1. When Christians speak the truth about homosexuality being a sin. The world gets upset with us. Why is that you suppose?

    Well, when you live in darkness and then the light is turned on, the light will hurt your eyes. The world says, “turn off the light, turn off the light!! You are hurting my eyes.”

    Their spiritual eyes see darkness. They try to hide from the light. But darkness can not hide from light. They can run from the Lord but they can not hide from Him.

    To the homosexual community,
    Loving your sins more then loving the Lord is not wise. Get help. Call on Jesus. He will help you. Think about your future. Give time to really, truly think. Jesus can free you and save you. He wants too.

  2. Deb,
    Even *moreso* to the CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY:

    “Find out how to be pleasing to God! (Christians are in danger of MORE TORMENT than any sinner who “doesn’t know his master’s will”.)”

    Those who don’t receive the mercy of God (why on earth would you not want peace in your mind and conscience, which you KNOW you have defiled with sinning?) are in danger; but, Christians who don’t please God are in even more danger than them – not to condemn them, but let’s ask God for “wisdom and spiritual understanding” to be given to our brothers and sisters in order that they might find out how to be fully pleasing to God the Father. I have hope… Love

  3. I am a child of the Almighty God, and I am very anxious to see the day of His Second Coming of which will not occur as long as this world is steeped in sinful lifestyles, therefore, I decree that all territories that have made lawful same-sex marriages be made unfit for human habitation!

  4. Is there a good informational website as to how and why gay marriage would could harm the church?

    Are we standing up for God’s law in a fallen world, or is it an issue of gays and lesbians having the ability to sue a church because they’re asked to leave and their civil rights are broken and it’s now a legal issue?

  5. Pamela,
    I always wanted to move. Too bad you are not President of the USA. LOL

    I’m responding to your comment…I decree that all territories that have made lawful same-sex marriages be made unfit for human habitation!

  6. It seems to me that any house or habitation of a soul that is engaged with homosexuality is unfit for God’s habitation. This is not to say that Jesus will not visit such a place, for he’s been known to eat with sinners.

    Reading Psalm 24:1, it seems to me that anyone sinning is indeed tresspassing. That means the community in which I live, since it is here upon this earth which belongs to the Lord, is in the middle of a no tresspassing zone. That’s why I need the Lord Jesus to save me, enlighten me, and transform me.

  7. There’s nothing civil about homosexuality, not by any real, lasting standard. I think any nation will do well to always seek to raise it’s standard according to a true, lasting, enduring, honest, and pure one, and so God gave us his word. He gave us his Son, Jesus.

  8. Is it more than a coinsidence that the moral decay of the United States coincided with the pice of a gallon of gas at the pumps?

    Gas was very affordable at the time when there were race riots in the streets in the ’60’s, a thing that was highly televised and most people knew it was wrong. And the price of gasoline continued to be affordable when the nation began to move out of it’s racial problems.

    About the time the homosexual agenda gained momentum and abortions continued to rise at higher and higher rates, along with other social problems, the price of a gallon of gas began to soar and a thriving economy began to collapse.

    Blessed is a nation whose God is the Lord. (Psalm 33:12)

  9. Pam Ousley,
    Praise God that He freed you. Great testimony of deliverance. I went on your web site I pray the Lord will continue to use you to touch other folks that have a struggle in homosexuality. You rarely hear stories like yours. The Lord has given you a voice to speak the truth. Keep marching.

    Matthew 10:16
    I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.

  10. A close relative of mine had turned to the homosexual lifestyle, having suffering traumatic experiences in her youth of varying kinds – ranging from severe sexual abuse to being ostracized for being overweight, and almost everything in between: she was the first person in my immediate family to accept the Lord. 🙂
    She “brought” Him to the rest of us; and, to this day, is completely delivered from the homosexual lifestyle (she was living with her partner).

  11. Suppose someone had been living an active homosexual lifestyle, but began to seek out God and pray.

    Suppose they began to understand that God gave them over to the sexual condition that they were presently in because of how they had treated him in the past.

    Let’s suppose such a person began to repent of their sins and also resist temptations relating to their past.

    Let’s suppose they found that God looks at the heart, and they asked God to cleanse their heart, to grant them a new heart again?

    Suppose they began to seek God diligently no matter what.

    Suppose they considered that God had taken away their repentance because of their manner of continued willful sinning against him, but asked God if he would give it back to them.

    Suppose their struggle against sin outweighed the years of giving into sin.

    Suppose their heart began to lean upon God more than the hold of sin that had a grip upon their soul.

    Suppose that for whatever they needed, they looked to God to supply whenever they sensed that their actions were contrary to what is right.

    Suppose that they did this all the rest of their days and God did not hear them.

    What might God look like to everyone in heaven?

    I trust that God protects his name and that he does forgive, even to the uttermost, that he isn’t mocked, that whatsoever a man sows that he also reaps, that his love is unconditional, that he is just, that he does hear the prayers of the broken hearted, that he does so many things that we can not find out, that his works and his miracles that he does are without number, and that his ways are past finding out.

    So, I don’t believe anyone is simply born a homosexual and that such a condition is without
    the possibility of a real remedy.

    I believe God does transform when the conditions are right and that he heals according to his timing. I believe sometimes he heals in an instant of time and sometimes such work takes a lifetime in this world.

    Because as long as there is life, there is hope, and there is life in Jesus, I say, “No, it’s not time for anyone to accept the homosexual lifestyle, and that there should be no such thing as civil rights for anything that is neither civil or right.”

    God has been saving people who seemed to be unsaveable. He’s been doing it because of Jesus.

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