1. When granted a revelation of divine foreknowledge, sometimes it is required to retain these revelations within ourselves for they are for our own edification. In other times, our Omniscient Lord gives the direction to make known what He has revealed to us unto others. I have no desire whatsoever to instigate neither joy or hate against the individual of whom this revelation is about. Nor has it been revealed unto me why this pending plight must be brought upon our country at this particular time. I will leave the judgment of my prophecy to those to whom it has been revealed for that is the order that has been set forth in God’s Holy Word. (1 Corinthians 14) So in a very humble servitude to our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ, I will now revealed unto you all that our most dear President Barack Hussein Obama II will be taken from us, out of the land of the living, in the month of April 2011!

  2. Spot on. First time listerner. Your message made me think much diffrently about my attitude toward struggling against flesh and blood.

  3. Pamela,
    Is that what the Lord has given you? April is just right around the corner. I know there have been death threats made among the President in the past.

    This is freaky news.

  4. Pamela,

    I will apply 1 Thes 5:19-21 to this prophecy. If it comes to pass, we will take your prophetic words with even more sobriety. If it does not, we will treat them all the more cautiously. This is also in accordance with 1 Cor 14, which you cite in humility as well.

  5. Debbie,

    Are you sure that’s the right link, because I didn’t see or hear anything about the President?

    I listened and read the transcripts, but, I couldn’t find it.

  6. Hi Sheila,
    Yes it is. Once you click onto the link, the TV screen will appear. Now slide the time bar forward to the time of 19mins. and 40 seconds. Then click play. Listen to their conversation. John Paul speaks about the President about a few seconds after the time I gave you. Let me know how you made out. 🙂

  7. Thanks, Debbie, I’ll just try it again. I did find something else in response to Pre-trib rapturists that was very interesting. Sid Roth is not what I’m used to watching, it’s a bit strange. Oh well, interesting, but, strange..

  8. Honestly, I think the President of these United States does have to protect the rights of everyone, not just those with Christian values. After all, if God made each of us with free will, who are we to censor someone else’s free will. That said, if, and it’s true, the President was elected partly because of his Christian statements made when running for the office, he has now shown that those values he espoused are for sale to gather more votes. The troubles in our society, though, are not the workings of Presidents or of legislatures, they are a response to the failure of the Christian Evangelicals in witnessing to our own fellow countrymen. These failures began in the “me” generation of the 50’s and they’ve only gotten worse. And now everyone is enamored of electronic devises, with their thoughts occupied by instant gratification and knowledge and they don’t want to hear about the judgement of God on sinners, because, let’s face it, they don’t think they are.

    To many, many people, the Word of God has become some antiquated idealism that shallow, judgemental Christians dish out. This is the era of “anything goes” and it didn’t just happen overnight; it happened while we were sleeping.

    And so, Hutchinson, in urging Christians to band together, has stated exactly what I think we should do while we still have a voice. Do you see Christians lining the halls of Congress? Do you see any marching to Washington? I don’t see any. We offer up arm-chair lamentation, nothing more. Aren’t we admonished to be gathering together more and more as we see the day approaching? I’m certain that’s what it says. What “exploits” are we doing? I don’t see any; I hear them, but, I don’t “see” them.

    To Washington, anyone?!! I’m ready when you are! Prayer is good, yes, but, isn’t our strength in numbers?

  9. God is to decide what marriage is, not man. God ordained what it is from the beginning.

    God knows what abortion is. Who is any man to think he can call it something else or to say that it’s not what God knows it to be?

    God knows what pornography is, also gambling.

    The United States has given up a lot. The first thing to go is the fear of God.

    It’s costly to get it back.

    Concerning Job’s address in chapter 16-17, I see deception. It began as a small thing but it grows throughout the book and becomes more evident later on.

  10. Lady Gaga’s new album is called “Born This Way”

    Hmmm I wonder what this is referring to. My own sister and brother-in-law, who say they’re Christians, buy her albums.

    To me, it’s an obvious slap in the face to God and His original design.

  11. Let the whole Church rise up together in one voice and say, “Who do they think they are? Do they think that they are God?”

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