1. From that conversation between Abraham and the Lord, we learned that God would have spared Sodom and Gomorrah if he had found only ten righteous individuals living there. (Genesis 18:32) That means just ten individuals on fire for the Lord would be able to turn back that tidal wave of evil that have over taken the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah!

    Let’s juxtaposit for a moment now and imagine teleporting back in time two different modern-day religious groups whose claim is being zealous for the Lord.

    Scenario #1

    Ten Christians just arrived right in the heart of Sodom. They look around and behold all the debauchery everywhere. They say to one another, “This place is very wicked! It’s a sure sign that God will visit here any day now!” Therefore the Christian proceed to prepare themselves to meet the Lord, but instead, they get yelled at by two angels of the Lord. “Run! Run for your lives! Get out of here! Now!”

    The Christians, running as fast as they can, escaped to the mountains with their lives just as God rained fire and brimstone upon the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and destroyed every living thing there. “Whew, that was close!”

    Scenario #2

    Ten radical Muslim extremists just arrived in the heart of Sodom. They look around and behold all the debauchery everywhere. They cry all at once, “Sharia Law!” They then proceed to beat people with sticks, cut-off hands, stoning and etc… They force the women to stay in their home; in addition, they cannot ride a camel or any such animal without a man. In fact the entire valley fall under Sharia Law, but Sodom and Gomorrah does continue to exist to this day!

    So what’s the moral of this story?


    Christians need to realize that they can, and should turn back the tidal wave of evil that has over run their society!

  2. Hypothetically speaking, such an analogy is unclear, where the syllogistic logic is unfounded in realtiy at the point of its premise, in Scenario #2. It does not flow that “Sahria Law” would change the hearts of the sinners of Sodom and Gomorrah, therefore their condition would remain as Jesus stated when he spoke of “…out of the heart” flow the conditions warranting judgement of sin and the conditions of separation from the Spirit of God. Enforcing even such an errant standard for morality by a false revelation of God (Islam and its testimony–as not so stemmming from the revealed Word of God–does not change the heart, and therefore the inclination to sin. Accepting the Divine Plan of the Word of the Message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ does, and that to the effect of change on the community behavior standards breaking the standards of God when so applied.

    And, accordingly, in the hypothetical world of Muslim compliance insistence (S. Law) somehow changing the heart of God as to his own considered actions which are recorded as actually happened: there is no direct relationship, nor is there the establishment of any related righteousness to do so by such a law being thereby a law unto itself.

    The law of God is founded in the Bible. It is founded on God’s own direct relevations, not on a supposed word of a supposed angel (who is inconsistently reported in Islamic writing as being about the named personality of the so-named angel cited in the Bible: as to traits, quality of Message, content, consistency, faithfulness, lack of insistence, but with authority, etc.).

    It is wonderful that we have the Tenach account of what happened, in truth, and that down the road from that ancient account: Jesus is the solution to our own sin, and breaking its habits, where so. Unfortunately perhaps, the Gospel came centuries after Sodom and Gomorrah. However, unlike with Neneveh, the Lord God of the Bible chose not to send a Messenger to confront S & G. He must have decided it was a lost cause, excepting for Lot from the point of judgement.

    It is fantastic that folks are coming to the reality of Christ in them in West Africa. Jesus is faithful! His spirit breaks through darkness, unto the light of Life!

    Scenario #1 is also flawed at the point of premise, for, even if there were Christians at the time, and there were not: they would hold a burden to share the Gospel, as to which God’s own Angels would not object to that being the simple God-given priority. See Revl. 19 :10b. The Angel from heaven states that he too holds the testimony of Jesus, just like John and his brethren. The 12 Apostles and Paul hold the faithful Word of life from the blood of the Lamb, just, true, and eternal.

  3. I just wanted to leave a reply for your other message… which I forgot which one it was… but it said,

    “many times, we do these things, and we do them in the name of ‘maturity’…”

    speaking of when we see ourselves slipping or doing more carnal or worldly things, and we compare ourselves to other people who we think are spiritual, and therefore ‘not tied to religiosity’… when, in actuality, we are not doing those things *in faith*, therefore they are sins…

    I didn’t even REALIZE how much it applied to me until days later… it didn’t ‘hit me’… it was me!

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