Dr. Brown Shares His Heart about Jesus Revolution and the Line of Fire (and a Wonderful Testimony of Jewish Salvation)

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Friends, we’re about to take a step now, beyond where we’ve been, to a national radio audience. Do you know what that means to me? We’re going to see a real revolution. Not one of anger, hatred, intimidation, or violence; no, a Jesus revolution that overcomes evil with good and hatred with love, and the power of the flesh with the power of the Spirit.

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  1. Matthew 5:6
    Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.

    I can see your earnest desire for righteousness and I am with you. I truly pray it be filled in Jesus’ mighty name.

    Thanks for everything you do for our Lord.

  2. So some people say they are pro-diversity.

    Pied and Humanism. I find these two words interesting when I look them up in the dictionary.

    I believe all this trouble which is of the flesh will result in a spiritual renaissance.

    Jesus wears no variegated clothing that I know of.

    I’ve seen clowns wearing such clothing in parades
    and circuses.

    Variegated is another interesting word to look up.

  3. Thanks for the recorded testimony which increased the cycle of life upward to a generation of Holocaust survivors. Thanks for the assertion of God’s Plan for marriage and family. Thanks for your expressed desire reflecting your wife and your prayer that a generation would be touched in this present time.

    I wonder too if your cadre has considered the Asbury model for letting God do the work in the present generation? Its report is both efficacious and humbling, as well as permissive of God’s ability to directly change a generation. As such, if God’s people would covenant together to pray and seek his face with humility, as did residents at Asbury’s dorm for months prior to God’s visitation there and to an entire generation soon passing, this year, such a plan could open the floodgates of heaven for the next.

  4. I was first introduced to your ministry through a You Tube link that a friend sent me about a month ago and was absolutely blessed by your testimony. Your committment to and passion for the Gospel are truly inspirational for me, as I am dealing with my own “demons” that only the grace and love of Jesus Christ can deliver me from. Thank you for your e-mails from your ministry that allow me to hear messages I know God wants me to hear. May your message spread like wildfire, and bless you as I know in my heart that your heart is Real!!

  5. It’s a shame that Dr Brown, Ze’ev and his father were lacking a solid foundation in Judaism and a real relationship with G-d before they were presented with the gospel message.

  6. Ellis, You are a shame to God. Talking of a relationship and misguiding your own follower jews who take what you say as truth and being so blocked to even know Jesus. I remember you saying at one time that Jesus never existed and now changing your stance that Jesus existed. I wonder how the jews who even rejected Jesus would feel if you told them that Jesus never existed. I see where you come from. Jesus is the Lord of Israel, One with God the Father almighty.

  7. I wonder if John the Baptist had a real relationship with God before he was presented with the gospel message.

    I suppose he did. Most of us had to be presented with the gospel message first, it seems to me.

  8. John the baptist was ordained and anointed by the Lord in his mother’s womb. Plus John was cousins with Jesus.

  9. Ray, committed Jews already have an everlasting, inviolate covenant with G-d. (Psalm 103, verses 17 and 18)Remember that the author of those Psalms had never heard the gospel message. He had all that he needed – the Torah itself.

  10. Michael and Ray,

    It seems to me that the covenant or Torah written on stone does not mean that there is a relationship. It would only be a potential relationship at that point. Notice that Abraham was the friend of Elohim and that he kept YHWH’s torah. Whereas we see YHWH doing things for and keeping covenant with the children of Israel for the sake of the forefathers.

    The forefathers, psalmists and prophets seemed to have a relationship that was more than the covenant written on stone. It was written on their hearts. This is when relationship takes place. So there can be covenant without a relationship. In a sense, this is what Biblical betrothal is. But after the marriage is finalized, there is relationship also.

    When we purposefully enter the covenant with all of our hearts, then we have relationship. Then He is a father and a husband to us. (Not that He wasn’t these things before, we just get to experience it relationally after that.) Is this not what the new covenant is? The Torah written on our hearts instead of on stone. Isn’t it when we purposely and actively enter the covenant? So all the children of Israel have a covenant, multiple covenants actually, with Elohim, but each individual needs to actively enter/take hold of the covenant, to love YHWH with their whole being and allow Him to write His commandments upon their hearts and minds.

    “These words that I command you this day shall be on your hearts” is not only a command to memorize the Torah, but to enter a relationship. To join with Abraham in being YHWH’s child, friend and lover. The problem is that we have sinned. We cannot enter relationship without forgiveness. The Bridegroom must forgive us before He will enter the bride chamber with us. He must save us. He must heal us of our waywardness. We are incapable of these things.

    So no one can have relationship with YHWH without the Covenant maker extending His hand. And when we receive His mercy, grace and healing, we will want to enter covenant. YHWH does not offer relationship without covenant. It is not a date or a one night stand. It is marriage that He offers. We must enter the covenant that He offers when we accept his saving hand.

    Messiah, our savior, the mediator of the new covenant, offers us His hand. He is mighty to save. He is willing to forgive. He is wanting His love to be returned in a covenant relationship. The Torah itself is not enough. A relationship is not enough. A covenant is not enough. A loving covenant relationship with the author of Torah is everything.


  11. I was very moved by this broadcast. Especially the Jewish testimony. I pray God’s blessings on you and your ministry. New York and Washington D.C.? That is BIG news. Praise be to God!

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