1. I love the book of Revelation. In this book…

    chapter 1 talks about the Past.
    chapter 2-3 talks about the present
    chapter 3-22 talks about the Future

    Revelation 3:14-15 Church of Laodiceans.
    This church makes Jesus sick to His stomach. It has no enthusiasm for winning souls to the Lord. They have a form of worship without the Spirit of God. This church was very rich, but blind to the need of the poor.

    We need the Guidance of the Holy Spirit in the church. Not man’s will but God’s will be done. Jesus wants to be present at our church services.

    Lord let your Spirit rule and rein in all churches around the world. Let your truth be known. Let them know Jesus. Let your river flow. Wash out the dirt, the filth. I pray for revelation upon every human being alive in this world. More of you Lord.

  2. As I wait for my audio to download, I remember a teacher who taught us to look at some scriptures in the gospels where Jesus was doing something, to put ourselves there, to go on a mental tour, to use the creative side of our mind, to also see him in his resurrected glory.

    We looked at his transfiguration from one of the gospels. We were taught to see him that way, to see him in that glory, to picture him that way.

    I suppose the way Jesus is today is that way, something like that.

    He’s in heaven, in the heavenly realm. He’s in the Spirit. In the spirit of God, can’t we see him?

    I believe that we can. Did you ever have a thought of him that you think may have been of the spirit of God?

    Did you ever receive an impression of something that was of the spirit of God?

    Did you ever think of something that was in the Bible?

    I was trying to picture Jesus in his transfigured glory one day, a few days after this class, but my mind kept going to the cross.

    I was doing this at the close of the workday. On my drive home I received a vision of him. It was a glorious vision of Jesus embracing the cross. He was showing me how to do it and what his perspective of the cross is today.

    It’s a thing of glory. When one of the children of God embraces the cross, it’s one of the greatest things. It’s really wonderful.

  3. The gay agenda is sexual abuse when it touches children. It’s a form of sexual abuse.

    The glorious Christ isn’t going to stroke any sinner, put him on a silk pillow, make a private pet out of him, and keep him in a special place in his house, just allowing him to be any way they wish to be, rather than expecting them, helping them, doing all he can for them, that they might become what God means them to be, for his everlasting glory.

    Everything in creation gives God glory when it behaves the way God wants it to be,(at whatever time that is) when it is the way God meant it to be.

    Let’s remember John 10:10.

  4. Do you want to know how to please the Lord? Do you know what displeases the Lord?
    John was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day. So, John was speaking in tongues on a Sunday when the Lord revealed to him the things to come. Hence the book The Revelation.
    Jesus observes all church services. What the Lord saw was displeasing and pleasing to Him.

    The church of Ephesus has worked hard, but they neglected fellowship, study and prayer, much too busy with other things. Nicolatians is a church group that exalted and listened to the Pastor instead of God’s word.
    Jesus eventually removed that church. It is now all Muslim territory.

    The church of Smyrna was the most persecuted church in History. The romans try to feed Christians to the lions as a sport from this growing church. 5 million were killed. The Christians eventually were denying the deity of Christ.

    The church of Pergamos. Satan’s seat is the headquarters of the Babylonian Religion. The world and God’s church can’t mix. Worldly values were infiltrating the church and embraced false doctrines.

    The church of Thyatira known for its good works, charity, services, faith and patience. UNTIL worldly lust entered and problems began.

    The church of Sardis. Its a dead church with no Spiritual life. Man made rituals and rules. Although there were some who were righteous.

    The church of Philadelphia. Had many good works and visions. Had great strength, kept His word, never denying His name. The Lord said to this church because you have kept my command I will keep you from the hour of Trial which shall come upon the world. Meaning no great tribulation for true Christians.

    Church of Church of Laodiceans. I wrote in post #1.

    So that is what please and displease the Lord.

    Blessings all!!!

  5. Powerful message about Jesus and His glory, a clearer picture of who He is.

    I really had tears in my eyes listening to this. How I feel I could be so much more, and I feel like such a failure because I haven’t taken up the victory at the cross. I’ve submitted to my own fears, social anxieties, low self esteem. I ask myself why I lack the ability to surrender to the Word. get it in me, believe it, and not just look at it as words on paper that can be difficult to understand.

    I find myself trying to fill the voids in my life with porn and sexual images, prescription drugs that are a temporary and quick fix.

    I can’t seem to get it right, and I feel like I run from God like Adam and Eve in the garden. I sin, fall into a shame cycle, then don’t feel worthy of approaching God. Why? My greatest fear is failing Him, yet again… I can’t seem to stay “in the zone” of living a holy life, well pleasing to Him.

  6. Jesse,
    I’m going to jump right into this with you. Please do not allow condemnation to ruin your mindset. Satan is the accuser of the brethren. We have all fallen short of the glory of God. All. The Lord said in His word …

    Romans 8:1-2
    1 Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, 2 because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death.

    1John 1:9
    9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

    Its good that you are feeling convicted by sin. That means you fear the Lord. That means you care about Him. But don’t allow the enemy to speak in your mind that God doesn’t want you no more, that you are not worthy, not Holy enough. Because that is a lie from the pit of Hell.

    Confess yours sins, and move on. WE all mess up in life. Don’t stay in the mud of guilt. Lift yourself up and Praise the Lord that He loves you, that He forgives you.

    My point is do not allow condemnation to ruin your walk with the Lord. Walk in the Lord’s forgiveness, walk in His grace, His mercy, His love. Never stop praising and thanking Him.

    I use to feel like Peter in
    Luke 5:8
    When Simon Peter realized what had happened, he fell to his knees before Jesus and said, “Oh, Lord, please leave me–I’m too much of a sinner to be around you.”

    But the Lord healed me from that mind set. I pray for healing and peace upon you Jesse.

  7. Thank you, Debbie Fraser.

    I think my biggest problem is that I’ve tried to handle many of these problems on my own. Instead of bringing it out in the light of accountability, surrounded myself by the body of Christ to help mentor and get me therapy I might need.

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