Why This Jew Believes in Jesus

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Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I remind you that His name is Yeshua, that His mother’s name is Miriam, that He’s not the Son of Mr. and Mrs. Christ, He was called Christ because Christ is the Greek way of saying “Messiah.” He didn’t come to establish a lovely new home and garden religion called Christianity. He came to fulfill what was in Moses and the prophets, and He fulfilled the prophecies that had to be fulfilled before the destruction of the second temple; in fact, He prophesied it would be destroyed, and that our people would be scattered for many, many long years before being regathered. He died because we all fall short. He died, the righteous for the unrighteous, the innocent for the guilty. He died in fulfillment of that toward which the sacrificial system was pointing, life for life. As we turn to Him in “teshuvah,” in repentance and faith, and ask Him to forgive us and wash us clean, He will give us a brand new life. “Taste and see that the Lord is good; truly happy is the man/woman who puts his/her trust in Him.”

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There are scores, and scores, and scores of sound, biblical reasons for every Jew in the world to follow Jesus as Messiah; there is not one biblical reason not to follow Him. Through embracing Him, we become a light to the world and take the knowledge of God to the ends of the earth. Through embracing Him, not only are our own sins forgiven, but we can take the message of forgiveness to Jews and gentiles around the world. That is the the mission of the Messiah; we become co-laborers with Him.

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  1. I have a Jewish friend name Ellen. I love this lady. Well, a while ago she said to me she wants to start going to church because she noticed the Christians she knows has such peace in them. She wanted that peace. So, she started going to the Catholic Church. I said, “Ellen why are you going to that one?” She told me, The Catholics do a lot of traditions the Jewish religion does.” I said “oh”.

    Well she eventually left that church, I guess she wasn’t getting the peace she wanted.

    People who want peace can not find it in Religion. Jesus is the one that gives us peace that surpasses all human understanding. Shalom(perfect peace, nothing broken, whole)

    I loved hearing the testimonies on today’s radio show about the Jewish people who surrendered their life to Jesus. How complete is that.

    Bring them in Lord. Bring in the sheep of Israel to your Kingdom.

  2. I am praising the Lord, Blessed be His name, for these stories and testimonies of God drawing back His people to Him so tenderly and lovingly! Let the name of the Lord be praised, for His mercy endureth FOREVER!! Amen!

  3. Glad to learn you’ll be doing a show soon regarding Rob Bell. I thought of him today when I came across this quote by J.C. Ryle:

    “I feel it a duty to bear my solemn testimony against the spirit of the day we live in, to warn men against its infection. It is not Atheism I fear so much, in the present times, as Pantheism. It is not the system which says nothing is true, so much as the system which says everything is true. It is not the system which says there is no Savior, so much as the system which says there are many saviors, and many ways to peace! It is the system which is so liberal, that it dares not say anything is false. It is the system which is so charitable, that it will allow everything to be true. It is the system which seems ready to honor others as well as our Lord Jesus Christ, to class them all together, and to think well of all.

    It is the system which is so careful about the feelings of others, that we are never to say they are wrong. It is the system which is so liberal that it calls a man a bigot, if he dares to say, “I know my views are right.” This is the system, this is the tone of feeling which I fear in this day, and this is the system which I desire emphatically to testify against and denounce. From the liberality which says everybody is right, from the charity which forbids us to say anybody is wrong, from the peace which is bought at the expense of truth – may the good Lord deliver us!

    ~ J.C. Ryle

  4. Re: Debbie Fraser, her friend Ellen, and the Catholic Church

    Thank Yeshua Hamashiach that Ms. Fraser’s friend did not join up with the Catholic Church, as their current Pope is making a stance against the nation of Israel, by siding with those who are trying to get them to divide up the land.

    Sadly, the Catholic Church really has nothing to offer the Jews, Christians or anyone else who really follows Yeshua, for the seem to be ‘double minded’ in what they say and do. I would tell the Jews to be extremely leery of this Pope, the one to come, and Catholicism as a whole.

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