Dr. Brown Weighs In On Current Issues

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Dr. Brown shares his perspective on a number of different issues, including Kobe Bryant’s $100K fine; Time Magazine on Hell; Donald Trump on Christianity and the Bible; and the recent deadly storms in NC.

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: At one and the same time, we must be gracious and fearless; at one and the same time, we must balance grace and truth, and be models of civility and courage. In Jesus, it can be done. He is our example.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Perfect love does cast out all fear. Love never fails. Jesus is the perfect example of that never-failing love. Surely if we follow in His footsteps, we will win people to the kingdom of God.

Featured Resource: School of Cultural Engagement 6-CD Course (A course that had been offered at FIRE Church featuring various speakers over a six week period touching on key topics and issues relevant to today’s culture and a call for the saints to engage.)

Other Resources:

Revolution: The Call to Holy War by Dr. Brown: This book is not a call for the violent overthrow of the government, nor is it a call to take up arms, nor is it a call to political activism in and of itself. It is a call to something far more extreme, a call to live out the gospel…_


How Saved Are We? by Dr. Brown: This unsettling book challenges us to ask ourselves what kind of born-again experience we have had if it calls for almost no personal sacrifice, produces virtually no separation from the world, and breeds practically no hatred of sin._


The Great Debate [DVD] Dr. Michael Brown tackles the perennial issue of suffering and the problem of pain with leading New Testament scholar and agnostic Dr. Bart Ehrman at Ohio State University.

  1. If Donald Trump ran for President, I’d vote for him. I think he is a very, very honest man. He makes things happen. I believe Donald Trump is a doer and will make things happen.
    A while ago Donald Trump had lunch with Pastor Paula White. He asked her to have lunch with him. A good sign. I truly believe that the Lord is drawing Donald Trump unto Him. Good job Lord.

    I see a lot of fruit in Mr Trump.

  2. A good and honest businessman wouldn’t necessarily make a good President. How would he do with Pakistan and Israel and Iran? It takes a big man, or, woman to fit the whole bill. No offense meant. His ego is big enough–that seems to be a prerequisite for the job.

  3. Is anyone under the delusion that the powers-that-be are going to let ANYONE except one of their own become president? We have no hope in this world.

  4. Daniel Dude (couldn’t resist 🙂 ),
    Don’t hope in the world. Hope in Jesus.

    Psalm 91…is not only the soldier’s prayers, its ours too.

  5. Help me understand what you said, Daniel. The powers that be are whom? And the conclusion regarding no hope in this world comes from? Daniel, consider too how one’s loyalties are formed and work, as to what expectations are involved. What is our part in your equation? What other equations might be possible to draw a different conclusion? Help me out here, Daniel.

  6. I haven’t heard much talk from Donald Trump about what needs to be done with government, and what direction it should be going.

    If I was running for president, I think I would like to talk to as many congressmen and senators as possible and see if any of them have any good plans on the budget, making government smaller and more efficent and if I find a few with some good plans I would want to name them, work with them, talk things out, walk some things through as much as possible, and let people know what to expect if I was elected.

    And I think I would talk about a nation that assumes the sun will always shine and that the birds will always be singning while we marry gays and kill babies, how ignorant it is to live like that.

    I want to talk about getting energy indepented in about 5 years and what it would take. I would like to look at the numbers and find out how much the government is missing out on revenue because America buys foreign oil, and how that money should be used to pay off the deficit in as little time as possible, like maybe a ten or fifteen year plan.

    And I’d talk about how we can get by without producing pornography and selling it to the world, and how we can get by without gambling.

    If people want poker clubs I think they should have them. People have bowling clubs, golf clubs etc. They could form leagues, have classes to learn to play poker, and play for chips, bottle caps, matchsticks, or whatever, and if they have a tournament there could be cash prizes to the winners, while we shut down gambling casinos where people gamble their money away. We can do without those things.

    We need to be thinking about how the angels of God watch this nation and also everything this nation does.

    Is it right that the most prosperous and influential nations on God’s earth should be doing the most things contrary to him?

    Is such a thing right?

  7. It’s simply amazing that people are being duped into believing that this advance of immoral behaviour won’t have a negative impact upon our children. Working for the Navy I already see how much we will be shackled in our language towards the homosexual lifestyle. A survey was done which my son-in-law and daughter took part in about the new DOD policies with regards to homosexuals. The questions were slanted to try and encourage(too nice of a word for the verbiage) the desired answers.66% of the Marines questioned don’t want the change and think it will negatively impact operational readiness. I feel truly sorry for the Chaplians and Pastors in the Military today. The DOD already has tied thier hands with respect to many issues of the Bible. Now they will not be able to comdemn homosexual practices as sinful. If that isn’t restricting religious freedom I don’t know what is.

    The 800-278-9978 number isn’t working. Hangs up. I am a torchbearer and would like to purchase this series. Thanks.

  8. People, Donald Trump isn’t going to be a good President either. We have to get away from the Republican = Good, Democrat = Bad. The RepubliCats are one in the same. They’re not after the value of this nation. Donald Trump is a perfect example of what is wrong with politics. He puts that “Christian” name with himself, and we prove that the American voters are lined up to vote.

    What’s he going to do to fix these issues? The only thing he’s said that everyone agrees with is that Obama isn’t any good. We need to quit with the belief that these parties are somehow different (yet, every 4 years, the same issues from Republicans and Democrats are being raised as something to be fixed). And let’s quit assuming that Christian means a great leader. Thomas Jefferson was an outstanding leader, and while I don’t believe he was an atheist, he certainly wasn’t a Christian.

  9. Kobe Bryant – Should apologize to fans, families, team, and NBA for unsportsmanlike conduct. No, he shouldn’t use slurs but there probably wouldn’t have been any outcry if he’d have only used the 1st “F” word….WHY NOT?! The sports commentators chuckle about it on this clip…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t84p7mcK2Pk and make a joke about shutting your TV off if you have children watching. Wow. Would the NBA have dropped him a $100K fine for using only the 1st “F” word? Would he have lost any endorsement deals? Would the team have penalized him for that?
    I’m not a Kobe fan. Wasn’t before this incident and I’m not now.
    I don’t think the NBA should be making such a show of obeisance to the homosexual activist organizations.
    Donald Trump – Running for President? As a Christian? Another wow.
    Yes, I hope the Lord truly encounters or has encountered him and I hope we all get to see the fruit of his experience with the Lord.
    As for supporting him on that basis at this present time…. nope.

  10. To LOF;
    Tried it again. Didn’t work. I get a voice recording and then it hangs up after 5 seconds. I am trying 800 and 1-800. I am trying with my cell phone. Will try tommorrow with my land line. Thanks for the response.

  11. Donnie, we checked with our phone team, and things appear to be in order. If you have any further issues, could you email info@askdbrown.org with the time and any other relevant information so we can find out the issue? That would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

    Marcus French
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