1. I know that we are dealing with demonic angels all the time. Dr. Brown’s campaign against homosexual activity pits him directly against the sophisticated intelligence of demonic forces. Homosexuals have explored the depths of darkness and came back to us with a demonic riddle of, “I have these feelings that I can’t get rid of.” Because Christians had no response to this demonic riddle right away, society took it as a positive in favor of homosexuality.

    Those fallen angels have studied the Bible and have concentrate on those things that are destructive to us to the lost of our eternal life. Any kind of addition, obsession or distraction that turns or prevents one from having a personal relationship with God is demonic, therefore is driven by a demonic force.

    I removed my membership from a church denomination that taught, in a roundabout way, the fear of Satan. To teach that Christians will need to one day run to the hills because of the mass on-coming of evilness in world is totally contrary to Biblical teachings, and I have noticed that false belief creeping into other denominations as well. The only Being we should fear is God, but the fearful are deserving of the lake of fire. (Revelation 21:8)

    The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding. Proverbs 9:10

    Things are so perverted these days. I can’t watch a show or a movie without some homosexual joke inserted in. What unspoken rule is the entertainment world following? It seems like we, Christians, are always trying to play catch-up to the evil one’s ways.

    We are creatures that need to feed off the Word of God; therefore our warfare is mostly intellectual. I am consigned to the fact that we will always be in the catch-up-chasing mode of dealing with evilness in the world for those demonic beings are much more brilliant than us. (Psalm 8:5) and the evilness being committed in the world will continue until we, the follower of Christ, stand up and say, “Stop!”

    That church denomination, that I left, also taught that we were to turn and shield our awareness from the evilness being done in the world in order to preserve our purity. That too is a demonic teaching. Maybe, that is why evilness runs so rampant everywhere in our society, because Christians were taught to close their eyes, stop their ears and, as a result, they shut their mouths.

    I use the power in the name of Jesus all the time against demonic forces. I know that they may not possess, but they can bother us at any time all the time. I’m still trying to shake off those wrong religious teachings. Encountering a man like Dr. Brown who actually put actions behind his words against evilness in society was actually an eye-opener to me. There were none like him in the church that I left.

  2. Pamela,you are rigt, people do fear satan.We should put are armor on and be ready for him as the Bible teachs us.We should be going about God’s work knowing that doing so,will bring satan against us.We just have to be prepared for him.Knowing that we must be doing something right when he comes against us.

  3. Mission: steal, kill, destroy; separate from God.

    Methodology: Lies (truths 99% good and 1% bad are perfect). Just like in outerspace. Your spacecraft need only be incorrect by 1 degree, but over millions of kilometres, the error is huge! Same with the 1% lie. Mental and physical oppression.

    Everyone has a key. They can create a specifically targetted key to open the door to our soul. So they can rout us, and lay us to waste. They are here and working hard to get maximum value for shareholders.

    Their strategy is tailored according to the situation to get maximum damage with minimal demonic casualities.

    Like Reggie says, they only need be subtle in the West – no overt acts of possession per se, just quiet whispering in the wind. If you’re reading this Reggie is well worth listening to @ 31:00-32:00.

  4. Dr Brown! If you have not read the book “The Rite- the making of a modern exorcist” by Matt Baglio; get the book at Amazon and read it.

    To be sure, written from a catholic perspective it still gives a facinating insight into the reality of the demonic.. Its best book on the subject…

    Sincerely Magnus Nordlund, Sweden

  5. Demons attack everyone one way or the other. Some say that if you are baptised the demons will not attack you, but it’s wrong. He attacks everyone. And the closer to God you are the most he attacks you, because that it’s against his plan.

  6. If a football team spends many hours looking at footage of an opposing team, no one would ever accuse them of ‘glorifying their opponent’. If Christians spend time trying to understand what the Devil or demons are doing, they are accused of ‘glorifying the Devil’. I believe that this false concept is responsible for keeping many Christians from trying to understand what the Devil and demons are doing.

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