Thoughts On The Death of Osama Bin Laden

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Join Dr. Brown as he shares his views on the death of Osama Bin Laden!

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There is an end to evil and ugly violence, destruction, and hatred; but there is no end to the love, truth, goodness, grace, and mercy of God. The kingdom of God will ultimately prevail, and evil will be fully eradicated!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I look at the lives of those who have given themselves to a cause for destruction and death, who laid down their lives to take the lives of others, and recognize that this is a total perversion of the purposes of God. Then I want to give MY life all the more radically for life, help, hope, truth, and light. I want to give my life to the purposes of God that will change the world.

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  1. Who should be president?

    This country was founded by the occult, has been occultic since its inception, been used by the occult, and will end in occult purposes (though God uses all things for good): no matter what kind of President we have, he will be a puppet; if not, he will be killed (like J.F.K., who tried to warn us of the “monolithic conspiracy”, and free us of the Federal Reserve — that is when he got killed, because he started printing money. This is also what brought Napoleon Bonaparte down. They wouldn’t have bothered Hitler, either [NOT that I am a sympathizer], if he hadn’t started printing his own money.)

    Some rule through erasing debts and love; others rule through creating debts (i.e.: the Rothschilds — the “First Family” of the occult.)

    Interestingly enough, the Rothschilds are actually Jewish. The man changed his name to Rothschild — yet another famous and influential Jew to add to the list on that one “Think It Through” series that talks about Jews being called to be world-changers.) This might explain why they helped found the Israeli state, and why they plan on having a global despot “of the blood of Zion”.

  2. In regards to Usama Ben Laden,

    Proverbs 24:17

    “Do not be happy in the defeat of your enemy and in his fall do not let your hearts rejoice…”

  3. Dear Dr. Brown,

    The problem with your analogy about a Christian going into a mall and killing Muslims in the name of Jesus – he would not be rightly representing Christianity.

    This is not a parallel in anyway to Islam, why? Because 1) you do not have ANYWHERE in the New Testament where Jesus commands us to kill unbelievers or to hate them but actually just the opposite! To love them and pray they be saved. 2) The quran and hadith DO command Muslims to commit acts of terrorism and kill non-Muslims.

    So, yes Usama Ben Laden was rightly representing the teaching of Muhammad. Muhammad was the one who killed 700 Banu Qurayza Jews in ONE DAY! Where did Jesus kill anyone? If a mass murderer killed in the name of Jesus he would NOT be following Jesus’ example.. However if a Muslim killed in the name of allah, he WOULD be following Muhammad’s example which is what the suna is all about..

  4. Although I hope I misunderstood your analogy, anyway, great show so far. I like hearing all the callers opinions.

  5. Question for Dr. Brown,

    Does God only work through, “white” evangelicals? What was your point in making a distinction in race concerning an awakening in the faith based on who get elected?

  6. Eric,
    1. They have very very few verses calling for violence.
    2. The earlier writings of Mohammed didn’t call for violence, while the latter ones did — and they trumped the earlier writings that said believers in the Book should be told, “we believe the same as you”.
    3. Qur’an has been changed over and over and over again – takin verses out, nullifying other verses — check out Father Boutros’ humiliation of their texts. He has a bounty of $50M on his head on the part of radical Islamists, since many (possibly millions) of Muslims have turned away from Islam to embrace Christ through his ministry.

    Anyways, love!

  7. I think you weaken the foundation of the big picture when you start making race specific comments like that and isolate listeners who are not “white” yet are born-again Christians. By the way, I am AA but don’t approve of pres. Obama but not b/c of race but b/c of his anti-Christian stances/policies. I must also add that I was also unapproving of Bush as well, not b/c of race but because of his compromise on Christian truth when given a chance to speak for it. But finally, I think we, as Christians should be more concerned with who is aligned with Christ than what side of the political isle they stand on…

  8. Dan1el,

    There are many ways to go about responding to this;

    1) Study Islam, the quran, hadith and their history. Study the life of Muhammad, he conquered BY the sword at conversion or death…

    2) Why don’t you fly over to the Middle East and teach the new leaders of al qaeda, hezbollah, the Muslim brotherhood, the PLO, hamas, etc etc and countless other groups of Muslim terrorists. Why don’t you go over there and “teach” them true Islam? I mean surely the ones who live where Muhammad lived, speak Arabic, were born Muslims don’t understand Islam as well as you? Surely you, an American understands their religion better than them, so why don’t you clear up those misunderstanding for them?

    3) If that doesn’t work, why don’t you hear it from Muslims yourself? I’ve heard sheikhs from Lebanon explain how the goal of Islam is to take over the world by the sword if necessary. Why not go to ex-Muslims and ask them why they left Islam and then ask them about terrorism in Islam?

    Why not ask your own source Zakariah Boutros? Why do you think he has a $50 million bounty on his head? Is it because of the lack “violent verses”, you claim, are in the quran? Obviously not, you just defeated your own point. Anyway, since you are appealing to Zakariah Boutros, he is a great teacher, and you should listen to him when he says Islam promotes terrorism.

    A few sources to go check out:

    Ex-Muslim, Walid Shoebat speaks out against Islam.

    Check out what the congressman of Florida said. This guy actually studied his history and is not trying to be “politically correct”.

  9. This is a spiritual law. “You reap what you sow in life.” (Or to put it in a worldly language, what goes around comes around.)

    Osama bin Laden sowed killing. He planted seeds of killing. So what he planted he reaped a harvest of his own death.

    Osama bin Laden was not a 1 man show. The Radical Islamics will most likely be charged up to attack USA. They are not going to rest with what USA have done to their leader.

    Protect us Lord.

  10. Eric,
    I grew up with a Muslim extremist — actually, he trained at Tamiami airport to be a pilot, on top of that. I know what they’re like — I was forced to become a Muslim, went to mosque (and University of Miami meetings), began learning Classical Arabic, etc.,…

    Actually, the point I was making was that these extremists “pick and choose” the teachings they want, and ignore the others (not that it is inspired, anyways). There are FAR more verses calling for peace with believers in the “Book” than for war; but they ignore them, or nullify their power.

    Check out Father Boutros; he destroys their teachings, and makes a public humiliation of them.

  11. Debbie,
    “Osama” is a CIA farce. It is a made-up story, created to make havoc, dissent, bigotry…

    “These things I hate… those that stir up discord among brethren…”

    It’s just one of the heads of the beast – the seven things He hates.

    God bless you.

  12. Dan1el,

    Again, you are appealing to an authority who disagrees with you. Zakarias Boutros would be on this side of the argument which is that Islam ultimately teaches terrorism and that the goal of Islam is to take over the world and use the sword/jihad if necessary. These so-called peaceful teachings of Muhammad are abrogated.

    I really don’t understand how someone who claims to be an ex-Muslim would disagree that radicals are not following the suna. Even most moderate Muslims would acknowledge Muhammad’s deadly lifestyle and the things he did.

    Anyway, I really don’t want to continue this, God bless you and take care bro.

  13. Daniel,
    So, your saying this whole “Osama bin Laden death” is just a hoax?? That Osama bin Laden is sipping lemonade somewhere laughing at this whole media outburst?

    Daniel you would get along great with my nephew,(He is 25 yrs old) he is into conspiracy theory too. He also thinks the whole 911 event was really done by USA.

  14. Yes, I think we agree — just let people know that Islamic Extremism isn’t even true Islam, since MANY verses calling for peace are abrogated by a couple verses calling for war.

    This is a transcript from Boutros’ show:
    “That’s a commandment — fight — and that commandment abrogated *124* verses concerning peaceableness, among those verses…”

    …found here:

    Spread it! Love.

  15. The evidence points to Daniel’s conclusion. The truth, God knows. @Daniel. People are not going to believe you, they will try to make a joke of you. But if you are right, then you are Jeremiah the prophet of today, nobody believed a word he said either and treated him as a joke.

  16. Because of a few things…

    Doc Marquis’ (former Level-3 [Master] Witch & Illuminist) “Arrival of the Antichrist”.
    “NWO, Secret Societies & Bible Prophecy” (2 1/2 hour documentary, made by a Christian). Very well-made documentary that seems to agree
    A few Alex Jones’ shows’ worth information.

  17. Eliyahu Moshiach,
    I’m not making fun of Daniel. I like Daniel. He is my Christian buddy. I may of been funning with him. Thats about it.

    Why Eliyahu, do you believe bin Laden is still alive?

    Hey, if bin Laden is still alive, then Big Deal. It doesn’t effect my live one way or another. Why is this news about bin Laden being dead? What is the goal of this?

    Eliyahu, Are you saved? Do you follow Jesus? What nationality is your name?

  18. Debbie, coincidentally, there was an article threatening Britain (or was it Europe?) with NUCLEAR retaliation if Osama ever died. They said they have the bomb planted, already.

    This is part of the planned demolition of “the whore” on the part of “the beast”.

    Invent “Osama”, invent “Al-Qaeda”. Wreak havoc, blaming it on “Osama’s enraged followers” — and the end-goal is to create such chaos (but not to reveal who is making the chaos), confusion; and to beat the “chattle” (their words) over and over and over, “leading them from one disenchantment to another” (their own words), “the chattle will CRY OUT for peace, for we cannot find it under our own rulership — and we will be happy to oblige…”. The people will cry out for a leader to deliver them from the chaos (which was manufactured for this very purpose) — and, in the midst of the global chaos, a “savior” will appear, and solve the problems (which THEY, THEMSELVES caused): “a global despot of the blood of Zion”, i.e.: the false Messiah.

    In John, Jesus told [some of] the Jews “they wouldn’t believe Him because He came in His Father’s Name — but if ANOTHER would come in his OWN name, they would receive him.”
    This “ANOTHER” is — what? “Another” — Messiah.

    This “false messiah” will bring in “false peace” through “causing deceit to prosper” (as averse to the Truth prospering under Jesus’s leadership), and (contrary to Jesus), “on the wing of abominations, will cause many to be made desolate” (whereas Christ “became poor in order that we be made [spiritually] rich).

    I mean, we could go on and on; but, yes…

    It is a terrible thing that is taking place…

  19. Interesting Daniel. I don’t know what to think of all this. Curious as to what the other followers of the Lamb of God has to say about all this.

    Whatever this is Lord. Continue to protect us.

  20. Good thinking, yes.

    To boot, there is also a scientific article ( warning of a “vortex of death” 2011/2012 due to the Solar Cycle (accordingly, there is an 11-year cycle of war, dating back centuries [or was it millenia? — read the article]).

    Prophet John Paul Jackson said an angel told him the “woes” of Revelation would come in 2012 — which coincides with my belief that the “fallen star” (wormwood) is actually speaking of “fallen believers” (a.k.a. the antichrist — because of the “wormwood” connotation, and its connection found in Deuteronomy 29:18+ : note that IT MUST BE SOMEONE OF ISRAEL — i.e.: a “believer”) This is the same “fallen star” (I believe), of Revelation 9:1 that is given the key to the bottomless pit, to open it, and cause its demonic powers to be released. Who made the covenant with Sheol in the old testament? Israelis. Who will make it today? Christians — to boot, it will be an apostasized Jewish believer, I believe [satan was a “son of perdition” of sorts; next, the type of Absalom is used; after this, Judas was the “son of perdition”, and, in these days, will come another “son of perdition” [the one alluded to in 2 Thessalonians 2] — ALL of these were, at one point, part of “God’s Kingdom”, so to speak).

    The antichrist will be of the people who destroyed the temple and city. Last time I checked, the saints are the city of God, New Jerusalem. Why “New Jerusalem”? What was in “Old Jerusalem”? The Temple; and Presence of God. The New “Jerusalem” is the saints, according to the Word of God — but we are IN CHRIST; therefore, BEFORE CHRIST DIED, [before the Church came out of His Side] HE, HIMSELF, was both “the Temple” AND “the City” of “the Great King”.

  21. Daniel’s conclusions will be belittled by the average human being. Do I believe Bin Ladin is alive? lol. The only thing I really believe in is that Yeshua is Elohim (God) and is the Jewish messiah.

    Yesterday, May 1 was the day Hitler was announced dead, the day of the remembrance of the holocaust and the birthday of the secret society the Luminati, interesting?

    The evidence has brought close business ties between the bin Ladin family and the George Bush family. Bin Ladin Is well known for having been trained by the CIA. Later he gets blamed for 9/11 murders. Evidence points to the CIA being the ones behind it. If was a judge That would be my ruling, I try to be fair and just in my rulings. I was learning to be a religious judge in Israel, I am trained to analyze the whole evidence and testimonies.

    Who created Bin Ladin? CIA. Who killed Bin Ladin? CIA.
    Is Bin Ladin one person or many persons. There are video discrepancies to his appearance changing so dramatically throughout his many videos. Some wonder how he got 3 inches shorter, different jaw structure, larger forehead etc.
    My conclusions: Maybe Bin Ladin is dead. Maybe he has been dead for years. Maybe only one of the persons that was Bin Ladin died. But the CIA chose to kill him so there will never be any more of him. Obama will and has benefitted from this, reelections coming soon. This continues to reaffirm that Bin Ladin is this evil demon of a person to blame 9/11 on. The evidence points to American leadership. But the only thing I go all in for in faith and belief is Yeshua, my God and Messiah! Peace to you all.

  22. “But the only thing I go all in for in faith and belief is Yeshua, my God and Messiah! Peace to you all.”

    Sometimes, that’s all we can be certain is true!!!

  23. Wow!! What a day this is. I agree. The only thing we can actually count on is Jesus. His truth, who He is.

    What you said about the Bush family, I’ve heard that theory before from my nephew.

    I am open to all that is truth.

    Daniel and Eliyahu… You have opened my eyes to more then I can see. Thanks for being open about “Bin Ladin”, whoever or whatever he is.


  24. Is it right if a president / commander in chief of the armed forces of a nation would refuse to authorize the use of deadly force against a known terrorist who has in the past been a threat to the security and safety of that nation, is presently active in planning the same activity for the destruction of innocent lives?

    I don’t know enough about Osama Bin Laden to know if the above description applies honestly and fairly to him or not, but I think it’s a question worth asking.

    If I were president and someone came to me telling me that they know where a certain terrorist is, I think I would want to know all I could about what kind of man he is, what he’s done, and what he’s presently doing.

    I think I would also want to know if the chances are good that he could be brought into custody, arrested alive or not, and then investigate what the legal process should be, and watch and see that what’s done is fair and right.

    I wonder if the man fought back with an attempt to injure or kill.

  25. I just heard on the news that Bin Laden was told to surrender and he refused. He then was subject to two rounds in quick succession, one going into his eye resulting in his death.

    I wonder if he chose to die.

    I heard the area was secured by American forces,
    an elite unit, while a firefight broke out inside some buildings.

    I’m thinking Bin Laden may have been unarmed at the time, or caught by advantage, for he was told to surrender, but I don’t know what exactly happened.

    I think it would have been better for all parties concerned if he would have been taken alive. I’m thinking Bin Laden may have made the choice to not be taken alive for whatever reasons he may have had, but don’t know for sure.

  26. I recommend the book “How Saved Are We?” to anyone who has ears to hear. I’ve bought a few copies already and have passed them to others. May God have mercy on us all, and may we see that we have an oppurtunity to live in such a way that we don’t have to regret our days and years spent hear on the earth. I hope I will seek to take more advantage of the time I have to know Christ in deeper repentance and purity.

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