1. Another good program.Earlier this past year I went about asking the local stores to remove or cover magazines with offensive covers on them so that childern would not be exposed to them. I did this after I had listened to one of Dr. Brown’s shows incouraging people to do so.
    When asking the stores managers to remove or cover the magazines did not work I called the stores dist. managers and I had some success.
    Then I asked my church to help and ask store managers to cover or remove magazines.I don’t believe anyone did,but I did get some opposition from church members and what seemed to be resentment for even asking for thier help.
    I then got a petition and got 30 pastors in the area to sign it.It asked the store managers to cover or remove the mgazines from the check out lines so childern would not be exposed to them. I had only one church turn me down,an episcopal church.
    When that had little effect I asked some pastors from the larger churchs in the area to speak with store managers.All agreed to do so.
    I then wrote a letter to the editor to two local newspapers.Only one of the newspapers has published it thus far and that was three or four months ago.I have had many people tell me they agree with me but I have not gotten any help.I am not sure yet but I might go to local churchs with a petition and ask the congregations to sign it.
    I believe this go’s along with what Dr,Brown was talking about today.
    The whole experience was a bit humbling and discouraging.But I did have some success,I think the Lord for that.Plus I have gotten involved in other things because of it.I thank and praise the Lord that.Also I want to thank Dr.Brown,I believe the Lord used him to get me up and going and at least trying to do some things for the Lord.

  2. Bob T.,

    Bless you for your dedication and perseverance! May I ask you in what city you live? If you’d rather not post the information here, you can send it to me through the Contact button on the AskDrBrown.org page.

  3. Dr.Brown I live a few miles outside of Gallipolis Ohio.The stores that I targeted or went to were in Gallipolis Ohio and just across the river at Point Pleasant West Virginia and Mason West Virginia.

  4. Talk about being on the satan’s hit list! I’m about one quarter of the way through reading “Tortured for Christ”, by Richard Wurmbrand. He is the founder of “Voice of the Martyrs” who was imprisoned by the communists in Romania for fourteen years. He and his wife were tortured and drugged, beaten and horribly abused and it just makes you feel so insignificant when you read about his work and his undying faith and love for doing the work of the Lord and preaching the Gospel regardless of the consequences. I recommend it as required reading for all professing Christians.

    I’ll offer my own quote in response to this broadcast:

    “Too many Christians have halted in the gate of their own salvation… Belief and faith will save us, yes, but, they are not enough to save others.”

    Your broadcasts, lately, have been exactly what the members of His Church need to hear. The Church is not a building where you go to fill up on a few Bible verses a week; it’s a living breathing entity that we call the Body of Christ!

    Keep the fire coming!

  5. I did that several years ago at the local 7-Eleven. I said I want to speak to the store manager. I said what are these magazines doing out in front of the register? I said kids come in here and can pick one up. I said they have to be removed. The next time I came into the store they were behind the counter. I was happy that I made a difference!

  6. What happened to the broadcast on “White Collar Christianity?

    Just change the one “very strong” word in the title and repost it.

  7. A friend of mine who has been doing street ministry for 17 yrs. now said to me. “Debbie, there is only one thing that you can bring with you when you go to Heaven. I’d say what is that? He said… “Souls”.

    Whenever you step out for Jesus, beware is all I can say. My advice. Do not let Satan and the kingdom of darkness stop you. Keep persevering, the Lord will give you strength.

    Matthew 10:16
    I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.

  8. Sheila,

    Sorry for the confusion. The more appropriate title for the show was “Being on the Devil’s Hit List,” so we changed it from “Why I Hate ‘White Collar Christianity.'” It’s the same show!

  9. Debbie,

    I’ll give you my understanding of what it is.

    White Collar Christianity encompasses those who stay holed up in big, beautiful church buildings, who are self-righteous and untouchable Christians whose hearts are hardened as they are high and lifted up in their own minds and who only pray and worship once a week while getting their learning from someone standing in front of the church and preaching to them rather than going directly to the Source for daily renewal and inspiration and then going out and winning other souls for Christ. They are for all intent and purposes–slowly dying or already dead. They have dead consciences, dead faith with no good works to follow their purchase price and with no inclination to change. They preach only to the choir and will never save or truly change anyone or anything. They are comfortable in their complacency. They have lost the fire of worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth.

    That’s just part of my understanding of who they are.

  10. Hmm, very interesting Sheila.
    You just described the Catholic Church in my home town.

    Heavenly Father pour out your Spirit and truth upon all those “White Collar Christians”. Give them a hunger and thirst for your righteousness. Please Lord open up their eyes and ears to you. Protect them from perishing. Please Lord. In Jesus name.

    Thank you Sheila for helping me understand what that meant.

  11. Yes, well, unfortunately it’s a condition that pervades most of the professing religious establishments and the people attending to them. A sad state of affairs for the Lord’s Church.

    May we all be awakened to serve Him.

  12. This is now my favorite Line of Fire program. Thanks, Dr Brown, for bringing it up. I have learned from my own life that idolatry — comes in many forms — had been a hinderance in my life. However, as I sought God more and more, as I hungered and thirsted for more of Him, idolatry lost its power. As I went after the call of God on my life, the more I became a danger to the enemy. I became less admired by certain christians that I used to know. I stood out in a negative way to certain nonchristians. Here is what I believe God is saying to His people in this day in time: Who is your source? Do you fear God, or do you fear the opinion of man?

  13. Publishers are afraid of controversy? In this day and age of rampant mainstream pornography—in these times when it is when there is a powerful platform for same-sex marriage—and book publishers are afraid of controversy? Do you know that God hates cowards? (Revelation 22)

  14. Perhaps it is a matter of where one looks for faith. Faith, after all, is in the work and person of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ came as an infant into a religious society, but sent instead to the Nation. Jesus Christ amazed the Temple leaders as a child. Jesus Christ was anointed by the Holy Spirit at baptism, where our Father’s voice said “Hear you Him.” Jesus Christ declared a Kingdom, where Jesus Christ was King. Now the heavens hold back Jesus Christ until that Day.

  15. Dr Michael Brown,
    Happy are You to stand on the firm Foundation of Your Strong Tower-Lord Yeshuah & JEHOVAH-NISSI.And your Saltiness is constantly being preserved,refreshed & renewed by the Holy G .The great Shows! actually your burden for the lost sheeps of Yisrael, the lost souls among the nations & your strong questions that have given rise to much controversies are surely the deep calls! by JEHOVAH-TSIDKENU.I Bless & Praise Mighty Lord Yeshuah-The Lion of The Tribe of Judah with the Roars of Fire! makes you Bold thr’out your ministries in Virtue of The Holy Gospels of Yeshuah HaMashiach.We merely have to Rejoice in JEHOVAH-SHAMMAH as you reach’out! & you bear fruits. May we testify that JEHOVAH-MEKADDISHKEM side by side sends you Dr Brown among the beast & wolves.But Hopefully like the Fire Walls of JERUSALEM!

  16. Aplolgies for the 3rd person grammar, but I copied it from a response I posted to my daughter’s FB status. Blessings,Dr.Brown.
    In deference to any expected loyalties to the man or his own personal integrity, or to those expressed by Dr.Brown’s own acknowledged respect for Leonard Ravenhill’s spiritual depth,
    I find this particular discourse, along with the title to …be somewhat sensationalist and antithetical to ‘seeking first the Kingdom and His righteousness’. While I firmly believe the Dr.’s intention to be clearly what he offered… as an encouragement to pursuing God… I think that culturally emphasized perceptions that equate success with grandeur or largess have a greater potential to mislead the less mature or prideful in equating a visible level of persecution with successful seeking of the Kingdom. The result being a misplaced anticipation of experiencing persecution as opposed to the peace and joy that attends an awareness of His Presence and Kingdom.
    Added to the FB post: I have known some close family members whose path in life resulted in much distress and tragedy as a result of just such a mindset. While I realize, this was an exaggerated case, the line of thinking proved to be identical. Hence, my cautiousness.Be that as it may, I laud you in your efforts for the Kingdom and our Blessed King. May you continue in His grace.-Roger

  17. If I was not so imperfect in my orchestration I might not need Him to be of Him. “Taith, afer all, is in the work and person of Jess Christ. Jesus Christ came as an infant into a religious society, but WAS SENT instead to the chosen Nation”.

  18. I urge M.B. to read my final comments in the VOR, David Popovici comments section. Let’s change the way to get on with the work.

  19. Dr. Brown I was blessed by white collar christianity! My mom told me not to witness or pray in the work place but I did! ( I was a single mom with handicapped son) In a care center people want your prayers! Employees turned me in and the devil wanted me fired but God said I will be the one to tell you “next job”! I have been written up in every work place and I have found my biggest enemy in the work place was people that called themselves christians! I will keep on telling people about Jesus no matter the cost! In Him (JESUS!)
    leigh Groff

  20. Amen ! MEATY broadcast!

    This is a favorite quote which I’ve called to mind before in trying times. Though it was written by Bill Shakespeare, it continues to resonate throughout time because of its truth: “A coward dies a thousand deaths, but the valiant taste death but once.”

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