Principles of Awakening and Revival

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Are you hungry for more of God? Have you wondered what a real revival would look like? Are you ready to open your heart to the Spirit of God in a new way? Dr. Brown talks about the nature of true awakening and our great need for it today, and hindrances and helps to awakening.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Revival is not needed when everything is wonderful, when the fire is burning, and when we are living in our first love; but revival is needed when we’ve fallen away: when we’ve become worldly, cold, lethargic, discouraged, or backslidden. That’s when we need fresh fire! That’s when we need a fresh touch from God, and God will fill the hungry and the thirsty who hunger for Him, who cry out to Him, and put their trust in Him. Hold on, the fire will fall!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: If we build the altar and seek God, if we refuse to let go until the blessing comes, the fire will fall. If we will draw near to God and not quit, one step at a time, God will draw near to us with His massive, giant steps, and we will be revived!

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  1. I believe vision will help us. Elihu asked Job, Who teaches like God? and Who hath enjoined him his way? (Job 36:22,23)

    When I read Job 29, it seems to me that Job had very much walked in the way of God, extending his kingdom on this earth, through the mystery of the ages, his redeemer.

    No doubt that made him a target.

  2. There is a huge revival taking place in the hearts of God’s children that are serious about Him and are ready to surrender everything. It is not taking place in the institutional church system nor can it. This is something God is doing by the Spirit. He is awakening His children to see beyond the 4 walls of a building and into their communities and world abroad.Many people that have been looking for revival for all of these years are looking in the wrong place. Just ask around and find out who is serious about the Lord and who is seeking Him with their whole heart and you will find that they know many others who are feeling and seeing a great awakening taking place which is spreading thoughout not only the USA but the whole world. Jesus is finally getting His bride. She is being purified by the fire of the Holy Spirit. All of the old religous and fleshly ideas are being melted away. All that is required to be a part of this awakening is a pure heart and a willingness to go before the Lord and ask Him to give you anything and everything that He desires for you to have. But you must trust Him, for He only wants your good and His glory.

  3. Peter and Paul went through changes after their adoption, changes that healed, redirected their hearts, and solidified their devotion. It was after Mars Hill Paul declared looking only to Christ crucified, after Peter’s solid rock confession of Jesus as the Christ and his denial thereafter of being with Jesus that he wrote what he clarified through his letters. They were indeed adopted Sons, being changed and disciplined by our Father and redirected their devotion to make their calling more certain.

    To be a Son is not only to be born from above, to bear a Cross, and pursue the charges of the Commission, it becomes in heart and way–as a concordance can quickly confirm–that all NT adopted children of God become like their Master, for the sake of others and Jesus, Servants of God. Sons=servants of the Most High God. It is written the Holy Spirit was sent to bear testimony of Jesus; there is no other incarnation for salvation, justification, sanctification, or commission. Called as Sons, perhaps even to do greater things, but always on the level playing field of the foot of His Cross and for His service.

    Are we willing to lay what can be the vanity of a “ministry” on that playing field? Are we willing to permit the action of the Holy Spirit to complete others apart from our possession and grasp? Are we desiring change for this Generation for His sake, or do we see ourselves as kingpin of regen for the amen? What is the difficulty with such formula faith, that it makes kingpins of regen for the amen as a script?

    The Great Commission remains the stewardship of the Church of God. Christ likeness is utmost devotion to the Father’s redemptive plan for the laying of one’s life down for others. A generation is now in our nation which seeks the way of this world. The ASBURY MODEL OF RENEWAL for our nation can reach out of a shared community of faith by turning totally to the possibility of Christ in Us who call on His Name turning the upcoming present generation to Him, as it was by a small beginning in 1970 due to a covenant of prayer spoken by the few gathering regularly in His Name: for Petition for Him to Come again and visit and rekindle our land’s faith, hope, and love.

    LET US COVENANT TOGETHER TO FOLLOW THIS MODEL, BY MAKING AN ACTION PLAN, TO MAKE SUCH CONDITIONS OF GATHERING FOR OUR HEARTS ONCE MORE, TO BE HUMBLED IN THE MIX OF THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST, AS OUR HOLY ONE: COPETITIONED TO MAKE IT SO. LET US COVENANT TOGETHER TO SO PETITION GOD THIS FALL, 2011, IN ORDER FOR OUR FATHER TO DO HIS WORK IN 2012. LET IT BE SO. This call for action means the VOR could serve Him as a means of proclamation to be employed to so call for such a prayer covenant among us all, spiraling among other believers to let it be so in our nation. What are the present obstacles to the VOR making such a call on the Body of Christ in the USA, and following through with the potential for such an Action Plan? He remains the candlestick of our churches, where permitted to be so. What are the possibilities???

  4. I would do that. Every Christian around the world praying in the Spirit, asking for healing for the hearts of people and their land and ourselves on the SAME DAY is a wonderful idea. One that I’ve hoped for for years now! Let’s do it. Let’s pick a day and get the word out!

    Let’s do it this fall as Jabez suggested!! How about October 1st? Prayer and fasting for a day. Come on, let’s just do it! We have the internet and all of those electronic gadgets, so, what’s stopping us? Let’s get the word out…stop talking and just do it! Together we can move a mountain.

  5. One Day? This is not the model of focus or practice. We don’t just read of the model, then go on to the next good read on this or that other example of this or that. This is a matter for amguish, for covenant prayer, over a three month timeframe. It is not to stroke this or that understanding, feeling, concern, or regard. It is a call to the body of the Messiah in the USA for renewal based on commitment, on Anguish. It is time not to change the channel, get the new book, or buy the new songstream. It is time for covenanted ACTION. This fall, three months, twice or once a week. IT IS TIME>

  6. Well, we need to start somewhere! People that work can commit to a sustained prayer and fast for a weekend. I don’t know how my husband, who works a 12 hour shift could fast any longer than that. There are those whose hearts are always in anguish over this. To get the rest of the body on the same page we need to make a plan. We can’t just keep saying, “yeah, we should do this.” I mean, really, take a day and let them get used to it. If you’re looking for an awakening, you have to first nudge them from their sleep. And if you want solidarity, you have to get the word out, that’s what I’m saying. How would you do this? Start a specific website–“REVOLUTION IN THE CHURCH–101”, or, something. Talk to pastors across the country. Put ads in newspapers. What else? You have to think it through and at least start with a plan.

    And I’ve been putting off buying books for a year now. And, I feel guilty whenever I do get anything at all for myself, esp. when I pay full price, which I almost never do.

    I shop at the salvation army, many times buying Liz Claiborne clothes with the tags still on them for 5.00. No extravagant living here! I can account for every dime.

  7. Of course, prayer is the greatest element in our Christian lives, unfortunately, it’s probably the most neglected.

    Luk 1:10 And the whole multitude of the people were praying outside at the hour of incense.

    Luk 1:11 And there appeared to him an angel of the Lord standing on the right side of the altar of incense.

    Jam 5:16 Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working. (The fervent prayer of [one] righteous man avails much.)

    Jam 5:17 Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed fervently that it might not rain, and for three years and six months it did not rain on the earth.

    So, here we have an example of “one” man’s prayer shutting up the heavens for 3 and 1/2 years! And he was praying in opposition to his people.

    Jam 5:18 Then he prayed again, and heaven gave rain, and the earth bore its fruit.

    Are we not all like persons as Elijah is? So, what exactly is “the hour of incense” if not the hour to send up our prayers?

  8. I would suggest discerning the times; vivid dreams have been given some of our fellowship, with Jesus declaring his return is soon. A read of the parable of the ten virgins then becomes our preoccupation, as does remaining watchmen on the walls. We are not talking about another item on an already full schedule. We are not talking about the dissipation of our energies already occurring. We are mentioning an Action Plan for the change of direction of our Nation. It is a matter of choice and definition of action. It is not a matter of what is expedient, but what the model shows: a need to covenant together, to humble the self life, to engage in petition, where once is not the indicator of result from the model.

    Something happens to the heart in pursuit of the relationship and its goals in the prayer closet. There is already an international and national day of prayer. The goal is not to replicate that, but to follow the model for the change of the upcoming lost generation in our country. Following the model God moved and renewed and revived an entire generation. As authority works in a household your husband would not need to always convenant to appear, but someone from your household, as such. And, in the liberty we know in Christ, perhaps simply someone your household is already in relationship with in your fellowship.

    I would suggest going to the original VOR comment on the model, as it has not been posted, and prayerfully reading its history and legacy, then deciding if this is a call to a soundbite moment or something far more sober. Anguish is not a place to arrive at quickly, nor not circumspectly. It will involve servitude to Jesus, and a considered sacrifice. Perhaps covenanting with other believers to form a consistent team would work for you, I do not know. This Call is between you and Jesus, not you, me, and Jesus.

  9. Revival may very well happen outside of the Church buildings.

    When I read Acts 2, I considered that the house they were in when the holy spirit was given may have been some house other than the temple. It may have been some house they were meeting in daily somewhere in Jerusalem.

    Some will tell me that this would have been contrary to custom and all, but I find it interesting that my Bible says simply “house” rather than “temple”.

    It seems to me that something new (Pentecost of Acts 2, the giving of the holy spirit) could have happened outside of the temple, in another place.

    If some want to preach that the holy spirit was first given in the temple on that Pentecost day, they will do so, but I will not be convinced that it is so without proof. I will always wonder if it happened in some other “house” that was more of what I think of, when I hear the word “house.”

    Something new can happen anywhere. God can do what he will do wherever he wants to do it.

  10. I see I overreacted and internalized the book thingy. I apologize, Jabez.

    Concerning revival, I was thinking along the lines of Yom Kippur. It’s October 8th this year, not the 1st. This is a national day of repentance for the Jews, a day of intense soul searching. It seems natural to me to follow this same pattern because we could then be in unison with our Jewish brothers and with the Church members around the world.

    Yes, in America we have a National Day of Prayer, but, this comes up in just a few weeks on May 5th this year. I was thinking of being able to get the Church members from other countries to be with us on the same day. Although, Yom Kippur now involves a 24 hour fast for the Jews, I was thinking it would work as a model day for the Whole Church to stand in solidarity, repentance and renewal for the forgiveness of our sins. Knowing “That God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

    And if it’s not between you, me and Jesus and all believers, then, I don’t yet understand what you are aiming at. I was thinking revival involved many souls stirred to repentance and then to praise and then to action. The Day of Prayer is just that. I don’t know if a whole lot of repentance with soul searching goes on. I’m not saying it’s not good to have this day, but, you were talking about a move of the Spirit next year, so, I was thinking of involving the Entire Church Body and then, too, I am absolutely praying that an even greater number will be participating in the future. It seems we are only looking for one Great Move of the Spirit when we could have one, and then another and another, each year swelling in attendance and seeing the fruit of our labors grow. Our True Church is a worldwide one. Why not all call on God at the same time? Tears will fall. Hearts will be broken and then repaired. The Spirit will convict us, bring us to our knees and then lift us up again with our voices in praise and worship and then move us; move our feet out into the communities of the people who need to know Jesus; taking the love of Messiah to our fellow man. When I think Revival, I think a move of the Spirit to save those who are lost, not just to strengthen those who are already saved. I am moved and revived when I commune with God any time at all. I thought we wanted revival so that we can move others to repent who do not know their Savior? We want revival to bring our fellow man to “their knees” and to salvation and then to praise of God. Perhaps it will only start with souls in anquish for the lost, who work believing in the Power of the Gospel to bring repentance and then salvation.

    I understand the Asbury Model started with a few students in a “regularly scheduled” prayer meeting and then swept the campus. But did those students have jobs to work? Can we realistically expect members to walk away from their jobs; I don’t see how. Of course those of us who seek the Lord often in prayer know that we can pray anywhere, at anytime, but, in order to complete a work schedule it takes focus on that task at hand. Can fathers walk away from their families; realistically? It is those same members of the Church who labor daily that are the ones who support the various ministries. It seems Paul worked a regular job making tents and then went out to preach the Gospel, not wanting to burden those who he preached to. But, we agree that, “the workman is worthy of his hire.” So, I’m just wondering why Revival has to be always spontaneous. Certainly the Lord most definitely planned the day of Pentecost. Why can’t the Ministers and Evangelists plan a day for all members of the Church to be together in Spirit with one accord? What is wrong with that?

    Is there still any such thing as a National Council of Churches? What do Pastors and Ministers talk about there? Do they not feel somewhat responsible for the state of the flock? I hear those in positions of authority within the Church talking about “the state of the Church today”; well, did not they ask for the job? Perhaps it’s they who lost the Fire and the candle of their church is flickering out. There are untold numbers of us who are on fire and who are burdened for the lost and we want to see change sweep our nation; we only need to unite ourselves. I say we make a conscious decision to take the first step together and to stike out in the same direction with the same purpose. What in the world is wrong with planning to meet with God? Didn’t He set apart specific times for His children to do just that?

    I don’t think Jesus spoke a condemnation when He said, “Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes will He find faith on earth?” I think it was a challenge to make the answer a resounding YES!!

    Jonah 3:9 Who knows? God may turn and relent and turn from his fierce anger, so that we may not perish.”

    Jonah 3:10 When God saw what they did, how they turned from their evil way, God relented of the disaster that he had said he would do to them, and he did not do it.

    All it took for the people of Nineveh when they heard of the judgment to come, was repentance in dust and ashes and in fasting, calling on God, in order to turn away His anger. Were they not “revived” in that hour?

    We don’t give God enough credit for being merciful and gracious and for turning away His anger when His children call out to Him. Perhaps revival will start when we trust in Him without reservation. When we truly pray believing. When we acknowledge and receive anew His Mercy and His Grace. “Or do you despise the riches of His goodness, forbearance, and longsuffering, not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance?” (Romans 2:4)

    And, perhaps, when we contemplate afresh the profound realization of all of God’s goodness and blessings, the love which God has for us, which truly is beyond our comprehension, I pray that it swells up from the depths of our hearts, and so much so that we want to give His love away to others because it is to magnificent to keep to ourselves! We already possess the Fire of the Spirit, we need to burn in our desire to give it away.

    In my mind, that would truly be revolutionary in the Church. A burning desire to give all of our blessings along with the Fire away.

    Joe 2:12 “Yet even now,” declares the LORD, “return to me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning;

    Joe 2:13 and rend your hearts and not your garments.” Return to the LORD your God, for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love; and he relents over disaster.

    Joe 2:14 Who knows whether he will not turn and relent, and leave a blessing behind him, a grain offering and a drink offering for the LORD your God?

  11. I am hoping that the Billy Graham E. A. will pick this up if there is apathy on the matter here; to date it is simply incomprehensible that those contacted at the VOR are not getting the significance and potential of picking up and promoting the model, as such.

    As for what I wrote on an Action Plan and my remark on between you and Jesus, it was not to oppose planning together, I rejoice on your October suggestion. It was to address what seemed to be a loud clammor of a busy signal as to everyday life. The point was that there are ways to approach it household by household.

    And, Ray, if you read through Acts the Holy Spirit is given indeed more than in one instance. It was in the upper room originally, then at other gatherings in other places. It happens indifferent sequences in different cases of how or where they first heard the Message, and/or had already received either the Spirit or the Baptism of John. The point being that it happens, not that we can mainipulate or impart it ourselves (the experience comes from Jesus and the Father in scripture).

    As for covenanting and the possiblilities of a ground swell response for our nation based on the Asbury Revival model, it is similar in instance to what happened in Acts, however, it first includes the petition prayer of 2 Chronicles 7:14, and, in a sense Ps 81:13 and as to other situations of regard of the promises related to letting God be God while responding in faith (i.e. when Paul is sent off with tears to Jerusalem after years in the mission field, by Gentile leaders. It is a precious moment, for, at that moment, in spite of his own early history, he declares himself “innocent of the blood of all men”. Something has transpired between him and others as a result of suffering for those to become convinced fully of Jesus Christ in the nations). Is suffering had given birth to a mature and responsive group of fellowships–with appointed elders–from among the nations. His travail and hard work of lingering commitments–not drop in and drop out “ministry moments”–had paid off. Christ was faithful in all his house, so to speak.

    And here we have the challenge expemplified, i.e. to lay down all our preconceptions of formulas of revival based on church history alone, and let God do the work himself by the demonstrations of such in Acts, and in the Asbury model. Even David Wilerson has remarked that the renewal is coming, and without the interjection of ministies and recognition of ministers, as it so flawed the charismatic renewal over time. The error was to make disciples for themselves, not for Jesus; and to not let Jesus be upheld as our teacher, as such. Dallas Willard’s call to return Jesus to the place of discipling us is perhaps the Kingdom insight moment of the last century–which the Pentecostals and Charismatics have missed mostly altogether.

    And I write not as one opposed to signs and wonders following the Message, but, with the sober understanding that we do not preach ourselves, but Him, and ourselves as others’ sevants for His sake. This is hard wrought comprehension, given me through losses, suffering, and joy (II Cor. 4:5). As I wrote, this is not some call to vainly be regarded as kingpins of regen for the amen, it is the call of Christ on us to unite, and make an Action Plan. I have brought it here to ICN, but if it is not soberly regarded or picked up as such, I will have to be faithful elsewhere to get this Call going.

    Let us pray here. Sheil, I will address your specifics more later, but see that you are catching the V I S I O N to let God do the work where we set our priorities as His, and let Him be God and us His servant-sons. THIS Revivial is not to replicate putting men in the middle of the relationship, nor to make disciples of men, but of Jesus Christ. It is the calling being placed on the body for this season in Christ. We have to let go of the notion that power is the model, it is not. THe visisation is the model, and its replication by the Holy Spirit directly.

    Let it be so.

  12. So Sheila, I honor your insight. Lets pick it up and label it the Call for a Yom Kipper Revival for the Messiah’s body. First in America, and anywhere else which wishes to joing the effort, using the Asbury Revival Model, as such.

    Here is your opportunity, Michael L. Brown, to pick up the ground swell movement as stemming from this radio ministry and the VOR. IT is time for vanity of assumption–of dropping the notion of Fire graduates as Kingpins of the regen for the amen–and picking up the Action Plan of the Yom Kipper Call for Revival for our Nation. It reveals an intention of solidarity too with the Jewish community, and their own sober regard of mature comprehension of the meaning of that among community event. It also separates the notion of this 2012 revival from Gentile awakenings, embracing the notion of a larger possibility and witness to the People of the Land of the Book.

    I implore you brother to pick up this notion, for this time, for what our Father can do, and now help plan and organize this effort, as the center of the wheels spokes so to speak. And pray for Billy Graham’s last preaching to the Nation, in the Way, in 2012.

  13. If a pastor isn’t happy with the “state of the church today”, I suggest he turn over it’s condition to the Lord and find out what would please him.

    Job 33:14
    For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not.

    My idea of church is that it should be a place where justice and mercy are done according to truth and in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ,
    the primary aim being reconciliation of souls to God, resulting in reconciliation to each other in righteousness and in truth which God has called us to walk in by Jesus Christ.

    Is there any sin known to man that does not leave a victim wounded? There are secret sins but even those affect the sinner and because he himself is wounded he may be inclined to hurt others.

    Every wrong done is an opportunity to restore. Every victim of wrong doing should have the opportunity to come to a place where judgment and justice are done, where matters will be heard, where what happened will be looked into, where the facts will be found out, where through prayer and scripture seeking, it will be found out if indeed and offence was done, and that it was indeed something that is the cause of some present distress, and the plea of “Please have mercy.”, will be made on the behalf of the oppressed, to the “oppressor”, (whoever that may be at the time) where there is no favoritism shown, where people in the church known how to hear matters, acertain what happened, are willing to go to both parties involved, doing the same for one as for another, where people are trained to find light in dark places, praise the Lord no matter what, walk through the things that need to be walked through, go with another more than just a mile, give them all that is needed, and have faith in God and in the good news of Jesus Christ.

    While the church is doing all that, the pastor can give himself to prayer and the teaching of the word. (Acts 6)

    Living like that could be revival.

  14. I forgot to add, “after first going to that one alone in private, and if he has not been heard,..then take one or two others …”


  16. Jabez,
    I pray the Lord use you in extraordinary ways in the times ahead according to his will and your willingness / ability in Christ Jesus.

  17. Amen and Amen!! And I am agreeing in prayer with Ray concerning you.

    I agree, Jabez, to put the Lord first, so, let’s step out in faith and solidarity and allow the Holy Spirit to work His work. “Oh we of little faith.”

    I agree to be a humble servant in this endeavor!

    Let’s just do it and stop bemoaning
    ourselves. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” I have a voice and I’m not afraid to use it to get the word out.

    Dr. Brown, I believe your radio ministry is about to pay off–big time! We hear you and we’re responding to your message.

    Please use your ministry to organize this event as Jabez suggested!

    The Christian Post had this to say on Billy Graham. I couldn’t find any date where he had decided to give one last sermon. But, he did say what it would be about:…/billy-graham-and-his-last-crusade-47730/

  18. The Asbury Model was unique, as covenanted directly between God and His people. Billy’s message is an answer to prayer. I would suggest, since he lives in No. Carolina, to invite him to Fire Church to preach., or to rent a large center in the area as sp sponsored. Let it be so. Let us humble ourselves, and let it be so. Let us seek the four indicators Dr. Mark (who was my pastor early in the last decade, in Cherry Hills, CO.), to make it so. Let us work in concert together.

  19. Acts and Asbury, where the Father and Son visited His people by the Spirit. Three months of preparatory prayer, by the carefully addressed model of Asbury, starting on Yom Kipper, on Oct. 8th. Inviting our G-d to renew His covenant with us among our people, in this Land.

    Yom Kipper sets the yearly path to life of the faith community. This is the beginning Day of repentance, prayer, fasting, self examination, introspection–all to set the new and renewed path for the coming year (in the chosen Nation’s calendar). That path, we agree, especaily invites our direct approaches to set our relations and ways of relating right, to forgive and be forgiven, to ask for the heart of G-d to be our hearts.

    It sets the refocus on G-d as the model for the community of faith–for those who call upon His Name, in association with Him. This is the Annual Day away from the mundane of occupations, for the consideration of a Holy dedication for all our days of the year ahead. It is seen as a new beginning in all cases of all the practices of Judaism. Levt. 23: 26-32. It sets the path for righteousness in our occupation for the individual, the family, and related communities of faith.

    It begins a different path. And so be it throughout the Fall. To pray for G-d to heal our land, and visit His people in 2012. We convenant together to regularly pray up until 2012, to wait upon the Lord, to seek unity with our Father, His people, and his creation. Yom Kipper shall be this year the rest of rests, the rest we enter into in the case of Christian observance of its significance with our commitment to a New Beginning in the Lord. And we welcome the sense of Jewish meaning to this Day for its set purpose of rest.

    Sober attention to what is heard from the start of the community prayer closet relationship, reflection, and repentance shall be our watchful postion. The call to repentance then begins with this complete rest for us in regard of the Lord and His rest. It is an extra Sabbath Day, or Lord’s Day for those committed in heart and mind and spirit and body to the government of the Lord. We can agree with the Jewish community to look ahead for Messiah Ben David’s reign, for the healing of the Nations, as is promised in their Prophets of Old. We proclaim solidarity with the existence of Israel for this considered purpose, and as the home of the Jewish people. We request healing in and of our people in our land, as well.


    In “the Land of the Covenant”, i.e. this land in current Hebrew useage, we seek to understand not only our own need for sober redirection to the path on which G-d has called his people, but too to uphold His heart, His values, His way. We begin the process of petition this fall to invite THE lORD to once again be the Candlestick of our people, and their heart, values, and Way. WE pensively consider with anguish all our ways, their fruits, and our sharing of community and substance afresh. WE request the Lord to set us right. WE consider the call to love and serve one another afresh.

    We recognize that our everyday lives, hearts, and pursuits have led us astray, as lost sheep needing a Shepherd. We have looked along wrong paths, which have captured our hearts and minds, and now seek the path which leads to usefulness for purposes long established by the Lord, as servants and children of the most high G-d. We acknowledge that our own guilt, of sin from the ways of God known through the Holy Scriptures,and Instruction, requires an inventory of personal mindfulness and our oonduct, that we require a reorientation to our Lord to rediscover His paths.

    To see ourselves as G-d sees us is to see G-d as He is admonishing us: in all our ways to become like Him. Without his reference of morality, law, conduct, and heart we are like ships without anchors, like desert plants serving no purpose but our own. Sin has been committed against you, Lord, against your community by the named sins of scripture and your Commandments. The examination of our own lives is before us and You, we rest on this Day from examination of others, and place Your path before our own feet, requesting steps ahead.

    We have been immoral, with our eyes and preoccupations. We have taken and eaten more than needed. We have judged others not with right judgment. We have defrauded and falsified your way, and your altar. We have despised without cause, been jealous without sound reason, been arrogant in our own conceit, and so been insolent toward You.

    We have sought other Gods befor You. These come from our occupations, dissipations, and preoccupations. Even our religion has come before you as powerless and vain, empty and forelorn, hypocritical and self serving. We have exploited for ourselves, and in your Name. We have looked to men in place of your sovereignty. We have enjoyed special priveledges at the expense of your standards. We have acted in hostility, we have done evil and little good.

    We look to you and You Alone for our atonement, our light for renewal, and our congruity of establishing of You communities of faith, service, and fellowship. We yield to your Ways, on your path, for your purposes. Please, Lord, come, visit again your people, lead us in repentance, and heal our land, other lands, among all others who call upon your Name. Please, Oh Lord, visit us afresh in this next year. Take what you have already placed in our hearts, and decreed in your standards of relationship, sexual conduct, and renew us as your people, and you as our G-d. We appeal then to the G-d of scripture, the G-d of Israel, the G-d who has not left us or forsaken us. Help us to see Your Plan, to embrace it, and to share in our responsibility and considered right of regard of You, creator Lord of this Universe and the whole wide world.

    Though the powers of your creation be shaken, and are shaken, orient us in You, oh Lord. May our hope and plan be of You. We invite you to our family table, our households, our lives and days and ways. We pray to do so mindfully and without such understanding as well, and do TRUST IN YOU. LET IT BE SO. Help us to be your stewards of your regard on this earth. Let it be so. So be it. Let the days leading to this Yom Kipper sober us, call deeply to us, and prepare the Way for your blessing in the days ahead, though they are numbered, as we turn in obedience to you.

    We remember those gone before us, as faimly and friends, their lives, and those who now have served us and blessed us, their lives. Keep us from idols who capture our hearts and minds. Keep us for your coming hour of memory of who will be yours, and assist your rule and reign ahead from Jerusalem. We wear white this day in remembrance of you lighting our paths and cleasing us. We acknowledge our limits, our mortality, our time of service out of redeeming the days, which are short.

    We see your open gates before us, and know, in time, you will close the gates on this chapter of your Plan for us. Help us to sober to see your Plan, to flame the candlesticks of our houses with expectancy, greeting, and to look forward to the complete restoration of your Kingdom from Jerusalem. And, Lord, please heal this, our land for your purposes, and service. WE agree with you on the way. Shield of Abraham, redeemer, healer, faithful begater life to the dead, Holy are You, and Holy is Your Name. Have mercy, and return to Jerusalem, in the Land of the People of the Book. Bless this land by visiting our hearts afresh. Be merciful, bring your justice, we appeal to your righteousness. WE gather togetehr in your Name. WE gather to honor and break this fast with our return home to you. May we perform your will from a perfect heart.

    The great trumpet is sounded, dominion is established in mercy. You sit on your throne with truth. Who shall live, and who shall die, for according to your Name is Praise in the earth.

  20. What is above is in harmony with Jewish Yom Kipper declarations and prayers. I share it accordingly. Now, let us covenant together for the fall, to request visitation in our nation in 2012. Pray too for Billy Graham, that his final Message stage from Charlotte, and announce the coming visitation we petition our Father for. Charlotte brethren contact Him prayerfully for this staging. Let it be so.

  21. There is no treasure city here on earth for any government, form of it, or people to build, for by doing so kings have oppressed God’s inheritance
    and brought to themselves their own destruction.
    Being motivated by greed, pride, and lust they came to their end.

    So in whatever path we take in seeking to strengthen the things that please God, may God direct our steps.

    The United States needs to return to the foundations it’s been working to take away.

    There’s no homosexuality being promoted in heaven.
    There are no abortions happening there.
    There are no gambling casinos either, certainly no pornography of any kind.

    The streets there are paved with gold. The voice of the Bride and Bridegroom is there. There lives understanding and truth. It’s a place of joy and living, eternal praise to God.

  22. I’m sure there are no stores in Heaven too, or cars, OR gas station or amusement parks. A lot of things that are not sinful will not be in Heaven.

  23. Yes, And Acts 3:21 discusses the Return of Jesus in terms of the Hebrew Prophets of Old. We look at what was promised Moses, David, Daneil, Isaiah, John, Matthew, Luke, etc. regarding a future rule from Jerusalem. The present city will be involved initially in the People of the Land of the Book unwittingly acting on inherent scripts regarding their own religious history, its considerations, promises, and incomplete hopes. Conditions to create the scenario of Revl. 11 and the place to which Jesus will return, as promised [as he left from the Mt. of Olives, in Jerusalem in the Gospels] are signs of the end of the age, of the Hope and Promise of the Return. Jesus is returning to Jerusalem for a reason in scripture, not because it is in a present state of readiness, it is not. Yet too, “they will see me when they say blessed is he who comes [present tense] in the name of the Lord”. All of prophecy is summed up in the person of the Lord and promises related to Israel, Jerusalem, and the return. This is not to discount in any way the present and future relationship He has with those born from above in his present adoption. However, our adoption is not completed, according to Peter, Paul and John
    until He appears as he left, and we receive a transformation of our bodies and the opportunity to be with Him as He is.

    Redemptive history, and the adoption of his people are for present and future promise. Though we are part and parcel to His present mystery spiritual Kingdom, it does not yet appear what we shall be. And, around the events promised in the Prophets of Old, centered from Daniel’s people, and Zechariah’s and Isaiah’s city, we have the outworking of the end times, or time of the end: to be completed, of course, in Jesus.

    These days are not days as have been, because of the increasing frequency and intensity of the birth pains of the coming Kingdom. The is the Kingdom promised of the Hebrew Prophets of Old, and we are to wait his arrival with expectancy “when you see these things begin to happen”, to “look up” regarding our own redemption. Paul has let us in on two secrets too of the season for the return:
    1) there is a “full number” of Gentile belivers to “come in”.
    2) then “all Israel” will be saved (see Rom 11)
    and we are requested to work while it is day, and to regard the future adoption of our corruptable bodies–as changed–with hope (see I Cor 15, I and II Thessl.). Jesus certainly gives us clarity in Matthew as to the status of the present city of Jerusalem for his return, and what is there; and Jesus certainly tells us to keep our oil lamps burning–as trimmed and maintained–awaiting the announcement of his Coming.

    Prophetic circumstance then saturates both the Old Covenant expectancy, and the New Covenant expectancy. and although the hope is mentioned as to Jerusalem in the traditional outlook of Yom Kipper, respectfully addressed per the inspiration of Sheila, of So. Carolina, it is a beginning place for the Asbury approach to letting God himself do the work of awakening the church, and renewing her vows so to speak. Our nation is in great peril spiritually just now, and the signs of the times are Laodician according to most indicators. Even if it was simply about keeping on as it had been, say up to the 1970s, we have indications of need for accepting biblical standards of righteousness, justice, and mercy in our land. We must not be blinded by our standards however, as to the need of our population in the USA for regeneration in Jesus Christ, for orientation to his secret Kingdom through the church, and for the practices of the New and Living Way of the New Testament adopted child of God.

    These are not normal times, the birth pains of the arrival of the Kingdom of God in Christ on earth are increasing. Times will become even more difficult and perplexing–if we did not hold to the precious promises of God in Christ. As for revival/renewal, please see comment #20 and # 21
    as forming the basis for what has been of exchange here. It is time, as even the present posture of Billy Graham, David Wilkerson, and many others who suffer violent reproach for the Kingdom, have indicated. These are those whose fruit has stood the tests of time, and whose commitment to the maturing of the body of the Christ in our land is unquestioned.

  24. As for revival here, we lay our own personal expectaions at the foot of the Cross of Jesus Christ. David Wilderson has explained that this is not the season for big ministries to do the work of pronouncement for renewal coming. The renewal of the 1970s began in a good place, yet went amuck by following men who made disciples unto themselves, the remainder of which we can trace to this day, as such. Others faithfully represented the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and changed over time. Elders were appointed, the word faithfully taught, households honored, and stewardship of ongoing Christian service employed to even affect the communities in which these related fellowships were placed. Matthew’s reflection of Jesus’ instructions on ongoing reconciliation in the fellowships was taught and practiced. The leadership of ministry permitted the maturing of believers instead of the dependency of believers on they themselves. These churches matured to offer the teaching of Jesus as our Lord of the churches, our Master, and our teacher.

    But few took the call and charges to love as He loved soberly, circumspectly, and with compassion. The love of many grew cold. Hence, we have the condition of the body in our nation this day. There indeed are alive and active ecclesias as well as those of a form of religion without the saving grace and truth power of the Holy Spirit’s ongoing testimony of Jesus Christ and his Gospel in all kinds of supposed churches in our land.

    We see the indications of vanity, superficiality, idolatry, indifference, religiosity, form without saving power, doctrines of demons, etc. saturating the gatherings of the 80 million who come together weekly supposedly in the name of Jesus. We mostly see the substitution of He as the light of the church with other lesser values and lights–even with great darkness and stupor, as such. We see judgment without orientation to Jesus Christ as leading his sheep astray. We see a lack of what He called the “weightier matters of the law” present, and the continuous making of disciples to lesser loyalities than to Jesus as the living Lord of his people.

    It does not take a PhD to see what is lacking, it takes a visitation of the Father and Son and Spirit to correct what is lacking. Inviting Him directly to do the work is found in the proven Action Plan of the Asbury Revival. It is coincidentally on many elders hearts in our nation that a request for visitation based on this model be solicited this fall for the action of God in Christ for 2012. Billy Graham is preparing, those who will covenant to pray are preparing, and the Spirit himself is preparing.

  25. Second line, apologies, David Wilderson, is Wilkerson, walking man of God, watchman on the walls of the Body in our nation.

  26. I saw something of President Bush on TV where he said something about the fact that terrorists can not take down the foundations of America.

    It seems to me that it takes a wayward president, a wayward congressman, a wayward senator, a wayward governor, or simply wayward Americans to destroy the foundations that have held up this nation.

    Knowing that God loves America and if he will do things to protect it, if I have some common sense, shouldn’t I suspect that we may see more terrorist acts happen against America?

    It seems to me that terrorist attacks can only strenghten the foundations of America.

  27. Alright, since the Lord has been pressing on me for years now to gather like minded people from all over the US, those who are burdened, those who love the Lord and who truly want renewal and revival in the Lord’s Body, and in our country, and to gather the members abroad who are thirsting and even dying for righteousness sake, I’ll just start it and trust that the Lord will bless it.

    I checked yesterday and I can buy a domain name and start a website for 13.90 a month. I’ll have to decide on a name for this endeavor. I tried various names with “revival” in them, and one I tried that was available was, “prayerforrevival” but, is that the one we want? That is the prayer on my heart!!! And it sounds just right to me.

    So, should I go with it, or, not? This will be a fulltime committment if I do. I don’t mind dropping everything else and doing just that; getting the word out for October 8th. I believe the Lord will bless us if we step out in faith.


    Anyone else?

    Send some suggestions, please, otherwise I will chose that name and go for it. And can anyone else work on the website and/or devote some time and resources to doing this? We need a plan. I have 20+ years Management experience and I’m a real people person.

    Qualifications for others:

    “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all of your heart and with all of your mind and with all of your strength; and love your fellow man as yourself.”

    And you need to possess and agree to:

    “A burning desire to give all of God’s blessings along with the Fire–away!”

    Sheila? “Count me in!!”

    “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness; for they shall be filled.” Matt. 5:6.

  28. Well, I had no idea! There is such a thing as a free website! Who would have thought? Obviously not me…

  29. I know a reputable and mainstream net service that licenses a site and assists in its building and maintenance for $4.99 a month. Key is one’s own domain name, likely as two linked may be called for for ongoing site recognition (.org, .net). Free sites seldom give a clear and clean domain name without their particular server paent organization identification. The site involved would be only necessary for about 6 to 8 months.

    Sure, I pledge a quarter of the commitment, but, we need to charter to come up with a common Plan of petition, or approach to the Throne. The leading and revelation received for this came over many months of prayer. This is not a sound bite or consumer blue light special, then to go on to more American life as with business and consumerism as usual. It is a petition for repentance commitment, restitution of relationships, change, and for God to intervene.

    Sure, it could begin with a YK day, but look at the model of inspiration and replication as to how God honored the request from those gathered in His Name from Asbury. I looked on You Tube recently and most of the school Presidential comments are there, as cited in what I first proposed in response to a message given on the VOR. The message was indeed examined in my prayer closet, and pensively so. It came up short and exhalted men.

    Asbury was not manipulated to be orchestrated in any way, but followed an orderly process of trust, hope, and love. Asbury’s revival, like in the book of Acts, was a direct intervention of the Spirit, as was ased on the direct petition of those gathered to request His visitation. And, as in Acts, it spilled forth to other gatherings in other locations (in the manner in which God himself chose). Jesus had told the disciples the Plan for that process in Acts.

    Asbury did not place anyone in the middle of its process, as in Acts (although the Apostles certainly interpreted and spoke to others noticing the scene, and to witness of what was transpiring, as to its meaning and connection to Jesus the Messiah). These cases in Acts and at Asbury indeed involved the faithful and those first converted soliciting, receiving, and permitting, not controlling the process. Setting up individual and Apostle accountable church government and related conjoint activity happened after this. This second effect is to be left to those visited as a result of gathering as One and is not a component of the call itself (though happening in different locations). We do not need a stadium for this Plan, but a schedule and statement of intention for Action, dates of commencement, and a clear purpose and Plan of Action.

    This is a sober event from its Holy Day connection initial fall call. Yom Kipper usually is practiced after other connected Holy Day intentions, pledges and practices of gathered local communities leading up to it. What we are looking to and for has already been stated. It is not about Kingpins of the regen for the amen. We are not looking to make disciples of men, but of Jesus the Christ as to what may be the result of the Fall season of penitence.

    In a sense most recent revival happenings in our nation were conducted with the luxury of total freedom of practice; from the start of planning I request boundaries of the cited scripture and models (YK and Asbury) for covenanting together on this one. It remains sad to date that the communication processes with ICN are all gatekept to the point where direct dialogue without having to word process interchange is occurring.

    Articles on the VOR from the cadre are posted like they are coming down from Sinai to the masses at the foot of the mountain. Yet we all share the level playing field of the Cross of Jesus–the only candlestick of the Chruch.

  30. Well, I appreciate it, Jabez, but the truth is I spent most of the day designing and learning how to lay out a page and basically just blundered my way through and came up with a simple webpage that really needs some input. I chose it to eliminate unsavory pop-ups and advertising. We wouldn’t want any surprises. It’s simple, it’s still in it’s infancy. It fact, it was just birthed today. Don’t want to give the baby up just because it’s ugly–it’ll grow out of it’s wrinkles. 🙂

    Anyway, the address is http//

    Sign the guestbook if you drop in. Keep in mind this was my very first attempt at anything like this and I just wanted to start SOMEWHERE. It can be changed and reworked and all parts rewritten at any time. I’ll work out the kinks after Passover.

    ברך את פסח

    I hope the Hebrew above translated to this page. It’s supposed to say “Have a blessed Passover.”

    In fact, I need to go.

  31. …to not run ahead, or behind, to light each step, to work in commmunity, for His Glory…

    I confess that a website is the least of protocols of this call, we are still prayerfully waiting dialgoue and mutual leading for consensus.

    This call is not a crafts approach, though certainly that is an element of its communication. It is not a call to jump ahead, but to consult, commune, and Plan, then extend communication in whatever form and resulting identification it emerges to be.

    I can latch on to the Yom Kipper or Holy Days call for the fall at this juncture, but await other confirmations to step by step proceed. Perhaps telephone or email communication can clarify the vision and what was heard in prayer in the first instance. This is a sober call, a gentle call, a pensive call.

    Our responsiveness to the battle then is with all the Rangers, not the Lone Ranger and Tonto, to be in his light.

  32. i do embrace a Yom Kipper or Holy Days intial calling. I cannot embrace what is on the proposed site at this juncture. What I heard was a word from the Father. I must be faithful to that word. There is a need for a preparation of gatherings for prayer for a change of direction in our Nation. There is a need to follow the Asbury and Acts model, not to jump ahead of the Call. There is a need to achieve a community call. It must involve a three month period of scheduled gatherings and petition. Christ will visit on His terms, not ours. Recall, Sheil, that you recently communicated that being direct and corrective if needful was offered.

    Please remove the site at this juncture, it is premature. In the Messiah, Jabez

  33. OK, Yes Ray, vision will help us. In response the committee now formed for Petition this year for a visitation next year is roughly in pursuit of this thought development at this time:

    Topics for development:

    (As gleaned from posting #21 on D. Popovici’s/Eric Gilmore’s original posting)

    1. Conditions of upheaval and precarious need presenting in the 1970s, and conditions
    today in the United States
    2. Parallels between the visitation of the Holy Spirit at the Asbury Revivial and in the
    recorded record of Acts
    3. The movement that changed a Generation of North Americans

    (Development afresh)

    4. At the Precipice: what constitutes conditions requiring people associated with
    Biblical faith to petition G-d en mass?
    5. How do conditions today parallel those in pre Nazi Germany, of certain periods of the
    Roman Empire, and as to
    totalitarian expectations in nations surrounding Israel in the Middle East. Is
    Israel a true scape goat for human
    frustration and unfulfillment? Can a negative ventilation in any case possibly
    give birth to a positive outcome?
    Why the world looks to Israel, what we long for of her, and what is her National
    Heritage and Hope?
    6. It is it too late? What does G-d require of his people as a remedy
    a. a brief examination of Kings and Kingdoms in the Jewish Bible
    b. a brief examination of Kings and Kingdoms from the point of the birth of Jesus
    Christ into the Common Era
    c. conclusions, Messianic expectations, and pensive considerations of desired


    7. “If my people….”
    a. Billy Graham prepares his final message to America and the Whole wide world, with our prayerful support
    b. Christians and Jews conjoint support and the founding of the USA
    1) Jewish financing of the Revolutionary War
    2) Jewish forgiveness of the encumbered debt
    3) Christian composition of the officers of the Revolutionary War
    c. Washington’s future vision, call, and completed duty over the danger to America’s
    people and faith
    1) Groundswell communities united/unite
    2) The moments that it could go/could have gone either way
    3) Who heard and responded to the CALL to arms and intercession
    8. Covenanting together as One.
    1) The Yom Kipper Model
    2) Let G-d be Lord: the Asbury Model vs. inappropriate religious manipulation
    3) A Covenant Call to Communities of faith in the God of the Jewish scripture,
    Tenach and Brit Chadasha
    a) Yom Kipper and the need for Atonement as affirmed by God’s words and
    b) Awaken you sleepers: Anguish and motivation for intercession
    c) Three months of petition and preparation
    1 Two initial days of gathering, intercession, confession, and statement
    of intention
    2 A humble response to the CALL
    3 Gathering weekly into the first week of 2012, expecting G-d to come through the Ruach Ha Kodesh
    a repentance, confession,retribution, and petion
    b a request for visitation; assertion that G-d is G-d, the potter,
    and we are His handiwork
    c a request fof G-d or change for North America and by partners

    This is the outline of the committee’s current regard.

  34. Thanks, Pamela. I’ve got a long, long, long way to go. I re-worked the front page (actually that’s all there is right now)and there is so much to learn. I was tired of just talking and hearing about it, so, this was what came out of it. I’ll still drop in. This is a cool place to talk!

  35. Ok, that webpage and the url is going off line. I’m going to go with “Fat Cow” and it will be back up on May 10th, 2011. Same name: prayerforrevival, so we can spread the message.

    Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated! I’m stepping out in faith and will see where the Lord is leading me. It’s nice to know I can trust Him completely. Wherever He leads me, I’ll follow.

    I think my endeavors are a product of reading Dr. Brown’s books, taking advantage of his free resources, taking a class from him, listening to his broadcasts and interacting here, not to mention a burning need to actually do something for my Lord; something positive and worthy of His Glory and Honor.

    Like I said, I’ll still listen to his broadcasts and drop in to talk. It’s been a great motivating factor in my life!!

    If nothing else, I’ll learn how to build a website and that’s worth something.

  36. Consultation has occurred. The site will be up for the month already encumbered, then will migrate to a new site. Now, all join us in praying for the 2011 DAY OF ATONEMENT CALLING. A foundation committee is formed, with the basic outline principles already shared here. Let the Spirit be the Holy Spirit. He, not we, is being requested to revisit, reaffirm, and renew His People. Please covenant with us to pray once a week starting Oct. 8th, expecantly for God to revive His Covenant people and the whole wide world after we rest our petitions in early 2012 at His feet (the Cross, and Moriah). Thanks, Jabez

  37. Requests also for the foundation committee to be of one mind, spirit, and way. That we may literally go to Calvary and Moriah in early 2012 and lay the petitions of millions for Revival there, at the places of covenant ATONEMENT. Let it be so. –Jabez

  38. I invite Marcus and Michael here to consult on a VOR Article on the emerging CALL, to lower the gates, and renew the people of God as One.

  39. So, Silent Spring by Rachel Carlson brought the attention of some to toxic environmental conditions from humankind’s technical responses to challenges involved to keep the environment both productive and healthy to serve us. It was found that a symbiotic relationship was needed for humans to be stewards of the environment, not simply users of it. Applied human technologies were encroaching on the health of the planet, the food chain, the oceans, the lands, by putting out of balance a resulting toxic and negative affect.

    This kind of human use apocalypse of the environment was confirmed too by all those Viet Nam vets who got cancer due to agent orange being used by our military in that country. Agent orange was crafted to wipe out vegetation by the Defense Department to defeat the enemy by exposing his movements, uncloaked, out in the open. The problem is that it continues to cause cancer and denude parts of VietNam.s environment to this day, as well as has caused death and destruction on our troops who entered its territory of application.

    Other balancing forces have prevented a truly silent spring to date, yet this remains a threat in that region fifty years out. We have mention of a trumpet in the Revelation where, on its administration all the grass and 1/3 of trees are “burnt up”, in a difficult future for planet dwellers thereafter (is this vision coming by alike applied human technology? As used to destroy enemies by one side or other of ongoing planet conflict? Or does this occur supernaturally by God’s decree? Increasingly we see what Jesus proclaimed as to birth pains of the Kingdom in Matthew, the environmental descriptors correlate with the human depictions of warfare and conflict, which apply human technology.).

    Let us not be silent here as to entertaining blind acceptance of dividing the Gospel of its concise and true potential, where so. Three times in the NT what Paul calls “my Gospel” is compactly defined. It is the basis for a Biblical fulfillment of the Day of Atonement.

    What is the Gospel of Jesus then? If it was given in the fullness of time, and was finished on the Cross of Jesus Christ, shall we become a camp divided by insisting to this addition or that one as personal matters of preference as to its essence of completion, its related Godly charge of Commission, and its conveyance? It is all about Jesus, and results in His community indeed.

    A history of revival is not necessarily a template which aligns over the the record kept in heaven in the Lambs Book of Life as to who are his and, as recorded, when and how they came to be so. Jesus determines who are his.

    We request the prayers and support of those who read, post, and publish postings here for the 2011 Day of Atonement Call to Repentance, Restitution, and Revival (for the Lord’s visitation by His Spirit then and especially so in 2012). Because of the aforementioned site provider to Sheila’s first effort of an associated URL site attaching unwanted advertising to its proclamation, it will be moved to another provider soon as time permits.

    We request also that the purity and certainty of its conveyances not scatter the intentions as clearly stated as accomplished by the New Covenant work of Jesus in the New Testament. Our devotion is to Him, not we ourselves, or our committee’s efforts for self glory.

    Please join us in praying for clarity of this Call’s communication, heartfelt intentions, and respect of the affect of the Gospel as it is to be sown anywhere, and everywhere, as such. A Call to Repentance then is a Call to renewal for God’s people of His covenants, and a Call for God to do the work on all continents; this is inconcert with as it was so in Acts as to the matter conversions, New Life adoptions, and as revealed in the 1970s at Asbury as to His own works confirmations.

    The Call is to His people, who call themselves by His Name, first here, and with partners now forming abroad. It is not something this effort pretends to orchestrate, but to organize, communicate, and by the means of the Call to synchronize, as such. That He will increase, then we decrease.

    Responding community prayer in the Fall of 2011, and into the first week of 2012, then expecting our Lord to answer these covenants of conjoint petition so made is in the mix. Such a renewal is a pledge to renew the watchman, warrior, and warfare elements too of the Body of the Messiah worldwide. We have been under the physical- literal, spiritual, and ideological assault of forces contrary to the Gospel Paul called his own to be conveyed to everyman (by affirmed direct revelation on the hearing of it, and by the inner confirmation of its witnessed power carried of its simplicity and provision of Atonement of the Cross of Jesus Christ). The Call as will be posted as to be made on May 10th, for gatherings in the Fall on and after the Day of Atonement, Judaism’s Yom Kipper, is a call to depart from human centered means and ways of intervention, to Christ centered means and ways of intervention for present equipage and need for the people of God worldwide.

    That we employ the humble appeal to the Agent of the Holy Spirit, in the Name, as to His considered response to our petitioned renewal is the vision. That we not employ renewal appeals by contrived, pump em up, and whip em up human engineered and centered means of religious persuasion, or to make disciples unto ourselves, which denudes the spiritual environment even to this day is our conviction. The Gospel of Jesus–for the application of the Commission of ministry given at the end of Matthew after 40 days of instruction on the King and Kingdom to the Apostles–the waiting at the upper room, and in other instances in the book of Acts for God to confirm and do the work of belief in the One who was sent in people are in our memory of regard. We will extend the Call humbly sought in a season of anguish, repentance and restitution of relationships past damaged in our lives, and by our religious practices, which may have become self indulgent practices of sin and idolatry over time. Upholding these denudes the environment and has damaged the essential Message of the Atonement of Israel’s Messiah. He came, He visited, He Atoned. He will return as He left. In the meantime we occupy, and too need His Holy Spirit, His instruction, His relationships.

    The formation committee requests your prayer for moving in the way of the Call in respect of recorded gatherings in Acts and the alike Asbury model in composing our clarity of ideation, intention, and communication advocacies and responses. That the Lord be reestablished as the Lord of his people, and our common teacher, that His requirements for Atonement be respected above all religious agendas,be prayerfully accepted and embraced, and that He be returned as our head, our Master, our past, present, and future Kinsman-redeemer.

    He had a plan over 1900 years ago, in the Fullness of Time. He has a Plan now for our Renewal and Revival. Let it be so.

  40. Well, my goodness! Anyway, I just wanted to update my plans for a call to the Church to awaken and join together as the Body that we were called to be. I’ve been greatly inspired by Dr. Brown and his guests, as well as his books on revival. This has been on my heart for some time now and after considering that my endeavor can only produce good fruit, I decided to committ to it. So, this is the new address, which is still under construction, but, will be set for the same day, May 10th.

    I’ll still drop in and listen to the great broadcasts! They’ve inspired me to do more. 🙂

  41. Good Morning!

    It’s May the 10th and the website is up and almost a todler now… 🙂

    So, the “Call to His Church” website is at that exact address:

    Our committee has decided to Call the Church to Prayer and Repentance for the purpose of Renewal, both within the Body of Christ and more specifically in our renewal to Serve the Lord! The dates are set and the Call is going out as of today!

    Dr. Brown–Just want to let you know how much you’ve motivated me to do this! To be motivated to just start “somewhere” in faith.

    Thanks, God Bless!

    I’ll be back to visit though. It’s not like I’m going to the moon…

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