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  1. Is it, then, FAITH… that causes Messiah to reign in the heart (as it says in Ephesians)???

    WHAT PART do I play in faith??? How can I grow in *FAITH*? I am inundating my mind with the word of God, but I never seem to get a breakthrough…

    Am I at the mercy of the limited knowledge that I have until I come across a certain Scripture?

    Is it possible that I already KNOW what I need to KNOW, but that I am not BELIEVING it?

    Is it MY JOB to make myself believe something? OR is it the Holy Spirit’s job to make me believe????

    What role do I play in growth in faith?

    Recently, I came to understand that the lost world needs a man who is under control of the Spirit to speak to them… and I, myself, need someone to speak to ME – and that Person is the Spirit! However, I haven’t found a practical way to live this.

    I am angry, frustrated, and afraid…

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