Dr. Brown Interviews Former Iranian Muslim; and Biblical Prophecy and the Middle East

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Dr. Brown interviews “Iraj,” whose conversion to Christianity and ministry to Muslims keeps us from publishing his full name! Hear his story, and continue the discussion on the significance of the Middle East in biblical prophesy.

Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The blood of Jesus has been shed for a great harvest among the Muslim peoples; and there will be a multitude that no one can number among the Muslim peoples that are saved in the days in which we live. I believe that with all of my heart. It is going to happen through God using you and me to demonstrate to them who this Jesus really is, what it means to be forgiven of our sins, what it means to be redeemed, to be given a hope of eternal life, and the unconditional love of a Father who sends His Son for us. That’s a message that will transform the lives of Muslims, starting with the person you know and work with.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God does not discriminate between Muslim, Jew, Black, White, rich, poor, male, or female. God’s love for the entire world is deep, rich, wonderful, and constant, and the blood of Jesus that was shed purchased Muslims in every part of the earth. These Muslims, when they come to faith, will become among the greatest evangelists the world has ever known. Let’s come together in faith to see the greatest harvest of Muslim souls in history. I believe we’re in the earliest stages of it, and we will see amazing things in the days to come._


iran More about “Iraj” and Light for Islam: Light for Islam was founded by a former Muslim born and raised in a country in the Middle East, who for over 30 years was a practicing Muslim. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1978 and converted to Christianity in 1979, and has been living in the U.S. ever since. His upbringing in a Muslim country – along with his studies in the religion and history of Islam – has made him an authority on this subject. He often lectures and teaches in different churches around the country. Read more here.

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  1. Please have Iraj comment on the need for Muslims to understand the reality of sin and the need for repentance. Thank you

  2. This was my first exposure to your ministry and program. The interview with Iraj was extremely informative. I hope you have him back in the future.

    As a Christian I have a great love for the Jewish people and their special purpose in His plan. May you be blessed for your efforts to spread the truth of Jesus Christ to the Jews.

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