1. I could care less what Bill Mayer has to say. He is a smug, conceited, atheistic, forthright, ultra-liberal political clown whose motive is to make people with conservative Christians values out to be a joke. He supports every liberal agenda that’s out there and is just elated when he gets a chuckle out of people at our expense. Apparently he, and many others never bothered to watch the pre-presidential debates where the candidates were asked, point blank, what their religious beliefs are. President Obama was the “only one” who stated with no hesitation that he believed that Jesus Christ was the son of God and that He died for his sins. And at the prayer breakfast last year, the President reiterated the same in his prayer, which I thought was a beautiful declaration of his faith. By the way, I taped both and have the transcripts for anyone interested, or, you could probably Google them.

    The Lord gave each of us free will. Our Constitution guarantees all citizens certain rights and since Christians have linked arms with that document, don’t rue the fact that we don’t live in a Theocracy, we live in a Republic where citizens of all, and/or, of no religious persuasion have the same rights as we do, with liberty and justice for all. The fact that the Church has retreated and has not separated themselves from the things of this world, while lamenting the state of society can not be laid at the Presidents feet. He is sworn to uphold the Constitution and if we sleep while Christian values are being whittled away, that’s our fault! As far as politicians go, they all speak the talk to get elected, Republicans included. Why haven’t the Republicans done anything about abortion, when the issue comes up during every Presidential election campaign and then what happens–NOTHING–because they are in bed with the insurance companies and they know that the Supreme Court is the ruling entity in this country as they are the ones who determine the laws by which everything guaranteed us (or not) is upheld.

    We’re focued too much on seeing prophesy unfold and not enough on witnessing to our own people. We need to step up our efforts–not retreat in fear. It’s time to be fearless in winning more souls and stop worrying about tomorrow–“Sufficient for that day is the evil thereof.” It’s time for Christians to “come out of the closet” not to sit around lamenting the state of the world and of our own country. I hear many Christians say, “Oh well, the Bible says it’s going to be like this and that it’s going to get worse and worse…” Yes, it does. But, the Lord said for us to found going about His business when He comes.

    So, go get some backbone and get busy!

  2. Titus 1:16
    “They profess to know God, but they deny him by their works. They are detestable, disobedient, unfit for any good work.”

    I don’t care what Obama SAYS. Would a Christian slaughter babies?

  3. So, I am trying to see what two sincere believers here are trying to get at, and, if any perspectives which seem polarized, are, in fact, reconcilable. I understood Shelia to be not impacted in heartfelt identification by Bill Mayer, and could not agree more, and related Mayer’s disrespect of all believers to the refreshing (?) statement of Obama on believing in Jesus in early campaign remarks. Daniel is holding Obama in contempt over his abortion stance; I would over his recent decision not to defend federal law on marriage.

    What Shelia seemed to be saying was that she accepted Obama’s first confessions of religious persuasion as sincere (because of the assoication of the atonement acceptance remark of Obama?); what Daniel seemed to say is that his advocacies do not line up with God’s values (and I agree in part, especially on abortion and the definition of marriage.). I would venture to say that Obama has bought in to the belief that Gay rights are civil rights, and academically so. He sees himself as a champion of something, but certainly not the values of God in scripture. He sees his faith in Jesus as whaat?, a pinning of the tail on the donkey, while wearing a blind mask?

    Justice is one thing, courage another may be the only point of agreement here.

  4. This is my main point, which I should have elaborated on and stated more emphatically:

    “The fact that the Church has retreated and has not separated themselves from the things of this world, while lamenting the state of society can not be laid at the Presidents feet.”

    “As far as politicians go, they all speak the talk to get elected, Republicans included.”

    I don’t like Obama’s workings any more than I liked Bush’s, so, where do we go from here?!!

  5. We go to the foot of the Cross. It is an equal playing field for those beholding the Savior.

    The Anti-Messiah, self proclaimed Messiah, will be a political animal; he will reveal that he is a spotted catlike creature in due time.

  6. Haven’t listened to this one yet.

    Had pancakes this morning before going to work (AYCE)and noticed that I could sign up for their
    pancake revolution (pancakes to the people) but did not as my printer isn’t working.

  7. thought I heard “The new Revolution gets gas..”
    as I was turning off the TV to see what downloaded here.

    Seems to be a revolt going on against whatever is right, true, and godly. Also revolts going on against governments.

    It seems to me that God allows revolt against his kingdom by people for judgment and to wake up his church.

    It’s a time of trouble for wrongs done and a time for the church to awaken to righteousness. I believe it’s time to return to some things of the past which I have read about in the scriptures but haven’t seen lived as it should be in the church of today.

    I believe it’s time for the church to be restored.

    I would like to see the ministry of reconciliation restored, to see the church going out against wrongs done by being delivering judges, intercessors, pleading just causes whenever one is being oppressed by another. This can begin in the church and then move throughout society, because there is a right, there is a wrong, and there is the mercy of God, there is atonement by the blood of Christ, there is restoration, there is reconciliation to be had, there is liberty and justice for all with God, and nobody knows justice and judgment better than him. Nobody delivers out of trouble better than God. If the cause of suffering does not go away, God enables us to suffer through it, lightening our burden and giving us new strengh to bear it. He often transforms us through the injustices we suffer, and sometimes he stops the injustice and delivers the evil doers.

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