The Dangers of Dual Covenant Theology

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Dr. Brown discusses why the Jewish people are not exempt from the need of Yeshua their Messiah by keeping the covenants of Moses and Abraham.

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Thank God the Messiah has come and opened the door of salvation to all people. Thank God the Messiah’s blood has been shed so that Jew and gentile can be saved. Thank God He has made a way for everyone; and it is the SAME way for everyone. We dare not withhold the message of salvation from the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The gospel has been freely preached to us through the blood of the Messiah; the message of salvation has been freely given to us. Now it is our sacred privilege and obligation to take that message of forgiveness and transformation to the Jew first, and also to the gentile. Let us bring this message to the world!

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Our Hands Are Stained With Blood by Dr. Brown: This shocking and painful book tells the tragic story of the “Church” and the Jewish people. It is a story every Christian must hear.


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Dr. Michael Brown and Dr.Jeffrey Seif present the Jewish Roots of Christianity.
  1. I heard one time before the reason why Jewish people do not want to surrender to Jesus is because they believe they will lose their identity as being a “Jew” and be labeled instead as a Christian. They are proud as being labeled a Jew.

    That is how it is for a lot of Catholics too. They are proud to be a Catholic. (That is a spirit of pride). They make it about them, instead of making their life about Jesus.

    The teaching of the Dual Covenant doctrine is going to lead some Jews to hell because some Christians mislead them into thinking they are secure in their salvation without accepting the atoning sacrificial death of Jesus Christ.

    This scripture shows that the Law can not save you.
    Matthew 15:24
    Then Jesus said to the woman, “I was sent only to help God’s lost sheep–the people of Israel.”

    Acts 4:12
    Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.

  2. Yea it feels good to be labeled a Jew, to live in Jerusalem and to speak Hebrew on a daily basis. Wow I miss Israel.

    And you are right? No one should boast or take pride in anything except Yeshua, Elohim, His Works His Splender etc.,

    Dual Covenant Theology? It turns out the Rambam, Rav Moshe Maimon, started this theory. I totally respect Rambam for scholarship, his accomplishments, and many of his writings are useful in proving Yeshua even though he did not believe in Yeshua. I agree with Rambam on his disapproval of Jewish Kabala. Rambam believed that Jews are saved by following the Torah and Gentiles are saved by following the Laws of Noah. Rambam believes that Christians are idolaters, thus not being saved. Can you blame Rambam for thinking this. He lived in a Muslim country where the Muslims teach Christians have three gods, God the Father, God the Jesus and God the Mary. If I was Rambam I would think Christians are crazy too.

    The real shame goes on the Christian theologians who took this theory to propose their own version of it. uhhhh. Frustrations! Do these Christians have any fear of God, of Jesus, of the Holy Spirit. A false Christian teacher who leads God’s children astray, it is better they drowned at the bottom of the ocean. I did not say that, Jesus did. No fear of God! This Christians need to be absolutely certain that there right because if they are wrong then Wow, God have mercy on them (these theologians).

    Jews need Yeshua! Everyone needs Yeshua, to teach otherwise is hurts greatly. It hurts me so much, my People need Jesus! Don’t gamble with their souls with this dual covenant theology theory. Peace.

  3. Ever since the radio show’s link change, it has been impossible to catch your show live on the internet. (now that it is at or what ever its called)

  4. My son dreams about going to Israel. He already is learning to speak Hebrew and he reads it too. (He is 19 yrs old.)
    I pray the Lord allows his dream to come true. First comes the vision.

    I pray that all Jewish people will surrender to Jesus. That will be so complete and it will make the Lord Jesus so, so happy.

    All Jewish folks who know Jesus are truly BLESSED!!!! It is like a special blessing.

  5. I’ve been to Israel — you’re not missing anything. lol

    It isn’t really even a “city” (the way we see it); it is a WAR ZONE with the DECORATIONS and APPEARANCES of a city; but the feeling you get is that at any moment, tanks could be rolling down the street, bombs flying, etc.,

  6. They cannot see this; but why would a Jew be “awaiting” Messiah — if the Scriptures, themselves, foretell their REJECTION of the very same One?

    Are they conscious of this inconsistency?

    Are they not unconsciously saying, “Come — so that we can reject You, to fulfill the Scripture!”

  7. Dear Dr. Brown,

    I was just showing some of my Christian friends, the other day the Jewish prayer “ani maamin” (for those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a Jewish prayer about the belief in the coming of Messiah). I love the chapter in your book “our hands are stained with blood” the chapter called “so near and yet so far”, heart breaking. Truly is, but it also increases the tears, deepens the burden all the more to see more and more Jews come to Yeshua.

    BTW, yes I do think the government should show us the photos of Usama Ben Laden, because, it will put an end to countless conspiracy theories.

  8. I had the opportunity to go to Israel last fall and spend three weeks there living in Samaria (often called the West Bank). I can say that I felt completely at peace and safe whether I was in Hebron, Jerusalem or in the villages of Samaria. I can say that my faith was built greatly by seeing so many places talked about in the Scriptures with my own eyes. Also, I felt a special awareness of the Father there; truly His eyes “are always upon it, from the beginning of the year even unto the end of the year.”

    Debbie, I pray that your son will have the opportunity to go to Israel soon. I can say wholeheartedly that, “It is a good land which Yahweh our Elohim is giving back to his people.”

  9. Orthodox Jews need Yeshua, just like Jewish Christians need the Torah. Yeshua is the living Torah made flesh. If we abide in him, he will keep his commandments.

  10. -Minute 47-
    “…Paul’s broken heart over the LOSTNESS of his own people…”

    Awesome point.

  11. “conspiracy THEORISTS”?

    -EXPLAIN to the people WHY, at “ground zero”, there was found a radioactive isotope called “tridium” at many times higher levels than a block away from that area?

    -EXPLAIN WHY the electronics of cars around “ground zero” all exploded — such a thing is only consistent with the electromagnetic wave of a nuclear detonation.

    -EXPLAIN WHY (according to “The Open Chemical Physics Journal 2009, 2, 7-31”) there was “Active Thermitic Material Recovered In The Dust From The 9/11 WTC Catastrophe” ??
    Thermite could have ONLY been made in ADVANCED MILITARY LABS. This is a NANO-PARTICULATE metal fuel. “Terrorists” can’t even make nukes yet; how FAR must they be from utilizing NANO-TECHNOLOGY?
    “Jet fuel is premium-grade kerosine, which CANNOT melt steel. Thermite is a mixture of iron oxide and aluminum; when ignited, it burns at over 2,500°C to INSTANTLY LIQUEFY STEEL. There is plenty of evidence that thermite was used on that day; and that it kept reacting for weeks afterw the buildings collapsed… (quote from a rescue worker): ‘you get down below, and you’d see molten steel — MOLTEN STEEL — running down the channel beams… like lava…” -NWO, Secret Societies & Biblical Prophecy, Vol. 1, mins 101:01-102:17

    -EXPLAIN WHY some of the “terrorists” who “died on 9/11” have come out, and said that they are alive?? (BBC WORLD NEWS Sept 23, 2001 “Hijack ‘suspects’ Alive and Well)

    -EXPLAIN WHY in Jesse Ventura’s EXPERT OPINION (being a demolitions expert), Building No. 7 was DEMO’d. The way it fell defied the laws of physics, otherwise.

    There are many, many more questions that go un-answered; yet “conspiracy theorists” are mocked; much like Christians.

  12. @Daniel – regarding your comments above about conspiracy theorists – interesting “facts”, if true. That’s an awfully big “If”, however.

    Dr Brown – thanks for the programs this week. They have been a welcome and interesting relief from the constant barrage of gay activism talks the previous weeks. I agree that is also an important subject, but could it not be contained to one or two days a week so we can get fed from your insight on the rest of scripture? You are so right to be concerned, but how about a little more balance? Thanks!

  13. Dear David,

    I’ve heard that said before, that Yeshua is the “living torah”, I’m not sure where one comes to this conclusion though. Yes He fulfilled the torah and prophets (still going to fulfill some prophecies, actually) but to call Him the living torah? What is the basis for this? Surely it is not John 1:1?

    Awaiting your response,


  14. I am very suspicious of…

    -I question the date of Bin Laden’s death.

    -I question the speedy way they got rid of his body.

    -I don’t truly think the Gov. cares about religious traditions using that as an accuse of not showing evidence of his body to the public.

    -Not showing us proof of DNA, not showing proof of photos.

    It is so, so obvious there is some sort of cover up going on here. There is something they do not want us the people to know about. The big question is…. What are they hiding??? What is the real deal? Something is fishy. Everything was too fast, fast, fast.

    Why did Pres. Bush refuse Pres. Obama’s invite to ground zero?

    All these unanswered questions.

  15. Michael, Dr Brown speaks the words from Jesus; not of his own volition — it is Lord’s will; it is EXTREMELY important.

  16. Michael,
    The “IF” is not “IF” these things are true; the “IF” is whether or not people are willing to ACCEPT its being true, or not.

    “The limits of debate in this country are established before the debate even begins — and everyone else is marginalized; or made to seem to be either to be communists, or some sort of disloyal person: a “kook” — there’s a word; and now it’s “conspiracy”, see? They’ve made that.. something that should not even be even ENTERTAINED for a MINUTE ‘that powerful people MIGHT get together and have a plan’ — “IT DOESNT HAPPEN: you’re a KOOK; you’re a ‘CONSPIRACY BUFF’!” -George Carlin

  17. Eric, there are several reasons why I said ‘Yeshua is the living Torah’. 1 is Semitic parallelism, as in the well known verse, “For the Torah will go forth from Zion, the Word of the LORD from Jerusalem”, which is essentially saying the same thing twice, which would mean the Torah = the Word. 2. If you consider what the Torah is, it is the Word of God as revealed to Moses. 3. Bearing in mind Semitic parallelism again, it is written in Psalms 40:9, “I desire to do your will, O my God; your Torah is in my heart”, where the Torah is equated with the will of God. And we know that Yeshua said, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work.” (John 4:34) The Torah is jam packed filled with prophesy and we know that “the testimony of Yeshua is the spirit of prophecy.” (Revelation 19:10) There are other reasons, those are just a couple that come to mind right now.

  18. This is on the Bin Laden Q.

    What about showing the evidence to various respected national figures who have the trust of the populace generally, and letting them report on their findings.

  19. – maybe that’s ^ been suggested already or done — I don’t always watch television, so may be uninformed on the progress of that issue…

  20. Thank you for this broadcast. Like our Lord I abhor any teaching whose end result is to rob anyone of the gospel. My heart is broken for those whom Jesus came that have not partaken of his redemption. My heart also breaks for the billions of every tribe, nation, and language who are also lost. There are other heresies to keep the gospel from them too. In the end is the gospel for anyone? Thank you Dr. Brown for your statement, “If he is not the Messiah of Israel, he is the savior of no one.” Praise be to the Father that he is BOTH!

  21. @Daniel

    So, let me get this straight. To prove your point, you chose to quote GEORGE CARLIN??? Not exactly the most reliable of sources, and certainly not one with a Christian perspective.

    Also, I directed my comment to DR BROWN regarding the subject of gay activism et al. I did say it was important. However, it’s not the only important thing, nor the most important thing, for followers of Yeshua to be focusing their concern on. Speaking for myself, I have enough to deal with trying to conform myself to the image of the Messiah, without trying to point out everyone else’s sin.

    What we are seeing in this country and around the world is nothing more or less than that which was prophesied in both sections of the Word of God. This world will descend into moral decay and depravity as we get closer to the time of Yeshua’s return. Personally, I’d much rather learn more of the Word so I can be prepared for that day. I seriously doubt whether one of the questions asked of any of us on Judgment Day will be “And what did you personally do to stem the tide of the Gay Activism Movement in America?”

  22. Michael,

    Thanks for your comments, but I must disagree on some points.

    Because the Lord spoke to me in January of 2005 to “reach out and resist,” meaning to reach out to the homosexual community with compassion and to resist gay activism with courage, He will certainly ask me on that day if I have been faithful to His commission. So, on that score, in my own life, your closing comments are wrong.

    I am also convinced that if the Church does not rise up and act in this regard, we will have to apologize to our children and grandchildren, and our most fundamental religious liberties will be under assault. Thus I will sound the alarm whether it is popular or not.

    Do I seek to conform my life to the image of Jesus every day? Of course! Do I seek to do my part in the Great Commission every day? Of course! Do I seek to glorify the Lord in my private and public life every day? Of course! Do I seek to reach the lost sheep of the house of Israel every day? Of course! The list goes on and on. And do I seek to fulfill the Lord’s commission to me to “reach out and resist” every day? Of course! It is “both-and,” or, more accurately, “all of the above,” rather than either-or.

    Finally, when I got saved forty years ago I was told that the moral decay in America was a sign that Jesus was about to return, and I have documented how other generations, beginning more than 1800 years ago, looked at the moral decay in their society and saw this as a sure sign that Jesus was about to return.

    It is far better that we give ourselves to the Great Commission and to being salt and light rather than to assuming that “It’s all coming down.” Perhaps the greatest revivals and outpourings are still ahead?

    I do wish that I had more time to interact here, but my schedule doesn’t allow for that. Hopefully, these comments will help you understand my perspective. Blessings to you!

  23. For any believer or any Christian, no matter what religious background they come from, it is a dangerous thing to hold to the idea or teaching that Jews have a different path to Salvation/heaven; because Paul (a Jew, a rabbi) had a need to be saved and baptized in the Holy Ghost just as did/ do the Gentile peoples of that time and today. To the Jews of His time on earth, Christ preached to them, i.e., Nicodemus, that “you must be born again… in order to enter the Kingdom of God..” So there is no excuse for anyone of us to theorize that Jews’ time is past or that they don’t need the Gospel of Salvation. But yes, they do. “To the Jews first.. then the nations.” So tell them that Jesus/ Yeshua loves them and that they also need HIS salvation.

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