The Media and Morals

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Dr. Brown gives updates on the polluting effect of today’s media in contrast with Hollywood’s old moral code (the Hays Code).

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let us renew our minds with the word of God. Let us clean our hearts and minds out; let us get rid of the pollution, the defilement, the brainwashing of the culture; let’s renew our minds according to the word, think God’s thoughts, and speak His words here in this world.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We are in the world, not of the world. We are called to be the people of God, to be lights in dark places; Jesus said, “If the light within you is darkness, how great is the darkness!” May each of us purify our souls and lives, getting rid of the pollution and things that arer destructive. May we instead feast on God’s word and truth; may we be changed so we can go and change our world.

Featured Resources:

A Queer Thing Happened to America by Dr. Brown: this book chronicles the amazing transformation of America over the last forty years, literally, from Stonewall Inn to the White House, and addresses the question head-on: Is there really a gay agenda, or is it a fiction of the religious right?

Is Homosexuality America’s Greatest Moral Crisis? [DVD: Brown vs. Boteach Debate]: Dr. Brown and Rabbi Shmuley engage in an impassioned and eye-opening debate on the Bible and homosexuality and on the effects of gay activism on society.


The Hays Code:

Motion picture producers recognize the high trust and confidence which have been placed in them by the people of the world and which have made motion pictures a universal form of entertainment.

They recognize their responsibility to the public because of this trust and because entertainment and art are important influences in the life of a nation.

Hence, though regarding motion pictures primarily as entertainment without any explicit purpose of teaching or propaganda, they know that the motion picture within its own field of entertainment may be directly responsible for spiritual or moral progress, for higher types of social life, and for much correct thinking…

General Principles

1. No picture shall be produced that will lower the moral standards of those who see it. Hence the sympathy of the audience should never be thrown to the side of crime, wrongdoing, evil or sin.

2. Correct standards of life, subject only to the requirements of drama and entertainment, shall be presented.

3. Law, natural or human, shall not be ridiculed, nor shall sympathy be created for its violation.

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Other Resources:

Cleanse Our Eyes! A Call to Consecration in the Area of Entertainment [Voice of Revolution article] by Bryan Purtle

Engaging Culture, Congress, and the Media w/Pat Mahoney [MP3 CD] Pat Mahoney, who has been on the front lines of cultural engagement for more than twenty-five years, will provoke you to godly action and inspire you to rise up and change your world in the life and power of the Spirit.

How Saved Are We? by Dr. Brown: This unsettling book challenges us to ask ourselves what kind of born-again experience we have had if it calls for almost no personal sacrifice, produces virtually no separation from the world, and breeds practically no hatred of sin.


Revolution: The Call to Holy War by Dr. Brown: This book is not a call for the violent overthrow of the government, nor is it a call to take up arms, nor is it a call to political activism in and of itself. It is a call to something far more extreme, a call to live out the gospel…