongues.

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