Joel Richardson Interview; and Sorting Out End-Time Theologies

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Meet Joel Richardson, and hear his perspective on the importance of the Middle East, Israel, and Islam in the unfolding of the end times events! Could the Islamic “messiah” be the antichrist? In the second hour, Dr. Brown sifts through different end-time theologies!

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There is a redeemer. He will come and establish His kingdom on the earth, and every knee will bow to Him, every tongue will recognize that He is Lord. And He is not the one that the Muslims call “the redeemer,” He’s the one they wrongly call “Esau,” rejecting the Son of God. He will come, and Muslim knees will bow, Muslim tongues will confess that Jesus is Lord. Let’s pray that God will hasten that day!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God will keep His promises to Israel, and they will be literally fulfilled. God wants us to be living in light of the return of Jesus; He will appear, and we will become like Him, and we will be with Him forever. How, then, should we live today? Let us live righteous, holy, and godly lives, as we look forward to and hasten the day of His appearing.


Joel RichardsonMeet Joel Richardson: Joel Richardson is a husband, father, artist, human rights activist, bestselling author and speaker. Joel has a long history of outreach to the Muslim community. He is the author of a comparative analysis of Biblical and Islamic eschatology entitled Islamic Antichrist, the co-editor of the pro-human rights collection, Why We Left Islam: Former Muslims Speak Out and is the co-author with Walid Shoebat of God’s War On Terror: Islam, Prophecy and the Bible. Joel has been featured on, or written for numerous radio, television and news outlets across the world including Glenn Beck, the Gordon Liddy Show, the Dennis Miller Show, Chicago Public Radio, the Steve Malzberg Show, the Sid Roth Show, Jewish Voice Today, the New York Daily News, WorldNetDaily, Front Page Magazine and many others.

Featured Book by Joel Richardson:

The Islamic Antichrist: The Shocking Truth about the Real Nature of the Beast

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  1. Dr. Brown,

    I was so startled when you took my call that I forgot to thank you and Joel. So, “Thank you, now!” I temporarily lost my manners..

    This was such a timely broadcast for me. What is most striking is how the Muslim thinking has turned things around profoundly, “putting darkness for light, and light for darkness.” It’s especially sad for the average every day Muslim that just goes through the motions of their religion. Although, having recently read the Hamas Charter, it does seem that those same little guys are to be devoted to bringing up and educating the children for a new generation of jihadists. This is what is most worrisome. The next generation being more and more violent.

    Again, thanks for a very timely, informative and enlightening show. Another homerun!

  2. Hello,i am just an outsider who reads Holy Scripture,but,i would like to say the following :
    At this point in time,there is little or no serious persecution in America or Britain compared to China or Iran,a mixed-blessing situation which is furnished,i feel,by the pernicious ‘oil ‘n water blend’ of Church and State in both nations – yes,both
    ( if the two commandments within Luke 9:60 were to be obeyed by those who call Jesus ‘Lord’,boy,things could change).
    The closer we get to the end times,the more important it becomes to dispense with misconceptions which (intentionally or unintentionally) disempower and/or desalinate western disciples,or which fail to equip and prepare them for the period ahead – especially Cessationism,Reformed Theology and Dispensationalsm.
    As the heat of persecution is inevitably turned up on a global basis(Matthew 24:9),the need for the conscious companionship and guidance of the Holy Spirit will become ever greater ; the closer we get to the opening of the seven seals and to the 42-month warfare of the beast,the more vital it becomes for every single bondservant of the Lord to be baptised in Holy Spirit as on the day of Pentecost,and to have a balanced,objective understanding of Holy Scripture (including the people and place of Israel,and of salvation itself).
    I believe the book of Acts and Second Covenant Scripture in general,knows of no such category as ‘non-charismatics’ or ‘calvinists’ – in there firstly,we find disciples on whom the Spirit has fallen,who have been baptised in Holy Spirit as on the day of Pentecost – and,those who have not ; secondly,we find side issues about which Paul says let each one be fully persuaded,and major central issues about which he says ‘ do not be deceived’/lead astray.
    In the case of the first,anyone happy to leave ‘non-charismatics’ as they are would do well to consider if Peter and John would feel the same way ( see Acts 8 for details,and see Proverbs 28:23 and Galatians 4:16 for anyone reluctant to risk the friendship of such ‘shortchanged’ disciples for the sake of unity). In the case of the second,Calvinists would to well to ask themselves if Reformed Theology was established by the Spirit,and by conversion – or by the sword and coercion ; they would do well to ask themselves if they should sit at the feet of those who love their enemies,or those who want them to be put to death (note John 16:2-3) If they are willing to dispassionately find the answer,they should read ‘The Reformers and their Stepchildren’ by Leonard Verduin. There is also a free article available by Dan Corner entitled ‘His ashes cry out’ – type that into a search engine and read it (meaning the ashes of Michael Servetus).

  3. My view is that the rapture of the church could occur anytime from today to the time of the abomination of desolation which will usher in the wrath of God in the bowl judgements.(7th Trumpet)

  4. I am so SICK of the SICKNESS that goes on in today’s world. Whether it is online, whether it is people who say they are Christians but show zero fruit. I’m sick of the pervertedness, the cheating, the stealing. I’m so “Sick of the Sickness.”

    I’m at the point where I can’t even trust Christians. Its like everything is just a big game.

    Phil Hellmuth is a famous poker player. He said one time…”Poker is my Life”. Well I say… “Jesus is my life”, but I feel like I’m walking this lonely path of God by myself.

    Sick of the Sickness.

    Lord you are up to something.

  5. Christian,

    Do you have a church that you attend? I was just wondering if maybe you shouldn’t look for another one that has prayer meetings and that does community outreach. You know, one that actually offers fellowship and walks the walk, talks the talk.

    Members of my church have t-shirts that we wear when working in the community. It says on the front, “Don’t go to Church!” Turn around and it says, “Be the Church!” That’s our motto. Love the people in it!

  6. Forgive me for sounding like a downer. I guess I needed to vent.

    Thank you Sheila. I like the motto your church has. That is what it is all about “walking the walk” not just “talking the talk”.

    I also feel like something BIG is going to happen in the spirit realm. Real Big Changes I feel is going to happen. On the verge of an spiritual explosion. To the point where it will bring the church closer to the Lord as the way a baby snuggles upon its Momma for comfort.

    Again TY Sheila, sounds like you have a great church.

    I’ll be fine. 🙂

    Forgive me for going off topic.

  7. OH WOW!!

    I broke down and went to Amazon and looked into Joel’s book, “The Islamic Antichrist”. Amazon offered me a free download of “Whispersync” in order to read his book immediately on my PC. So, I took them up on it, and I’ve read his book. All I can say is, WOW!

    Finally, an escatology that I can see is well thought out and does not need to be stretched or manipulated in the least. No torturing of the Biblical texts to be found. I think Joel stole my word pad documents and wrote his book with them…just kidding, of course. 🙂 I was on the right track and he and I do see things alike, but, he tied in the missing pieces that I was lacking!! The study of “The Islamic Antichrist” will open the eyes of anyone who knows the prophets and/or that is willing to let them speak for themselves.

    Highly recommend Joel’s book. And the recent turns in the Middle East are now seen through different eyes. I guess I was thinking with an American mindset when I was happy for the Egyptians to oust Mubarak! Now I feel sad for the little guys there. As Joel explains Islam cannot manifest itself as a “separation of church and state.” So, I guess we’ll see, shortly, who steps in to power in those countries that are experiencing upheavel.

    Highly, highly recommend Joel’s book! And you don’t end up feeling terrorized. You end up feeling stronger in the Lord and willing to stand up for your Christian beliefs after being educated in the truth.

    I ran into another book by a former terrorist from Palestine, who is now a Christian, it’s called “God’s War on Terror: Islam, Prophesy and the Bible” by Walid Shoebot. I purchased that one too and will start reading that today.

    This was a great program, Dr. Brown; very, very timely!

  8. I don’t mean to “hog the blog”, but, can anyone recommend a book which outlines the prophetic significance of the fall feasts? How they would tie into the end times?

    I’ve purchased a couple that were completely empty in regards to how they promoted them!

  9. We have to go to Daniel in all sobriety of interpretive intention. His vision of the Age of the Gentiles is the foundation of end times interpretation. Whether the detials are found in what happens around, in, and to Israel is not in question. Forces, intrigue, evil intentions are all portrayed there, and in the context of the alliances made, and the attempts to undo what God establishes from the entangled mess of Gentile dominance.

    Certainly Psalm 83 has the leftover locations of the Greek invasion, where its generals ended up, and the number of the prophecied confederacy of destructive intention surrounding Israel. Certainly the Son of Man, He who is “cut off”, and the often enumerated “timeline” interpreted with nuances of possibility. And, the final Kingdom which overtakes all others is the offering of Hope in the overall news Daniel’s Angel advances to “those of understanding”.

    Could all the descriptions of detailed aggression be those of emerging Islam, the Mahdi, etc. Could be. And too an Apostate and/or vain Jew who strikes a covenant with such a one. One thing that seems outstanding is that Revl. 11 is a future confrontation between what emerges religiously and politically in Jerusalem and the power of heaven–represented in two “Prophets”. That these are at odds with something about the mix of events, and are seen locally and internationally as confrontational of whatever compromises are made in Jerusalem is the case.

    I have written elsewhere that an unconsecrated national religious heritage center, or Temple, in Jerusalem, coexisting with the Islamic structures on the Mount would set the setting for the essential issue then being about Atonement, and its front and center concept of Tenach and Brit Hadasha requirements to have indeed truth and grace in the mix of displayed religion. What is the value of a New Relgious Heritage Center without real conformity either to the passing Covenant, or the New One?

    The fact of the unusual mutual regard of the Orthodox for one another to set a new unity by a New Sanhedrin is established, with Temple instrument construction, developed Temple Plans, a preexisting Altar ready to go on a moment’s notice, a Temple Priest school being built in Judah, etc.–all point to the determination of these Jews to act out inherent religious scripts and with presriptions of intention.

    These scripts then seem paramount to establishment of Daniels times of the End, more than the law of Moses, the Promises given to David as to establishing His throne in Jerusalem, or the requirements that salvation be established of the Jews. In other words compromise for simply having the Center up and running seems more in mind than the requirements of sanctification, as are scriptural and given to the Nation.

    Not only may Jesus return to take on the Nations’ armies coming up against the chosen city, but too simply to deal with the incomplete matters set long ago by both covenants which a blind compulsion to have such a Center at the cost of sanctification will present. Restoration is then totally incomplete without the real Messiah, though its elements be assertively enacted and regarded.

    It is a matter too of identity. As Netanyahu has stated, with antisemiticism growing, and displacement of Jews continuing in most nations, the Identity of Heritage in the history of the Land of the People of the Book becomes part of the formula for spiraling along toward the end of the Age, rolling events and conflicts toward the Appearance, and the splitting of the Mount of Olives on the reentry taking over the centerpiece contest becoming moot in time over Moriah.

    Moriah, Moriah, they call the wind, Moriah. It becomes the element of the Spirit, where all the winds converge on Jerusalem for the Shout which overcomes all winds.

  10. Those with “an ear” should HEAR what the Spirit is saying to the churches . . .

    -Read and pay attention to who is and who has always been the enemies of Israel-past and PRESENT

    -Look at the CURRENT signs of the times-and read Matthew 24 and/or Luke 21. In the US alone-911, Then Katrina,,,the economy

    Or-Worldwide ? earthquakes, famines, wars, turmoil . . .
    -Jesus said “By your tradition, you make the Word of God of no effect”
    Folks, the Europeon this and that ? Nothing more than TRADITION. It is past time to get over that ‘tradition’ .. .
    -Jesus also said (in answer to the question “How shall we know…?) He said PLAINLY, “You’ll know by the fruit”

    Joel Richardson is yet another sign (in the LONG list of signs . . .) that the end of this age is FAST approaching.

    He’s got the fruit. The biblical fruit-from Genesis to Revelation.

    My Gosh , read Matthew 24-or Luke 21 (end times) -then read any major headlines within the last year, year and a half

    Then, ask the Lord to guide YOU-and show YOU.

    Don’t ask Him to show you ‘tradition’.

    Ask Him to ‘show you the TRUTH. “The Fruit”

    Like I said-Joels’ got the fruit. All of it . . .

    One of the reasons , scripture says, that the crowds ‘loved Jesus’ was because ‘He opened up the scriptures to them, PLAINLY’

    Joel is doing the same.


    Read Matthew 25. HALF OF THEM DID NOT ‘MAKE IT !’

    Joel Richardson is definitley a sign of the age we are in.

    Are YOU listening ?

  11. Moderator
    My kid needed the computer-for a “time sensitive” project that I had ok’ed earlier.

    Please feel free to use “Spell Check” on my previous comment !

    I was, truly, in a rush !


  12. i listen to mike brown on the radio feel privleged that ive heard him speak at my church bfore and now have popped into this site too. humbled too as there is so much to consider with a keen ear and mind ready to rightly divide truth. humbling. hopefully, prayfully always letting the spirit speak. May the Lord help us all to be sober-minded in these times. I know i need to move forward in that direction.

  13. I like the comment about dropping the fantasy traditions of European Theological dogma, the scripture is Yerushalyam centric, not Washington dc, Brussels, London, Rome, Madrid or another Japhetic nation, including the Russia the favorite for 100 years of Van Impes and their ilke. Just as an Edomite named Herod sought the death of Yeshua so will the Beast seek the destruction of the Woman & Her Offspring. One fantasy taught with the pre-trib rapture is a 7 yr tribulation. Daniel & John both consistently teach 42 month period war in which the saints are overcome because they loved their lives not unto death. The 7 yr thing is a smoke screen to cover the lack of a pre trib rapture, because Satan knows many will actually try to time their repentance that is not repentance at all. The pre tribulation rapture is the holy grail of replacement theologists.

  14. Although I’m a Latter-day Saint (Mormon) and have an eschatology that’s a bit different from most here, I do think Richardson is on the right track. I think the resurrection of the Ottoman Empire is a correct call and I have to say that I was so tired of hearing fellow Christians talk about a resurgence of the Roman Empire and trying to make the Vatican the seat of the Antichrist! It didn’t fit, just as the pre-trib rapture didn’t make sense. I married an Iranian gal and I, too, have had extensive dealings with Muslims, not only from the Iranians but many from Afghanistan.

    I also had many dealings with Palestinians, and I’ve never met a more hateful, vengeful people. When they have money, they generous to a fault and when they don’t have money they’re insufferable leeches. But when talking about the Jews, it’s like talking to members of the Third Reich! Even Palestinian Christians don’t believe the Bible. You can show them right from the scriptures (Isa. 11, etc.) and they just don’t get it. Their programming completely takes over.

    Anyway, only time will tell. For my money, though, Richardson called it.

  15. He sounds very scholarly. But then I wondered… Who is Joel? What are his credentials? So I tried to find out his story? Well there isn’t one that I can find, I can’t even find his testimony or where he went to school, someone like him must have a serious education. Does anyone know anything?

  16. It is my fear that the falling away from the church mentioned by Paul might in part be a by product of this belief in the “Rapture”. How many western Christians will become disillusioned when it becomes apparent that their lives will be adversely affected during some near future calamity. Why is it that so many Americans believe that they are the only ones worthy to be spared from this trial? Tell a Chaldean Christian in Iraq not to worry because they will be “raptured” before any tribulation.
    Many blessings to you all. Richard

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